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Nearly five months since school ended, barely beginning to figure out freelance adulting

The Singapore Collection: 57. "Japan Swam" x x xmm | Preparation for a group exhibition on this coming 21 Oct 2017, what is Happiness meant to you? Follow @futurefair.official to be updated! Comment, like & share! #thesingaporecollection! 🌿

Hell, Purgatory & Paradise / a solo presentation by Adeel uz zafar at FOST Gallery, Gillman Barracks 22 SEP - 29 OCT 2017
FRIDAY, 22 SEP 2017, 7-9 PM
FRIDAY, 22 SEP 2017, 6.30 PM
Hell, Purgatory and Paradise is based on Dante's 14th century epic poem Divine Comedy. The allegorical poem details the afterlife journey of the soul toward God in three parts.
Even though the poem was representative of the medieval world-view as propagated by the Western Church at that time, Dante’s work was intended to be literary, not purely theological. It reflected a deep desire to understand the mysteries of life and death. It was on this basis that Adeel uz Zafar formulated a similar quest to make sense of the new world order, or rather, disorder. At a deeper level, it probes and asks questions about the personal, social, political, religious and philosophical; while retaining that sense of whimsy and skepticism seen in his previous works. At no time are the answers to these questions suggested, perhaps alluding to life being about the journey, not the destination.
The works reveal new developments in uz Zafar’s self-developed unique technique of etching on vinyl with the use of different tools. The scale of the new works are also much more intimate than his previous works, reminiscent of the traditional miniature paintings of South Asia.
The works are divided into three sections of the gallery space hypothetically indicates trilogy
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Portrait of Ajarn Jehab @jehabdullohjehsorhoh , 2017, Oil on canvas
Our last night in Patani. 😐Aku akan balik sini!

To kickstart my birthday, I would like to announce that I would be conducting a talk on enamelling for the first time ! Along side @theclockmakerson ! Registrations are open and we are almost full ! Spread the word to whoever that would be interested ! 😬🙏🏼

'On Call' oil on canvas. Complete :) Singapore in the rain... taxis nowhere. Thank goodness for Uber!
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