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Perfect your brows with Beauty Recipe Aesthetics powder gradient Eyebrow Embroidery. No redness, no swelling and painless! Get your natural looking brows.
www.beautyrecipe.com.sg. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Email enquirybeautyrecipe@gmail.com for enquiries & appointment bookings. photo: Done by Yuki (orchardgateway)

Contact us at: 🏠104 Jurong East St.13 #01-102 ☎ 65673568 🏠Marine Parade Central ☎ 98593982 🏠Orchard Gateway #B2-01 ☎ 67023062 🏠 Pantai Indah Kapuk(Jakarta) ☎ 021- 56983673
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There is no such thing as overnight success.👩🏻‍💼 Even for public speaking, it took me 5 years of practicing behind the scenes before I went public 👩🏻‍🎓 People may like what I do, but they might not like what I’ve done to get there 💼 Put in the work behind the scenes when nobody is looking 👀 Put in the work while others have fun 💃 Put in the work on those days when you’re not at your 100% 💪🏻 Then when you made it, people call you talented and lucky. 👏🏻 You just smile at them knowing that you worked your ass off to be called lucky 😎

Penangan #TeknikKejutLemak
Semalam Sapu,
Pagi ni membuang Banyak.

Jangan cakap lemak je terkejut terus cair dan keluar.

Itulah misi Kami,
Mengurangkan percentage mereka yang #Obesiti di Singapore

Awak yang comel boleh whatsapp sini Untuk tahu teknik kejut lemak ya 90374803


We are now delivering from the popular Tiong Bahru Market to the CBD area! 😁
Currently we have partnered with 17 delicious hawkers like Lor Mee 178, Lee Hong Kee Cantonese Roasted, Zhong Yu Yuan Wei Wanton Noodle etc!
Enjoy a 20% off on ordering from TBM till 27th Feb! Use promo code <TBMarket20>
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It's finally FRIDAY and it's a PAYDAY, ladies!
U deserve a new addition to your closet for all your hardworkduring the week ☺!!! .
Secure your Mini Kurung by Terra today.
We open for pre-order Raya now!

We are taking deposit as low as RM 50 only for Mini Kurung.
Delivery will start early May 2018.

Size avalaible for XS to XXL.

How does it works?
PM us and we will let you know.
Ape tunggu lagiiii... 💋

Pssst..you'll get further up to 50% discount on Palazzo once you get this Mini Kurung.

Woots.Super excellent deal !!!! Lotsoflove,

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Chinese New Year catchup with my lovely cousin Joanne! 1 month to go before completing her Business course in Melbourne! Let the countdown begins!! 🇦🇺😃 #cousins

#初七 with the #Singaporeans (sort of) in Myanmar 🐶
#人日 #cny2018

Recently Ive been letting my ego get out of control again like i did back in 2014.🤒 I’ve had supporters and people messaging me telling me they are a big fan.

Then before I knew it, I either didn’t respond to them😶

if I did I would say mean things to them and sometimes tell them they’ve no right to talk to me.👤 I don’t even allow them to talk to me for more than 5 minutes. 🗣
I honestly got this habit from the people I hang around with. 👥
It’s one good thing to hang around only with speakers, authors and experts and get inspired by them. 👏🏻
But it’s another thing to pick up the not so good habits. 👎🏻
I’m not saying that all my friends are like that... Most of my speaker friends are nice, amazing people and stayed humble. 👩🏻‍💼
But it has became more and more acceptable as a speaker to have a big ego, only talk to high flyers and only care about credentials. 👩🏻‍🎓👨🏻‍🎓
I get that most speakers like to put themselves on a higher pedestal ... Some even told me not to reply to people who don’t even mention my name in a message.

I was told to only have meals with people at my level.🤵🏻 I started to put myself up there and I turned a couple of loyal fans into haters. 🧟‍♂️
Just like how Ive turned my friends into enemies back then.. I’m disgusted at myself.🤮 I need to take a break from speaking for a while to find myself back.

Because I’ve just turned into a jerk , which is not what I want. 😪
Being in this position and at this age, I am showered with compliments everyday from my circle of speaker friends.
I get VIP treatments in every event Im invited to attend.
And I know I’m human, I would sometimes let that get to my head. 🤕
I need to remind myself that I wouldn’t be where I am without them. I really wouldn’t be .
So to some of you guys that I’ve said something mean to, understand that it’s never about you.🤚🏻 It’s just that I am human. So I just wanna say... I’m sorry.😌

Dapatkan losyen sejuk Secret Correa di Booth #20 Bazaar Kampong Glam berdepan Kampong Glam Cafe
23/2 Jumaat 7mlm - 11mlm
24/2 -25/2 Sabtu & Ahad 3ptg - 11mlm

WA 90374803


Sky mirror at kuala selangor
Love it,

Need personal transport and chaffeur
Dm or wa +60126786998

#singaporean #singaporeans #holiday #travel #transport #nature #johor

Visited the @istanasg open house over the #cny weekend and learnt from the @nparks team that its hilly grounds was once a nutmeg plantation. To my delight, an avenue of nutmeg trees has been recently planted presumably as a continuation of its origins and its relevance to #singapore #spicetrade which our #spiceisland #marmalade was inspired by. A very interesting day out in a beautiful setting. We can’t recommend it enough to all #singaporeans and #visitors . Happy #lunarnewyear everyone! #moon #yearofthedog #celebrate #sghistory #singaporeinsiders #singaporehistory #istana #singapore2018 #localsg #localhistory #sglocal #sglife #sg #sgfood #foodsg #singaporefood

• Setting Up •
the silent helper and cook, a meal at home will not be made possible without her, not just for the night but every other day
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🎶 let me see how you gonna treat me 😏 aint no easy 😉 think about it twice 🎶

Ain’t no easy hahahahahax… we Singaporeans are very easy people 😎
I saw people defending the increase of GST from 7% to 9% that was announced by #MOFsg during #SGbudget and there were people saying that it’s to curb inflation 😂 you mean there was no inflation the past few years?

Singapore government said:
“GST is the one that will give you, over the long term, a sustained revenue of sufficient amount that will take care of our expenditure needs, for healthcare, infrastructure, security” 🙄
Singapore is the only country in the world where the government earns from public healthcare as the #medishieldlife premiums collected is more than the claims every single year, do you know there’s also a CPF Basic Healthcare Sum of $54,500 on top of the CPF full retirement sum of $171,000, how many Singaporeans have $225,500 in their CPF account as of 2018?

Singapore is the only country in the world where the government does things like merging public transport companies in order to have a monopoly, have fare hikes yet not having adequate maintenance etc… with the latest report stating a 50.3% rise in net earnings to $47.1 million for the year ended Dec 31, 2017 because of the growth in revenue to $1.2billion, which is the fare hike that we’re experiencing?

Singapore is the only country in the world where the government has the internal security act that allows them to legally stalk its own citizens in the name of security, we allowed bomb maker Mas Selamat to escape from prison, we allowed robber David James Roach to escape canning, but if a girl born after 1990 tries to go overseas… we’ll make sure she’s deported back even though she did no wrong?

NO wealth tax 🤔 the Singapore government said:
“There are only so many handbags you can buy, only so many watches you can buy, only so many people who can afford those.” By the way, in 2017
“The surplus was more than expected, about S$9.6 billion in total” 😑
A one time $100 to $300 for a 9% GST, and you believe they really care about you?

This month, I was at one of #marriott hotels in #asia 😄
Next month, I will be at another #marriotthotel in #europe 😊
My trip next month is funded by #facebook #twitter etc… because of my random webseries “The Damsel’s Disappearance”
(I’ve never expected them to fund my trip from flight to accommodation to food, a part of me would rather stay in a hostel then take the money to pay my rent and bills in #singapore LOL but it’s not allowed, so… yeah)
I wanted to take train from #zurich to #valencia to #frankfurt so that I can see the scenery, but they got me plane tickets so that I won’t be tired during presentation 😅
If I’m not homeless, I will never do what I have done.
If I’m not homeless, I will never go to so many places.
If I’m not homeless, I will never dare take the first step.
If I’m not homeless, I will never travel to another continent alone.

I will most probably be at home cooking for my family 😶
Sometimes, I scroll down my feed and think about the times we used to spend together 😔
Next month, I will be flying to Europe alone via Swissair 🙄
My friends told me that I can go cry alone during the flight, I think I will as I think of the people who used to be beside me during my flights 😣
I’ve always say that “The Damsel’s Disappearance” is a random webseries and any similarity to real life people is coincidence 😮
However, there are people who said if it’s not 100% true, it must be 200% true 🤔
I’m not gonna argue, but isn’t it sad if it’s true?

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