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Breakfast. In bed. Pronto. 💁🏻‍♂️

Happy Valentines everypawdy! My parents decided to leave me in freezing Toronto, so here’s an old picture of when I used to smile for them 🙂 #HappyValentinesDayToMe

It’s finally sunbathing weather ☀️ #summer #sunbathing #sunsouttonguesout #goodbyeheatwave

Always camera ready 📸 #LifeOfADog #BestAtHomeContest #WKCDogShow

Made some new friends during my walk this morning! They seemed a bit cold so I made sure to pee on them afterwards 🙂

I spy with my little eyes...Daddy!! 😄

This little Norwich will do everything in his power to keep his city safe from mice, squirrels and raccoons. The all mighty Biggie Smalls 🐶

Lets play? 🤗

Oh you know, just making sure all my toys are in the toy bin 😇 #CaughtRedHanded #HeTakesAllTheToysOut #AndDoesntPlayWithAnyOfThem

Hello. When is dinner? What are you watching? What’s the plan for tonight? Fill me in s’il vous plait 🐶

Sleeptime for this tired Norwich

Will do anything for scratches 🤗

I don't understand why no one wants to play with this ball with me... It's squeak is only 100dB? -Gus #notloudenough #christmasisstillhere #squeakytoy #whyaresqueakytoyssoloud?

Not sure who is the photobomber in this photo. Actually yes I do, it's Ruby. - Gus #lifewithruby #rubythephotobomber #sunsouttonguesout #ohhithere

Ugh. The human's fancy new phone means more time modelling. I'm sure you can tell which dog is enjoying this more. -Gus (Swipe for Ruby >) #newphone #mighthavetodestroyit

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