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Posted evidence of my education, finally! ♥️👌🏽Yep, I did that #yepididthat

Soooo.... we were out of town when Kylee’s jazz costume was passed out in class, and after picking up all of the other 11 dance costumes, and rhinestoning for hours, we didn’t realize there were some buttons and rhinestones that needed to be attached to her Jazz costume until 15 min BEFORE I was supposed to have my daughter on stage 😮 (Like these weekends aren’t STRESSFUL ENOUGH😬😬😬 having to leave the house at 5 am, only to return at 11 pm) Thank God for my “sister dance mommas” that all jumped in to help glue, stitch, pin, etc to get my baby stage ready🤗🤯 One thing that is a MUST, especially being a single mom, is organization and preparedness 🙌🏻👍. I depend on my kids to HELP with all of that as well 👍It’s not easy to keep all the plates spinning - Running 3 businesses, working full-time x2, running a large house-hold (including 3 pets), being the sole provider, doing all the shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving, schedule keeping, and MORE, honestly, I barely have time to take a shower- NOPE- not easy- not AT ALL! 😶😶😶😲😢BUT IT IS WORTH IT‼️. So go hug a single working mom today and tell her she is doing a GREAT JOB! (She is doing the best she possibly can❤️💃) #gratefulmomma #dancemomsrock #ittakesavillage #applausedancecompetition #singlemomof4 #eyesonjesus #hisgraceisenough #fit4RAW #REALauthenticWOMEN

Lol!!! Every large family plays games. we love scaring the crap out of each other. Lol! This was not a great scare but I still got her 😂 #boo #scare #singlemomof4 #goodkarma #familytime #saintpatricksday #shenanigans #gother #familytime❤️

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Don’t eat food with green dye... or at least...don’t feed it to your kids.. it scares the sh** out of them when they see their poop GREEN! #experiences #TipsFromMommaNanc #WisdomAfter50 #stpatricksdaytips #singlemomof4 #fit4RAW #REALauthenticWOMEN

Forgiveness is for YOU, not the other person. Forgiveness isn’t an emotion. Like love, it’s a decision. The emotions and healing follow as you continue to make the decision to forgive.
So many times I would be driving in my car or doing daily activities and have to stop and remind myself out loud that I forgave the other person. It would go something like this: “I choose forgiveness. I forgive (name). I choose to see (name) through the eyes of God’s love and grace and mercy.” Some days it’s easy. Some days it’s said through tears and anger, but at some point the emotions follow because I CHOOSE to forgive for my own healing.
If you’re struggling to forgive someone, you’re welcome to “steal” my words from above and say them over your own situation. Take it a moment at a time. 💖

Ok, time to be real. This is me, literally minutes ago, smudged makeup and post-nap hair, because I crashed after getting home from school and napped with my daughter - for a few HOURS. See, I often get the comment/remark/question “I don’t know how you do it all” and I usually answer that I don’t know if I do “do it all”. Balancing a full college workload and being a single mom of four is definitely a struggle, and then we can add in the gym - which is necessary for the career choice I am pursuing - and managing a home, meals, homework with the kids, childcare, and maintaining a freaking social life - because I still need a life too. It’s a lot, and needless to say I’m feeling pretty exhausted - especially mentally. (And let’s face it, a lack of a reading week this semester isn’t helping in that department) But I keep at it, one step at a time, because, not only am I setting an example for my children and being real about it with them too, but this is for me as well. There have been moments in the past two or three years when I’ve contemplated throwing in the towel, but it is a kind of self-determination that is keeping me going. I mean, yes I want to succeed for my kids and I love how proud of me they are, but at the end of the day, on those days when I am exhausted or frustrated or overwhelmed, it is my own determination and validation of MYSELF that keeps me going. I am doing this for me. I am succeeding for my own self-worth and that is how I “do it all”.
#selfvalidation #realtalk #studentmom #singlemomof4 #strongmomstrongkids #letsbereal #determination #reachingmygoals #postnapselfie #smudgedmakeup #whocarestho #istillneedareadingweek #exhaustedbutworthit #collegelifestruggles

He couldn’t have left at a worse time....Bailey is dealing with something really difficult and now I’m on my own. Four kids, on my own... #sims4 #sims4cc #cc #love #sad #help #death #husbandandfather #singlemom #singlemomof4 #icantdothis

Today we lost a father and a husband. He was my rock, my sunshine, my faith. Our kids are so young....I’m not sure how we’re going to get through this. #sims4 #sims4cc #cc #love #family #grimreaper #death #game #pcgaming #origin #eagames #sad #death #husbandandfather #singlemomof4

Parenting sucked today. Satan tried his hardest. Bad days do not equal bad kids or bad parenting. #singlemomof4 #singlemomprobs #strongwilledchildren #justaseason #parenting #boymom #girlmom #divorce #alltheemotions #momsrock

The excitement of my single mom life 😂🤣😂 #singlemomof4 #singlemomlife #kidsarethebest #gameofclue #boardgames #fridaynightfamilyfun

#yayrevenueradical Too many powerful entrepreneurs worry about things that simply don’t matter. Like, the colors of their site, niche, their logos, what they will call themselves…. Their elevator pitch and of course “their brand”. The thing is… in business, start with, what will I SELL! You are in BUSINESS! Even non-profits have an “offer”, right? So… focus on what problem with I solve FIRST. Then target who (or various people) you will solve it for AND how you will communicate your solution to them. As you start focusing on solving problems, then you will find, the rest comes a lot easier! ;) I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time, energy or money to waste on stuff that’s NOT a priority. LOL #Singlemomof4

We are listening to worship music 🎶🎵and cleaning the house. Making it our own new space to help along the healing process. 😉👊
#newchapter #newbeginnings #divorcehurts #singlemomof4 #healing #onedayatatime

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