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Congrats to last week's winner on twitter! For this week's #SIOSaturday we're celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the 'Uncontainable' music vid.

The physical cds/vinyls I have from them. #siosaturday

Tomorrow I get to see Set It Off for the third time. A little over a year ago I saw them at Warped Tour 2016, it was the first time that I truly knew who they were and knew their music (unfortunately Dan was not there that day). I had the honor of getting to meet them after their set and they were the sweetest guys. Earlier in the day I had had the Think TEI class with Maxx talking about drum techniques and different warm ups. Seeing them was an absolutely amazing experience over all. I cannot wait to see them again tomorrow💙⟠ #siosaturday

‪Congrats to last week's winner on Instagram! Going to be missing warped this year so let's take a walk down SIO warped tour memory lane for #SIOSaturday this week!‬

Oh and here's what you're playing for this week. Signed polaroids from last year's Warped Tour! #SIOSaturday
📸: @livsharpshoots

"You'd hold your cards inside your chest..." set it off spelled with playing cards!
#SIOSATURDAY everyone tag @setitoff @codysio @maxxsio @dannysio @zachsio

Congrats to last week's winner on twitter! This week we want to hear how you found out about us! #SIOSaturday

Congrats to @azelfion for winning last week! For this week's #siosaturday we want your help spreading the word about our new 'Hypnotized' music video!

"What do you wanna receive for ❌-ing it up all the time a ❌-ing statue?" Show us what an 'Ode To Mr. Miserable' statue would look like. Draw it, sculpt it, photoshop it. Congrats to @eeveesaurus for winning last week's #siosaturday!


@setitoff Cassette tape portrait! I sent out this morning for the unboxing video!! Hope you boys like it! @codysio @maxxsio @dannysio @zachsio #setitoff #siosaturday #setitofffanart #fanart

Does anyone know when #SIOsaturday will come back?

Throw back to the best day of my life this year!!!! It was such an amazing concert!!!!!!! @simpleplan @setitoff @hobboston @pierrebouvier @chuckcomeau @daviddesrosiers @jeffstinco @seblefebvre #simpleplan #npnhjbtour2017 #setitoff #siosaturday #bestnightever

Congrats to last week's winner on twitter! No challenge this week as we're putting #SIOSaturday on pause. Thank you to everyone who's been participating!

I made this in #minecraft for #siosaturday for @setitoff (idea stolen from @danzigerfamily go check their page out if you don't follow them)

#siosaturday I'm sorry I am posting this late but I was grounded again

Set It Off WWE Arena #siosaturday

I woke up at 4 am to finish and take pictures but I really like it 😄 I'm still reliving the moments from the concert on august 9th TT-TT you guys were amazing!.... I need a rockstar #SIOSaturday #artwork #drawingoftheday #setitoff

#SIOsaturday I was listening to upside down songs by set it off on spotify then im like i can use this to write set it off in general i used Something New, Upside Down, Uncontainable, and Tug Of War. So i done did spell it and i happy about it!

"You'd hold your cards inside your chest..." set it off spelled with playing cards!
#SIOSATURDAY everyone tag @setitoff @codysio @maxxsio @dannysio @zachsio

I usually don't do such "challenges" but this time my inner artist just started to scream when I heard of it, so I decided to do this week's challenge from set it off. Hope you guys like it ;-).
#siosaturday #setitoff #unusualart

Used my art supplies to spell out my favourite band Set It Off for #SIOsaturday, because I love listening to them and doing art at the same time ❤
#SIOsaturday #setitoffband #fan #music #art #love

#siosaturday this is what I was doing on the live stream ohhhh wait no one joined

For this week's #siosaturday here's my entry <|> Also since people keep seeing this if you like it follow me🖒

Wrote @setitoff in @twizzlers pull and peels. Because who doesn't want to write their favorite band name in their favorite candy! Happy belated #SIOSaturday

Did it out of Pokémon cards! @setitoff #sioweekend #SIOSaturday

@setitoff #siosaturday I used cherry lemon heads

I decided to do 2 because I couldn't decide which was better #siosaturday

Attempted to spell out Set It Off using finger spelling and my daughters hands 💙

Since I have my physical cd's all put away right now, I cannot show my entire collection. But here is what I have bought on iTunes. @setitoff #siosaturday

#siosaturday May be hard to tell, but I have Calm Before the Storm, Baby You Don't Tripajaharda, Horrible Kids, Cinematics, and Duality: Stories Unplugged on ITunes. 😊 @setitoff

Weeeelll I have a lot of Set It Off music #siosaturday @setitoff @codysio @maxxsio @zachsio @dannysio

My @setitoff music collection! 💖 #SIOSaturday 💖
Love these dudes with all my heart. They mean the whole world to me. I have no other words for it. They make me feel better when I feel down and learned me to see things in a positive way. Thnx for everything you've done for me 💖

I'm not gonna win but hey ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #siosaturday

My music
Dont have horrible kids YET going to tho

Set It Off 5/5
Listened to all of the songs but I sadly don't have them all... yet.

Set It Off 4/5

Set It Off 3/5

Set It Off Pt 2/5

Set It Off Pt 1/5

This is what i call my happiness wall. From left to right i have:
- a poster from the duality album, (i think from the los angeles concert at the roxy) signed by all members
- a cinematics dream catcher shirt, signed by all members
-vip pass for the roxy concert in la. Dan gave me a hug this day while playing heads up, because we bonded over shitty families. 4/1/16
-set it off, upside down laminate preorder from vans warped tour 2016
-twix sponsered poster for duality album from vans warped tour 2016
-set it off duality sticker
-set it off ticket from our last night tour at chain reaction in 2014
-set it off ticket from we are the in crowd tour at chain reaction in 2014
-vans warped tour ticket 2016
-my first ever memorabilia from set it off- my signed bracelet, from the first chain reaction concert i went to, in which, cody took my other bracelet, while on stage and snapped it on his wrist
-set it off duality guitar pick, signed by zach, from the roxy concert.
Ive had a lot more thats went missing and hasnt made it up on the wall over the years, or has fallen off, such as the admission bracelet for the roxy and the uncontainable poster i had but this is my set it off happiness wall.
My cds dont physically fit up there.
#siosaturday @setitoff @codysio @dannysio @maxxsio @zachsio

#siosaturday I have more too

#SIOSaturday My Set It Off music collection!!!

#siosaturday @setitoff
My music collection lmao. Oldies are goodies 🔹

All songs that I enjoy from #setitoff
Sorry Upside Down. #SIOSaturday


My tiny but mighty Set It Off CD collection. I actually have digital copies of all of their albums and EPs tho #siosaturday

The physical cds/vinyls I have from them. #siosaturday

Next couple posts will be #SioSaturday

My @setitoff music collection #siosaturday #altrockforlife

Here's my *cough* NEW AND IMPROVED *cough* Set It Off music collection. How can you not love Pistol on Upside Down or Snapchat filters on Horrible Kids? Or the guys in FLOWER CROWNS??
This is why I shouldn't be allowed to have photoshop😂

@setitoff @codysio @maxxsio @zachsio @dannysio @pistolthealien 💞

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