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Waiting to board plane now 😊
Is the boy looking into my camera 😂
Swipe for 7 more pics about a random story that I typed when I was on the train to airport, any similarity to real life situation is coincidence 😏

It's the first day of Ramadan and this heartland's stall is buzzing with activity. Business will be thriving. #streetsofsingapore #singapore #singaporeinsta #singaporeig #singaporeinstagram #sgig #instagram #instagood #instasg #streetphotography #street #prata #iphonephotography #ramadan

Okay here comes the first of many posts from the incredible Art Science Museum in Singapore !! 🇸🇬I've been to this crazy city a number of times and can't believe I only just discovered to actually go inside . Words cannot describe what goes on inside those walls - Art meets Science🔬$17 per exhibition or discounts if you go to more than one . I decided to check out the Future World Exhibition this time , with the others planned for future trips !!

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