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There is no better friend than a sister!
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Our GRRRL Christina @m0mbrain with the 411 on Body Shaming 🔥🖕🏼

"This one goes out to the men and women who feel like it's okay to shame people for how their body looks.
I usually delete and block negativity and creepiness.
It's okay to have your opinions, just be sure to shove it."

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#FkStereotypes #NotYourCompetition
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Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one. 💕💕💕

Thank you so much to our incredible sisters for all of the dedication, pride and excellence they have showed throughout their time at FIU and in DPhiE 🙏 You have each left a legacy. Remember, our sisterhood isn't only four years. DPhiE's is for a lifetime 💜 #justice #sisterhood #love #dphiefiu #dphie100 #weloveyou #graduation #fiu20 #FIU17 #Gradnicorns #micdrop

We here on the Raven support our vets as it is home to many and still currently serving.
#Reposting @therekhasharma Here it is, friends. Proof that simple actions have reach. He's made it to the New York Times and CNN. This dear friend of mine is making change! Go Ernesto! 💕
Please help our vets recover.
And moving forward: let's make love, not war, shall we??
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happy post-pesto faces with sister @eve.jupitus
living the good country life


T R U T H 🙌🏼

See I just want YOU to know that you are really Special!!! My jam 💜 Another clip from the Buti yoga NYC Unit 2 RYT 200 Training. This is my absolute favorite yoga pose, MALASANA. Great hip opener and WERKS that booty like no other exercise 😉🍑🔥🔥🔥
Click on the website link in my insta profile to sign up for Thursday evening classes with yours truly💁🏻 at 6:45 pm @atmanandayoganyc East midtown location. Let's get PRIMAL 💪🙌

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Yup, preparing for another #CAC Social. #CrownedAngels @devoilercouture1 @chellebbeautiful will be hosting a Pop Up Fashion & Beauty Sip and Shop Saturday, April 29th. There's always something going on in our sister circle. .
Want to know more about #CrownedAngelCircle click link in bio or visit www.crownednfab.org

Do you ever feel that your desires are taking their sweet time to manifest into your reality?
I get that fashionably late is a thing, but sometimes it can feel like the things that you want (like that amazing apartment… those high end clients… that big launch….or that dream job) are taking foreverrrrrr to arrive. .
And being THAT late is just rude.
So what do you do when you’re feeling frustrated AF that your desires aren’t manifesting as fast as you want?
You remember these three things:
ONE// Don’t be so damn hard on yourself - as the go-getting, big dreaming lady that I know you are, when things don’t come together as quickly as you planned or exactly as you imagined, it can be an automatic reaction to blame yourself. Going down this negative spiral serves no one, least of all you. So know that your desires are manifesting in the perfect way and in the perfect time, and don’t be so damn hard on yourself! .
TWO// Check in with your inner guide - What does your intuition tell you about why this desire is taking its sweet time to manifest? Are you taking action from a place of love, OR are you doing all the things you think you ’should’ do in order to get what you want? Often there is a big difference!
THREE// Say thank you - saying thank you for your desires BEFORE they arrive is a guaranteed way to raise your vibrations and be an energetic match for your desires. So keep believing that your desires are manifesting and shower them in gratitude, because if there were a secret sauce to manifesting, that would be it!
📸 @ladieswholeadpodcast

We absolutely love this beautiful image from tinaheals.com It so accurately relates what we are all facing in this moment as we come out of the venus retrograde. •

Love and Money. They are more interelated than you think and have to all to do with our self worth and how we value and appreciate yourselves. It is said that we may have a desire bot financial abundance and wealth but we are not in that frequency oursevles to attract it. When we can look into our own self worth and do the work to reprogram and shift out of these conditionings we can begin to step into the abundance outside of us. •

The work begins within. On this hour and a half online circle that you get to experience from the comfort of your home, we will go over the astrological influences taking place during this time, a guided meditation to identify the beginning of your self worth loopholes, a journal practice, using your intuition as a tool for self worth and a sound healing and activation. RSVP via the link above and purchase your ticket. •

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"The dictionary defines assumption as “a belief without proof.” In the context of human relationships, we easily form wrong assumptions—mistaken beliefs without proof—based solely on our perception of a person or situation.
Trouble is, our hurtful past experiences often color those perceptions. So do our own fears and insecurities. Sometimes miscommunication plays a role. Even our physical health or—as in my case—lack of adequate rest influences our perception. Any number of reasons can cause us to view a situation or person through a negative lens, and that’s how wrong assumptions are born.
Those assumptions can cause serious damage. So, how can we avoid the danger they present to relationships that could otherwise be healthy and whole? Here are three keys I’ve found effective through personal experience: Focus on truth, ask relevant questions and Ask God to help you see the person or situation through His eyes." -Grace Fox

♡ ♡ SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT ♡ ♡ Beautiful Souls,
I love to work with women who are seeking self acceptance and a happier, more fulfilling life. ..
I support my clients to own their uniqueness and let go of limiting beliefs and self doubt. I help enable women to step into their power and find the courage the meet the challenges towards living a life enhanced by balance and harmony.
♡ What is Life Coaching?
Coaching will help you create change in your life; moving you from where you are, to where you want to be. Through motivation, education and accountability, coaching will help you make lasting changes to improve your life as a whole.
Together we work over a 12-week period via Skype (or in person) meeting for 1 hour each fortnight.
I understand a coaching series is a financial commitment and I would like to also ensure everyone has access to this invaluable service. If you believe you or someone you know may benefit from a coaching series, I am currently taking on a couple of pro-bono clients.
.. If you or someone you know are interested, please reply to this email and express why you feel a coaching is for you at this time. As part of your application I will ask that we connect for a 30-minute session to discuss further how coaching can support you.
Sending you Love and Peace,

I migliori auguri all'amica più rompi coglioni di tutte, che mi riporta sulla mia strada quando faccio qualche stronzata (e non sono poche), alla mia amica speciale che mi ha fatto tornare sempre il sorriso in qualsiasi modo. Ti voglio un bene immenso e sono fiera di essere al tuo fianco in questo giorno importante. Il primo compleanno di tantissimi altri, auguri amore👭♥️🎉 #sister #twin #happybirthday #flowers #snapchat #filter #girls #love #friendship #sisterhood #birthday #party #like4like #likeforlike

Miss Greater Inland Empire, Emily 🔥🔥 sign up for your chance to become the next Miss Greater Inland Empire, & compete at Miss California USA! Email greaterempirepageants@gmail.com for details #GreaterEmpirePageants #MissGreaterInlandEmpire #MissGreaterInlandEmpireTeen #inlandempire #ie #abc7eyewitness #inlandempireexplorer #ieshineon #iegoodtimes #MISSUSA #MISSTEENUSA #MissCaliforniaUSA #roadtomissusa #MissUniverse #pageants #sisterhood #roadtothecrown

Five years in #DeltaLand. 5 years ago at #Umiami, I was named Juggernaut, and I was #TPMade. Learning from 22 brace Founders. With 11 beautiful women I call my sisters, #TheApocalypse...in an amazing chapter @umiamideltas. I thank our beautiful dean @lorrymichael for guiding us and the women in our chapter for setting the standard high. And the ambitious women who have come in after us, maintaining the legacy. But my 11 line sisters... we've been through so much and I love each of your for what you've brought to my life. We're literally spread out across this world, but I wouldn't trade any of you for anything. #sisterhood #DeltaSigmaTheta #TheApocalypseTurns5 #ILoveMySisters #MiamiRedz

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