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They killed this! 😍 Follow me (@goalsofdance) for more videos
@mayashriki @yardeniiii
Filmed by @maya.fields
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Always screaming this song out even though it is not relatable to my life at all, welp #girlcrush #voice #singingcover

Got this idea from @vanessa_campagna . You should check out her version of this; it's beautiful! Happy Sunday! Also can you find the times when I messed up the lyrics because I can


Believe me this is difficult😂
Ignore the one behind me😅
#lol #singing #singingcover

'Skies of LA' by Celine Dion.
Leave song suggestions in the comments! :)

‪i can't sleep so i wrote a 20 second song on snapchat about how i need to sleep ‬😂😩😭. Tag a friend in the comments who can relate haha

Sign Of The Times - @harrystyles

Quick shitbag I just wrote

Not my absolute best but I'm hurting and this helps #shawnmendes @shawnmendes #singing #cover #singingvideo

"how deep is your love" // it's been a while since I posted an #igcover so here ya go!!! What song should I cover next? Comment down below! 😊

Respects to Chester 👼🙏 // Heavy - Linkin Park.
#singing #linkinpark #chesterbennington #heavy #cover #singingcover #music #thegoodvoice

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