Balinese Woman, Offering Ritual
. . .

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🎶Sa bukid walang papel 🎶 🙊

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If you can capture my colors, you can comprehend my complexities.

Can’t get enough of this place. 😍

Here’s another panoramic view of Devil’s Tears . . .

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Panoramic shot of Devil’s Tears
. . .

#travelsnippets #DyoGoesSolo

Distance is subjective. What is very far for one person can be not that bad for another.
I moved to this place 2 years ago and before that my perception of it is somewhere that is really far from everywhere else.
But now I’ve grown to love it and i hardly notice nor complain about the additional travel time.

I guess when you get accustomed to a place or when that place is special to you, you don’t mind the length of the journey anymore. That is why a 30 minute commute to work seems longer and more boring than a 3 hour trip to a vacation spot.

Distance is subjective. And not just for places. Someone can be “so near yet so far”, and someone can be miles away but always close.

So consider this the next time you complain or think that a place or a person is “so far away”.

Morning Trek at Campuhan Ridge Walk

Got myself a swing! 😊

Blue Lagoon

I’m in awe. 😍

Saw this cutie yesterday, couldn’t resist his charm. His name is Blackie. 😍

After 5 hrs, 2 buses, and a rough sea ferry ride 🤢. Finally, Nusa Lembongan. 😍

Touchdown, Bali! 😋

If you raise your kids well, they will always look up to you no matter how bigger than you they become.

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