If you're wondering where Six is, he's in Japan with me, eating, drinking and having fun with friends!
He says hello :)
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So, yesterday, @jon_mcoll asked to get some pictures with Six again.
Well, if you've been following me enough to remember Six, your request deserves to be answered. 👊🏻✨ This was him today, while we were having a deep conversation after lunch, in the garden out of Grand Front.
#yade #six #noblesix #halo #sixforpresident #japan #osaka #thesynthwolf

#sixselfie with Mount Vesuvius.
Somebody gotta be ready if this thing erupts.

- What are you doing, Six?
- Nonsense, Yade.
- I like that.

Met this lovely lady at my favourite bakery today. Live as you feel and don't give a s**t about what people says.

Welcome, baby.

"WHAT is this Covenant artifact?! Jk it's just my sleeping lamp. Funny uh? Not really."

Part 2.

One cup per day. ☕️❤️ #sixacupaday

headphones -on-


"Paint me like one of your French girls"

"wait for it.."

No matter how hard you try,
you will never be as awesome as them.

Give us a hand to make it happen guys! Link is in the profile description. -- Video of us, being complete idiots downtown Toronto to promote Eracle, coming soon.

Backstaging with Six. 🎥


Are you ready for Six's, @johnstark79 and @pokono new project?
This can help all of you become a better spartan. 👊

Six is under tons of work and pressure these days, but wanted to take 5 minutes for you, to say hello and remind you to stay Awesome. 🍷❤️


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