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Tomorrow, today will be yesterday.
So the best way to live, is not to worry about the uncertainties of the future nor to wallow in the regrets of the past.. but to live each moment to it’s fullest, as it unfolds.
We can plan and prepare for things to come. We can remember and reminisce of the way things were before. But we should never take for granted the most important thing of all, and always be thankful, for the present of the present.

Rainy Saturday at Sentosa Cove, good thing there's Eggs Benedict. It's been a long time since I ate this. Happy Rainy Weekend Everyone.. I guess winter is coming in Singapore. 😬 #SheWandersForFood

I miss Eve. 😔

Stay dry everyone. ☔️

Just rollin’ by. ☺️ Evening folks!

Rocky shores

If you leave, never come back
Not in the same way as you were
Not without losing your trepidation
Don’t come home just to be there
When your mind is floating elsewhere
Don’t return unless it’s a decision
Don’t come back if you’ll have the same action
If you stay, never go away
Even if you go far and out of sight
Even when all odds fades out the light
Make your presence be felt
Though affections wilt and melt
Be here and stand by me
Through my trying days and my sleepless nights
But don’t leave uncertainties
Dwindling this way

Good night everyone. 😊

Happy weekend everyone! 🤗

Hi guys! Did I make it to the toypops?
Past few years have been tough for me that I wasn’t able to do Toy Photography. I’m praying that 2018, will be a better year. Happy 2018 guys! 😊

Overlooking Singapore Strait

Hill top at Bintan Lagoon Resort

Lakas maka-NZ feels 😂

Nothing grows without rain
There’s no healing if there’s no pain
You come to your senses
After going insane
Nothing grows without rain

Sometimes all you need to start a new journey, to take on once again your first mile, is a smile.

It was a clear blue sky
A bird was flying by
Then, a big plane passed overhead..
And to himself the bird said:
“How I wish I could be that plane instead!
Majestic, commanding and goes the world around..
He’s admired, adored, and people look up when they hear his sound..
He is strong, fast, and is worth a lot indeed,
He doesn’t need to build a nest,
He doesn’t have mouths to feed..
I envy him, he is truly blessed!”
It was a clear blue sky
A plane was travelling by
Then, he noticed a bird soaring below..
He blurted, in voice deep and low:
“How I wish I could be that bird oh so!
Alive, free to do anything he would fancy..
No heavy loads, no strict schedule, no itinerary..
He can flutter and sing throughout his days,
He has a life not controlled and dictated
He is happy, and loved in his most simple ways..
I envy him, he is truly gifted!”
You can be a bird
You can be a plane
But no one is perfectly super, that’s just insane!
And in this world of irony and twist
We long for something of others
That in our lives don’t exist
Yet for all we know
They look at us in the same way
With what we have that they miss.
Always, count the blessings of not another but your own.

If life always throws rocks at you, catch it and build something out of it. You only lose if you let yourself get hit. Make a tool, build a house or a wall, but don’t just stand there and anticipate to fall.

The first step up is always the hardest.
But once you start climbing, there’s really no reason not to step up the next stone, nor for you to look down and give in to fear. And before you know it, it will be way easier to continue going til you reach the top rather than retreat back from the low ground where you started.

What I hate eating most are my own words.

Singapore Flyer

Amber horizon fades into view
Waves pacify with the darkening sky
Shimmers engorged by a cimmerian hue
And I stand here asking, why?
The breeze becomes colder as the night sets in
As if a sinister shadow plots a plan
Bracing, heart racing, the vexations begin
And I wonder, where has the light gone?
Alas it happened, day turned to night
Yet there was nothing there
to confirm my consternation
There was nothing there
to feed my fright
I was dreading for naught, it’s all in my head
To which to myself now I said
“Fool of you to give in to fear
If anything, this darkness is dear,
It paves way for the coming of dawn..
So rest, get your worries withdrawn”
Amber horizon, now a pitch black
But all is still there, not a thing has been taken
Soon they will all be coming back
The shining sun, the cerulean sky
They all will awaken
And I know, amidst my trepidations
I am not forsaken.

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