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Sou super fã destas gêmeas!!! #Repost @leialauren
You'll always be my favourite 👯 ❤️ Happy Valentine's!
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'Love me tender' cover by @madisonsteward 🎼

Dzien dobry ❤️
U nas strasznie ☔️😓 ale w tym kraju to wszystko mozliwe ☀️
Duzo usmiechow Wam slemy 😃
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Good times like this 👭❤ #bestfriends #sisterlylove @pauleenlunasotto

I promised to be as open with my postpartum journey as I was with my pregnancy, so here it goes!
The photo on the left was 2 months post miscarriage (an extremely tough time for us) and a few months before finding out we were pregnant a third time with our sweet princess Brooklyn. The middle photo is a moment during a 9 month journey that had its ups and downs and a few scares along the way, but ultimately was a very healthy pregnancy. And the photo on the right is my today - postpartum with baby #2.
The journey back I know won't happen overnight, but I'm always one who's up for a challenge! Will I get back to the photo on the left - maybe, maybe not? But either way, that's not what it's all about. It's about getting healthy, staying healthy, and being at my best. I know everything else will fall into place in due time.
I don't remember much of the beginning of my first postpartum journey because I didn't start one until 3 months after I had Brylee, but what I do remember is how much better I felt and how much my life changed once I decided to make that change. That's what I'm striving for this time around, only sooner. I'm not focusing on the scale, because I'm more about the non-scale victories (like fitting into some cute bikinis in Punta Cana), which is the #1 mindset I'll be preaching in my mommy bootcamp!
It took 40 weeks to get here. It's going to take time to get back. And I'm okay with that! I'm excited for this journey 😊

Children on vacation #idyllwild #littletown #sisterlylove @becky_s_zak 👭❄️🌨

Yesterday Kay took her car 🚙and little sister out together for the first time. 👯I was a bit nervous but they enjoyed each other and Thank God made it home safe. I think I want to rewind ⏪⏪⏪to when they were 8yrs old. A fun and simple time 😀 #daddysgirls #sisterlylove #fun #family


Words can truly never describe the love that I have for my sister. I am so blessed to be here to witness her journey & can't wait to welcome my new baby niece, Dallas!
Love you baby mama! 🎀 #babyshower #sisterlylove

A lovely lunch at the winery with our gorgeous newly weds today was finished with a heart wrenching goodbye as they set off for Bali and we prepare to leave for 🇬🇧tomorrow night. #honeymooncouple #feelingemotional #sisterlylove #oztravels

Кто сказал, что с тобой не похожи?
Кто придумал, что будут нас ближе?
Как бы жизнь не сгибала нас ниже,
Мы родные и близкие всё же.#family #familylove #familylife #sistersister #sisterlylove

Sister love ❤ #sistersforevs

The crazy shit my sister @_emkursch posts on Snapchat from my house. I secretly love it (other times I want to punch her) #sisterlylove #snapchatpostonIGsaywhat

THROWBACKKKKK! I miss my sister so much :( #sisterlylove