On my way to Chile
Unforgettable Life Changing Moments
Prana Vinyasa Teacher Trainning
Thank You for so much wisdom Shiva Rea

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@hilltopyogamichigan, @muskegonyoga, @yogalifesj, be mindful of where you choose to train. Read the training teachers bio. Does your lineage match up? Do they seem to carry their yoga in their soul the way you do? Being a yoga teacher is a huge responsibility. When I trained over 2 decades ago with #matyezraty I was scared shitless. The training teachers experience becomes the base of the students knowledge. I was blessed. Teacher training should not be a quick fix. It is not simply a workout!! Asana is one limb of eight in the Ashtangani. If its simply a workout for you, please step out of the way so true teachers can continue to change the world. When I trained at #yogaworks I got to be in the same space wirth @seanecorn, @anniecarpentersmartflow, #sivarea,#sauldavidraye, #vinniemarano and many more! Students are trusting you with everything they carry. It shouldn't be hit and run training! too many people are running trainings that have barely practiced and just graduated their own training! Back off, take a breath, get some real experience! If you still love it in 10 years, TRAIN TEACHERS. I am extremely proud of my lineage and it taught me that training should not be convenient or frivolous. Thank you MATY. STILL TALKING APPLICATIONS for Jan. Ive run 4 trainings a year throughout the midwest for the last 15 years. I practice because it saved and continues to save me everyday in every way. Join us if TRUE TEACHING is your souls aspiration. 💜

Missing Wanderlust already ❤️👌🌟😍
In the midst of Siva Rea's class it started to rain, she instructed us to put away our mats and to truly dance to rhythm of our own heartbeats, never have I experienced so much bliss. The energy of so many yogis in one space was overwhelming.
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Heart opening yoga in Somerset, fluid power, following our hearts, #sivarea inspired yoga with @wenchebeard tapping into the heart and re-igniting the passion for life. #intheflow #yogaflow #heartopening #connect #yogaretreat #yoga

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