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A week ago today I thought I was going to loose my life. It started around midnight, when I had to deal with a white racist dyke coming out of Bart in Oakland, I confronted her about what she said and she kept repeating it, you can prolly imagine what she said. I was so shocked that a women who has to deal with discrimination for being with same same would yell out such a hateful word, so freely. She thought I'd hit her, but no. Why? Cuz you don't solve anything with violence, and I don't hit women. I let her go, To be real I told her I hope she gets robbed on her way home. At the end of the night some girl was getting harassed by a African American fella, and I jumped into to calm him down, he then he puts his anger towards me. After people back him away, I escort these girls to there car, then at one point he goes to his trunk, people spread out, and I thought this man is going to pull out a weapon. I made a cross, I got on my knees and prayed. Just like mama says. He kept calling me names hovering over me. I stayed quite with my eyes closed. He walks away still calling me names. I couldn't believe what happened. I diffused a situation by not retaliating. Same way that MLK Jr. handled his path of peace. Today we show love and respect for Martin Luther King Jr. who fought discrimination with nonviolent activism for civil rights. With all the fatal disasters going on in the world, family problems since my pop passed and being just sad, I want to take a moment to think about all those who have lost there lives for just being human and having a darker shade of skin tone. My brothas and sistas, hombres y hombras, let's love each other and stop killing our own, we must share these sidewalks. I love you all no matter what.✊🏾🙏🏾✌🏾🌹#loveoverhate #sisepeude

Learning spanish is hard. But yes I can (with tequila) #SiSePeude

We didn't look like this when we were told it was going to extra time ⚫️🔶 #twohappyheads #sisepeude #champo

Corner back life or no life 👊🏻 #Rockies#SiSePeude

Aquí mi cenando mi sustituto de comida @yesyoucandietplan sabor fresa 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓con @alejandrochaban @yesyoucancommunity @yesyoucanve #30diassincheatmeal #sisepeude #enfocada @_almas14 @mayteg @_maria0720_ @maylen_michel me invitaron a cenar @princesa714 @pattydejesus24

OUI ON PEUT!! 🇫🇷 #sisepeude #vivelafrance🇫🇷

I would be on ugly person with out filters haha hope you all have a beautiful day ...game time later on can't wait #vivaMexico #mexico #sisepeude #smile

Come to our free event on Immigrant Justice Youth Night at the Whitney on Thursday! ....... ¡Venga a nuestro evento gratis sobre la Noche de Justicia Para Jovenes Inmigrantes en el Whitney en Jueves! @door_nyc @whitneymuseum

Last night was the first time #newsanctuarymovementofphiladelphia 's Sanctuary in the Streets program was activated. Unfortunately the person who called the hotline when ICE was at their door wasn't able to give their address before they got off the phone so we gathered at the ICE office where we believe they were brought. We weren't able to disrupt the raid but we let ICE know we're out here. Been thinking about the people who called and sending them love and strength. ❤✊ Also feeling hopeful that about 100 people dropped what they were doing to come support to someone they didn't know. 💞 #sisepeude #sanctuarioenloscalles #sanctuaryinthestreets #wemustloveandprotectoneanother


Congratulations to all the Graduates of 2017! .......... ¡Felicitaciones a los Graduados de 2017! #immigrationgraduation

Liberation Not Deportation #ifyoumustknow


All Day. Everyday. #lovetrumpshate

Happy Mother's Day .....…
Feliz Dia de la Madre #happymothersday #felizdiadelasmadres

No more. No màs.

We run the world.

Enough is Enough.


Call your NY Assembly Member today and ask them to sign-on in support of bill A4050 to restore access to drivers licenses, regardless of immigration status! This is the best way to support today, and it only takes 3 minutes of your time. Please call 518-455-4218 (Public Information) and they will directly transfer you to your Assembly Member. .............. Llame a su representante de la assemblea de NY hoy y pida que firme en favor de el proyecto de ley A4050 para restaurar el acceso de licencias para conducir independiente del estatus inmigratorio. Esta es la mejor manera de apoyar hoy, solo toma 3 minutos de su tiempo. Por favor llame al 518-455-4218 (Información Pública) y sera conectado con su Miembro de Asamblea.

Que esa sea la mantalidad!!!! #Hoysisepuede #Sisepeude #MallorcaVSElche

May Day in Chicago happenin rn #workersumite #sisepeude

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