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@maelethsarah recovered from her previous flu and caught a new flu virus again!
It is very sad and can be frustrating when this happens, but as parents we must remain positive and NEVER vent our frustrations on or at the expense of our little ones.
No matter how cranky they get, they are already suffering from the sickness, so it's only right to be patient and understanding with them.
Mae's been sneezing all day with severe runny nose, please pray for her to be comfortable and to be healed. Get well soon Mae!! ❤️

Photo Credit: My love @amileekang 👸🏻📸


Instagram allows only a max of one min so the full version is on YouTube and WordPress 😄
I know I'm leaving sg and I've got lots work undone but I gotta chillax too 😌

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Jean & Raihan LIVE! @ The CentrePoint Basement 2 Food Hall

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