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#doberman #sissylove 😍❤️

@lindamar_official SCHWESTERN oder wat?! #sissylove

Ten years ago we had a little miracle baby come into our lives. She reassured how blessed we all were to not only have our dad, son, brother, & friend back sober & alive, but that through love anything is possible.
I’m beyond thankful I got to watch her grow up. That she has beautiful parents, a little sissy of her own, & family that loves her.
She’s crazy artistic just like her dad and brother, she’s hilarious just like them too, she’s smart, kind, still says she loves me to the moon and back, and still calls me Sissy.
I can go on and on.
I just can’t believe she turned 10 years old today.
Happy Birthday Sophiemamas
I love you. 💓🎂🎉👯 #tothemoonandback #sissylove #ivebeenoutofhighschoolfor10years 🙆🏽

นังน้องสาวววว 😒♥️ #notetitai #sissylove #adayinthailand #สายตาเอ็นดูน้อง

You are the best thing ever happened to me ♥️#sissylove

Pretty girls who are unaware of their looks are more attractive than gorgeous girls who flaunt it.
#nona #missu #sissylove #comesoon 😘😍


I am my sister's keeper. @_itsmybirthdayyy isn't the loudest person in the room. She has a heart of gold and loves my babies as if they were her own. For a long time RJ would call her mama lol She rarely complains about much and has one of the most peaceful dispositions a person could have. As kids we'd fight, play, scream at each other, then at night hold hands until we fell asleep. She was my 1st best friend. I love her and this post has nothing to do with a special holiday or occasion. My dear friend @cheyvarner took these #candidphotography of us after I spoke at #tuesdaystogetherrva. Thanks again Cheynne for capturing this precious moment between me and my #sissy. #sissylove

Missing my sissy this week more than usual. Thanks for always being there when I need you. #wcw #sissylove

#doberman #sissylove 😍❤️

🙈😍 Am so proud of having your new ad n poster for diwali of #joyalukkas near my house!! It feels like you're here..❤️ @kajol LoveYou!!😘😘 pls visit Dubai soon🙏🏼 #sissylove #mykadz #joyalukkas #luluhypermarket #dubai

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