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Congrats to @azelfion for winning last week! For this week's #siosaturday we want your help spreading the word about our new 'Hypnotized' music video!

#siosaturday I love this song so much!!!

This Christmas, I'll burn it to the ground!😈 For #siosaturday I "attempted" to dress up as the character Jack from Set It Off's music video for "This Christmas, I'll burn it to the ground" It's not perfect, but I tried... @setitoffband @codysio @maxxsio @zachsio @dannysio

Old edit but :)) pre order Upside Down :)) #siosaturday

Idk I think she's more of an against the current girl 😕🤔 #siosaturday Cashmere now hates me lmao

#SIOSaturday My favorite SIO warped tour memory has to be when I went to warped as a goddess, and they kindly kneeled before me.
Not only does SIO make great music, and put on an incredible energetic show, but the band is full of kind people. It's always a treat when they have time to say hi and chat. Thank you for being you Cody, Maxx, Dan, & Zach.
#sio #warpedtour #tb #idratherbeatwarped

Well, Happy Easter

Yesterday was also #siosaturday so here's my entry @maxxsio @codysio @dannysio @zachsio @setitoff it took two hours and $5 btw😂😂👌🏼 #nofilter

If you need some help with this week's #SIOSaturday you can pick up this pic of Cody at bit.ly/jumpingcody to make things easier!


For #siosaturday I have sent the link to 8 of my friends, some of which do like or know of set it off. Also, the other post that is on my account. (Im not sure if posting multiple times is allowed??? Someone stop me if it isnt)

Last week, this amazing band Set It Off released the video 'Hypnotized' from their latest album Upside Down. For #SIOsaturday the band would like for people to spread the word about the release of this video. Check them out on instagram @setitoff 

This week for #siosaturday I texted the link to my friend @nina_.duffy._ posted the link to my Facebook to promote and posted it to two communities on Google plus. The community new music has 75k members and the community teenager posts has 400k. I will continue to spread the word. #siosaturday #setitoff #music #tumblr #YouTube #musicvideo

It's all about Maxx.

Set it off is my favorite thing in this wild wild world we live in (haha I made a set it off pun😂⟠) and they mean everything to me! I hope I win #siosaturday because this means the we world to me❤️there aren't a million pieces missing(another reference😂⟠) when I listen to them and the hypnotized video means so much to me. It's my favorite song on upside down (which I recommend you go get😉😉) and it means everything to me. The song is about getting hypnotized by someone's bs and learning that they were not worth your time anyways. They had you in a trance and you lost your chance (another refrence🤣) and it just means so much to me because I've been in similar situations! So go check out the hypnotized video and if set it off sees this I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!!❤️⟠ @codysio @setitoff @dannysio @maxxsio @zachsio #siosaturday

Omg! I cant believe I actually won @setitoff Thank you very much and good job to everyone who participated!
#bands #broken #depressed #emo #emoboy #emogirl #grunge #jrock #kawaii #metal #punkrock #quotes #sugoii #scene #sceneboy #scenegirl #setitoff #makeup #quiznak#siosaturday #sio

#siosaturday texted 4 people including my aunt... getting the word out about the Hypnotized video 🌀👌🏼

Sent to 2 friends #siosaturday

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