We were born for a purpose we are not an accident.
#Nov Queens 👸
Happy Birthday In Advance To My Humble Self Nov 29 💖 Save The Date 👍
Guys get ready and prepare to vote me as Face Of November let me Rep my month without you guys you know I can't do it all alone Osheyyy 💃💃👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

#wcw😍😍😍😍😍 .
Strong women that do not look like what they have been through....I love you all and admire your strength.
Don't stop smiling sisters
@royalpriesthoodomolara @ibukunoluwaaluko @ogunkolaatinuke .
#sisterslikenoother #sistersquad #wedopelikethat💯 #sisterly #sisters

To the best bridal party ever.
I love you ladies & I prayed for every single one of you. My sister's forever ❤
Thank you for praying for me. For devoting early Saturday morning slots to pray for us, the wedding and most importantly our marriage. (late evening/afternoon slots for Rue and Ope - the perks of working with 3 different time zones!!) .
You women were my covering. I felt secure and supported by you all. There were things that went wrong that I may never know as you all held it down so well. .
At the centre of all of your hearts was my happiness and joy and anything and everything you could do to make it happen you did - be it financially or time you sacrificed. .
@mizzobeeey - you travelled from Thailand. How many millions of hours away for only a few days just because of me. You gave so much freely and sacrificially and felt like you hadn't done enough. When as a matter of fact you did more and abundantly beyond my expectations. From Malta to showers! Gosh. , I thank you ❤
@atimnduoyo I am so proud of you and the woman you have become. You gave so selflessly and were the real gingerer of things. You were the one I turned to when it came to all things dresses and I was able to rely on you alot! Thank you so much for everything I am so grateful for you. ❤
@ayo.jpeg my little sis. My. You are actually a blessing. You bring peace and encouragement to situations and your positivity really touched my heart. Your pure heart is beautiful and your willingness to work! Ah! You sacrificed nights and time and were constantly ready to do whatever was required. Thank you so much ❤
@ladyrue you travelled all the way from Canada just for me. Although you tried to play a prank on me 👀 the pure joy I felt when I saw you it shows how strong our friendship is to stand the test of long distance. Thank you for your sacrifice!!! For your support and your willingness to do anything to help for the day. I am grateful for you Ruey ❤
@Adeola you truly are a place of peace Dee. You provided comfort and calm to all situations. Your spirit literally flows out from you and exudes a sweetness and warmth that one can only be ok! Thank you so much for everything ❤

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When ur favorite song comes up!!💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 THE JOY!!❤️😍😍 #dance #iwa #phynofino #tecnoofficial #happiness #quinesta #prettygirls #sisters #besties #sisterslikenoother @phynofino @teknoofficial @_quinesta_

So my sister got hooked yesterday and it was lit. See us representing well😄.@ladybryte and @lawrah_xo also looking peng.🤗.
...I still can't believe this is me. This is not my real face oo 😂😂
God bless your home my sister. Love ya🤩🤩


#sisterslikenoother repping.. Thank you mummy 😙 😙
Shop: @kidsminicloset

Proud of u guys. #sisterslikenoother.

Best people around. Sister’s farewell 😢. I hate farewells😫. Going to LA California tonight. The good thing that I may go for a visit soon 🙄😜. #sisters#3sisters#sistersforlife#sistersquad#sisterslikenoother#bestpeople#bestfriends#family#lovelyevening#girlsnightout👯#fun#laughter#cheers

I have chosen to be different and not because of anything but because my own case is different same as my sis here @he4mah 😍🙏
I never see this kind person before , her kind is unique thanks sis for always having ma back ! This is a screenshot of some of our conversations about you loving the smell of ur perfume 🔥. I love you baby gurl pls don’t lemme o else I will tell my brother not to buy you that Lamborghini again 📌😬
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BGLJ ladies,repping Jesus all the way....
Real Big Girls Love Jesus.

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