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To celebrate Lunar New Year, alongside the wide range of activities and events on at Auckland Libraries, there is a small display of Japanese illustrated woodblock printed books in the #sirgeorgegreyspecialcollections reading room, at the Central City Library. The covers of these three books form a triptych. Zoom in to see the threads of their binding. This collection consists of ehon (books consisting chiefly of illustrations) and edehon (manuals of illustration for artists) from about 1880. In 2013, the #aucklandlibraryheritagetrust Research Scholarship was awarded to Dr Lawrence Marceau from the University of Auckland. Thanks to Dr Marceau’s research the library received detailed catalogue record information, for this collection, in Japanese and English. #rarebooks #illustration #handmade

The #sirgeorgegreyspecialcollections exhibition 'Don't leave town until you've seen the country' opens today! The title recalls the slogan of a Tourism department advertisement from the 1980s which encouraged New Zealanders to explore their own backyard before travelling overseas. In photograph albums, brochures, diaries, maps, books and posters, we travel round New Zealand looking at spas, national parks, beaches, campgrounds, mountains, rivers and cities from the 19th century to the 1980s. Image: Paul Champion, Unidentified man with crayfishes, 1960s, 1055-494. #kaimoana #35mm #heritage #goodcatch

The preservation unit has been making Cyanotypes recently and achieved some beautiful blue results💙💙. The cyanotype is a simple form of print utilising photosensitive chemicals that react in sunlight and turn blue! The process was used most frequently in the 20th century for the reproduction of architectural plans and technical drawings📏📐, aptly referred to as “blueprints”. You can find original cyanotypes in the library's special collections.


Brainstorming ideas on how best to exhibit #aucklandtrampingclub 8cm height leather tramping boots for our upcoming #sirgeorgegreyspecialcollections exhibition. #morethanjustbooks

This is a test.
You will not be given any assistance or instructions on how to proceed.
You will not be told when to begin or when to stop.
This is the beginning of Julie Chen’s book ‘A guide to higher learning’ which examines the experiential process of acquiring knowledge, on both academic and personal levels. The book is made up of eight sections of rigid square pages. Each section is hinged together in unexpected ways. Swipe to see one section unfold! 👀
It is a work of art, meticulously written, imagined and crafted. Completely unfolded, the book resembles a mathematical, philosophical, humorous board game: a fascinating and complicated visual pattern of information. This book is part of the private press book collection in Sir George Grey Special Collections. Cool down in our reading room and turn these beautiful, unconventional pages. The end section reads:
You will contemplate your options with a new-found equanimity.
You will realize that at some point in the process, finding the answer stopped being your main objective.
You will now understand enough to know that you will never really understand anything at all.
#juliechen #artistsbooks #backtoschool #sirgeorgegreyspecialcollections #profoundtruths

Is it hot enough for you Auckland? These spectators at Eden Park for the 1950 British Empire Games look like they’re feeling the heat too. This image is from our NZ Herald Glass Plate Photograph Collection. (ref:1370-0582-01)
#throwbackthursday #heatwave #dontforgetyourhat #sirgeorgegreyspecialcollections

It’s 1913 at the Auckland Exhibition. Another favourite, 1370_U026_29 This image is from a broken #glassplate negative pieced back together by our clever digitisation team. #sirgeorgegreyspecialcollections

A good memories moment amidst the Sir George Grey Special Collections shelves with Senior Curator Archives and Manuscripts Kate de Courcy on her last day at Auckland Libraries.
Some years ago, when the discovery in France of a "previously unknown" book by Alexandre Dumas was being excitedly announced by the media there, Kate produced two copies of the book from our Reed Dumas collection to show to the visiting French cultural attaché, demonstrating the amazing depth of this collection put together by a Whangarei pharmacist with a passion for Dumas since boyhood. 📗📘📙
Kate knew it well, having worked on cataloguing its 3300 volumes for over two years as part of the Celebrating Dumas project, a collaboration between Auckland Libraries and the Auckland Library Heritage Trust, with the support also of the French government.
Fittingly, in our opinion, it was Kate who was flown to Paris to represent Auckland Libraries at the grand ceremony for the Dumas bicentennial when his ashes were moved from his home town cemetery to join Hugo and Zola in the Pantheon, although she modestly says it was because of her French language skills. ✈✈✈
Kate is showing us one of the two copies of the "known unknown" book, 'La Maison de Savoie'. Swipe to see inside! 👀
Thanks for the memories, Kate, of which this is just one. Au revoir and wishing you all the best for the future from all of us!
#alexandredumas #frankreed #rarebooks #sirgeorgegreyspecialcollections #aucklandlibraryheritagetrust

Before the invention of dishwashers, water pollution, and personal hygiene, it was the Kiwi custom to do the washing of all varieties at the local beach after a picnic. On any given Sunday the beaches of New Zealand would be full of bloated people at the water’s edge scrubbing their cutlery, children, livestock, and any other soiled household items they could find. Those Kiwis unfortunate enough to live far away from a beach would simply take their sandwiches and washing to the largest puddle they could find. Here we see two lads following the fashion at Takapuna beach in January 1911. Scrub those plates clean, boys!
Photo credit: F. E. Stewart. taken from the Auckland Weekly News, 12 Jan 1911. Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, AWNS-19110112-2-3.
#truehistory #justjoking #Takapuna #NZ #SirGeorgeGreySpecialCollections

Speedy greetings and best wishes to all our followers for a dynamic and on-track 2018 which will also include reading and dreaming time, new encounters, good companionship, an unexpected destination or two, and safe and happy arrivals!
We've enjoyed our trip with you this year! Thanks for the company! 🎆🎇🎉📆🔮🚅⚡
#happylastday #happynewyear #happy2018 #newyearscard #vintage #ephemera #sirgeorgegreyspecialcollections

Nga mihi o te Kirihimete 🎄
Christmas wishes to all our wonderful IG friends!

Swipe to see the Christmas souvenir so lovingly preserved these last 100 years🎁💞 now in our #specialcollections
#christmas #kirihimete #christmascard #oldchristmascard #pressedfoliage
#ephemera #vintage #sirgeorgegreyspecialcollections

We're sure we don't have to read out to you why this is one of our favourites among the vintage Christmas cards in our Ephemera collection! 🐕📚🌲 #bookloverchristmas #dogsofchristmas #thedaybeforechristmas
#vintage #oldchristmascard #ephemera #sirgeorgegreyspecialcollections #librariesaremorethanbooks #librariesofinstagram

‘Tis the season for vintage Christmas cards, and this one, dating from 1870-1879, is one of our very favourites from the #ephemera collection. Victorian cards are often richly symbolic, but the message here is a bit obscure. A musical quartet consisting of a fox, duck, cat and rooster? Playing to another group of ducks? We’re calling it: #partyinthelibrary.
#christmascards #sirgeorgegreyspecialcollections #librariesofinstagram #iglibraries

For #wednesdaywoes and #woodcutwednesday how's this sad Ophelia gathering flowers by the stream where she will soon meet her death? It's by Lucien Pissarro, son of the Impressionist painter Camille Pissarro, whose mother had sent him off to England to make sure he didn't follow in his father's footsteps. There he became close to the Arts and Crafts movement, and he and his wife Esther opened Eragny Press, for which he drew the illustrations and she made the woodcuts. This is the frontispiece to their edition of Jules Laforgue's Moralités Legendaires, printed in 1898.
#sirgeorgegreyspecialcollections #rarebooks #smallpress #ophelia #juleslaforgue #bookstagram

Partying is serious business! Here we have Mr and Mrs Jock Hutchison, dressed to dance for this month’s #iglibraries hashtag challenge #partyinthelibrary. This photograph (ref: 34-H528) was taken in 1946 by Auckland photographer Clifton Firth, whose archive was digitised with the aid of the Auckland Library Heritage Trust, and is a constant source of inspiration to us all.
#aucklandlibraryheritagetrust #sirgeorgegreyspecialcollections #cliftonfirth

Newly inscribed in the ⏳UNESCO Memory of the World ⏳New Zealand documentary heritage register, the John A. Lee Papers are currently being worked on in the #aucklandlibraries Preservation Unit before being made available to the public. We like this image showing Mr Lee having a laugh with NZ literary hero Janet Frame (upper right). 📕📓📚 #johnalee #janetframe #scrapbook #unescomemoryoftheworld #librarypreservation #sirgeorgegreyspecialcollections #aucklandlibraryheritagetrust

Something #joyful from the #sirgeorgegreyspecialcollections photograph collection. Ref: Unknown photographer. Full length portrait of Miss Valior in costume, 1917. 1054-7714X-1 #glassplatenegatives #rollerskates #throwbackthursday

Summer days are here folks, inspiring us to dig out a recent addition to our rare book collection - Tom Blake’s 1935 Hawaiian Surfboard. This first edition is considered to be the first book published on surfing, written by one of the sport’s early experts. As you can see, our copy is also one of those bound in tapa cloth by Blake himself as a post-publication marketing tactic. The inside is also wonderful - illustrated with almost 50 photographs and chapters covering ‘Early Hawaiian legends of Surfriding’ through to ‘How to use the New Hollow Surfboard’. Come in to #sirgeorgegreyspecialcollections at the Central Library to see it, and be inspired yourself.
#rarebooks #tapacloth #hawaiiansurfboard #tomblake

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