Red Bull gives you wings 🏹photo by @wladimir.caiazza 📷

Ravens Criterium race 2, Escape💨 photo by @flipfitz 📷

Ravens Criterium race 1 photo by @flipfitz 📸

Ravens Criterium, happy day✌️photo by @mikemaicmike 📸

Happy to make another ride happy 🙂photo by @wladimir.caiazza 📷

My town, my playground 💛

Qualification Italian Fixed Cup Milano parco Lambro 📷🚴🏼‍♂️ photo by @il_ciclista_fotografo

🌪🍌photo by @wladimir.caiazza 📷

🚂 ciuf ciuf 📷 photo by @wladimir.caiazza

Yellow rocket 🚀

Clench your teeth, yet another km 📷 photo by @wladimir.caiazza

Training on parquet 📷foto by @wladimir.caiazza 🙏🏻

Exceed your limits. 📷 Photo by @francescomorellophoto

42° of happiness 🙂

BEAST MODE 😈 Photo by @wladimir.caiazza 📷🙌🏻

Fast lane 📷 pic @francescomorellophoto

Strong race 📷photo by @iamchrisart

Easter Monday Vigorelli 📷 photo by @francescomorellophoto

Today my little friend came with me to the park.

While I was melting from the workout 💪🤸😎performed under the sun ☀️, he decided to take some selfies.

What a show off 😂

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