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These little ladies are moving to NASHVILLE, ya'll! We are so excited to move there and can't wait for this next chapter!❤️
#sweet #movingannouncement #southernaccents #sistersister #nashville #oliviaandemmy

We just donated to support the Immigrants: We Get the Job Done Coalition - an amazing group of nonprofits working to better the lives of immigrants.
Your donation of $10 at prizeo.com/Hamilton will give you a chance to win 2 tickets to the LA Opening of Hamilton with flight and hotel 😲
We challenge @hereisgina and @jordan_fisher to make a donation and sing their favorite song from Hamilton. #Ham4All #andpeggy @hamiltonmusical @mandy.gonzalez #sistersister

Always sharing a great laugh together. #sistersister

To my one and only sis who def has way more style than me...Happy Birthday Kate! 🇺🇸❤️🎉@k.t.simpson #betterhalf #sistersister

Хорошо, когда все хорошо! У нас случилась Алилуйя😆! Прорезались клыки💪🏽 это были 2 ужасные недели, как круто, что мы их пережили! И большое спасибо тому человеку, который придумал "Беби доктор" с эффектом заморозки, мой ребёнок хоть начал спать, а теперь и вовсе прорезались клыки, у нас 10 зубов, юхху) вспоминаю Веронику у неё тоже болезненно зубки росли, как лето, так сразу по 4 штуки, на солнце с витамином D зубы растут как грибы 🍄 🙈 📍Кому-нибудь посчастливилось пережить зубки без бессонных ночей, криков и температуры?
#моидетки #уменянемного #паровозиксчастья #многодетнаямама #многомама #тридочки #исынок #instababy #instamom #sistersister #моявселенная #охужэтизубки

SO LAST WEEK ... my little princess graduated from UCR ! wow MO I'm so excited for you !! I didn't know if you would actually make it through college after your phone call to me asking how to use the laundry machine freshman year.. but clearly we have come a long way :)! You are an amazing, motivated, and driven woman who will achieve anything you set your mind to. UCR & AXO have really shaped who you have become as an adult and I could not be more proud of who you are. I love you to the moon and back! We have lots of big things happening soon hehe :)


Just wanna give this girl a special shout out!!! My sister is one of the most amazing person I know, she is so strong, smart, an absolutely beautiful. She deserve the world. An I refuse to let some idiot fuck that up!!! My job is to always protect my sister!!! I love you girl! Don't let this get you down we all love you!!!! Can't wait for our shoot sat!!!! #bitchesgonnadie #dumbass #youfuckedup #mysister #igotyougirl #alwaysanforever #smiles #cantwaitforourshoot #teehee #cargirls #webadassbitches #yeppers #wegonnahavepurownfun #girlsnight #sistersister #loveyou #dontgiveup #youdeservethebest

This person right here is my person.
There's nobody else in this world that I can relate more to.
But it wasn't always that way. In high school, I believe we spent 1 whole year without talking to each other. And we both talk about it now & look back, it had nothing to do with each other. But what we were going thru as a family unit.
💕We've gone through the bad, the ugly, the sad, & now we get to enjoy the good times.
💕It's not always a pretty path, but what we've grown through has made it all perfect.
☺️She's taught how to be a better housewife & I've taught her that working out is necessary in her life 😂 see we work

The best thing about living in Dallas is being so close to my sister. 👯💕#bestfriends

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