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"What do you wanna receive for ❌-ing it up all the time a ❌-ing statue?" Show us what an 'Ode To Mr. Miserable' statue would look like. Draw it, sculpt it, photoshop it. Congrats to @eeveesaurus for winning last week's #siosaturday!

Oh you know just my regular everyday outfit/makeup for #SIOSaturday just a little Hypnotized😉

This has to be my favorite picture because it was after my necklace broke @axlgram13 said fuck I'm sorry your necklace just broke and @codysio Cody asked how it broke because I didn't even have any idea and someone I don't remember who said well just get you a new one at the table and Cody fixed it #siosaturday #fightforsomethingtour #setitoffsaturdays #setitoffsaturday #seattle

First heard of @setitoff at the @simpleplan concert last Saturday. Love their sound. Can't wait to celebrate my birthday with them all again in August ❤🤘#siosaturday #setitoff #concert #livemusic #lifeafraid @codysio your voice is 👌

Old edit but :)) pre order Upside Down :)) #siosaturday

The physical cds/vinyls I have from them. #siosaturday

Ya era hora de concursar en un #siosaturday <|>💙💙💙💙
@codysio @maxxsio @dannysio @zachsio

Idk I think she's more of an against the current girl 😕🤔 #siosaturday Cashmere now hates me lmao

When the music stops, the lights go down and the bass drops to your stomach. When you can feel the drums in your veins and the rhythm in your bones. When the beat drops and you feel as if you are alive. All the horrid of this hell seems forgotten and as you scream your lungs out, you know that the pain of life is coming with it. You know that each and every person around you has been through something. And all these voices sing for a different reason. But in that moment, you know that you are not alone. And you never will be ⭐️🎶 #siosaturday #imissconcerts #ineedaconcert


Congrats to last week's winner on twitter! No challenge this week as we're putting #SIOSaturday on pause. Thank you to everyone who's been participating!

I made this in #minecraft for #siosaturday for @setitoff (idea stolen from @danzigerfamily go check their page out if you don't follow them)

#siosaturday I'm sorry I am posting this late but I was grounded again

Set It Off WWE Arena #siosaturday

I woke up at 4 am to finish and take pictures but I really like it 😄 I'm still reliving the moments from the concert on august 9th TT-TT you guys were amazing!.... I need a rockstar #SIOSaturday #artwork #drawingoftheday #setitoff

#SIOsaturday I was listening to upside down songs by set it off on spotify then im like i can use this to write set it off in general i used Something New, Upside Down, Uncontainable, and Tug Of War. So i done did spell it and i happy about it!

"You'd hold your cards inside your chest..." set it off spelled with playing cards!
#SIOSATURDAY everyone tag @setitoff @codysio @maxxsio @dannysio @zachsio

I usually don't do such "challenges" but this time my inner artist just started to scream when I heard of it, so I decided to do this week's challenge from set it off. Hope you guys like it ;-).
#siosaturday #setitoff #unusualart

Used my art supplies to spell out my favourite band Set It Off for #SIOsaturday, because I love listening to them and doing art at the same time ❤
#SIOsaturday #setitoffband #fan #music #art #love

#siosaturday this is what I was doing on the live stream ohhhh wait no one joined

For this week's #siosaturday here's my entry <|> Also since people keep seeing this if you like it follow me🖒

Wrote @setitoff in @twizzlers pull and peels. Because who doesn't want to write their favorite band name in their favorite candy! Happy belated #SIOSaturday

@setitoff #siosaturday I used cherry lemon heads

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