you have been deceived mwahahahah sorry oops
#sinfulregrets “edit characters like you kin/similar to you” -these three beans are literally me lmao and I love them
#webtoon #webtoonedit #iloveyoo #iloveyooedit #iloveyoowebtoon

late monthly like usual 😔👊🏻
#sinfulregrets [a character that you kin/is similar to you bc its like a halloween costume]
i honestly hate this edit a lot but i worked on it all day bc im such a perfectionist and i edit so slow (its 2:30am rn)
cc: @onepiecevids
ib/ac: @bigbootybaku
#apditygrp #strawhatgrp
(dont mind the 2nd pic, ig wouldnt let me fucking post)

monthly for #sinfulregrets - character you kin/relate to 😀 happy halloween guys, i actually worked rlly hard on this edit
webtoon: #loreolympus
song: doja cat - high
ac: @/qourip
app: video star

im using a mep part for the monthly [ #angelsofspook #sinfulregrets ]

happy halloween & birthday to me...i edited furry bakugou | #sinfulregrets character u relate to like a halloween costume

‘s Edit
-“The burning of the Versailles witch.”
+I loved Celeste even though she was bat shit crazy.
Dt:uhh idk anybody who likes Celeste??
Sin Monthly: Scary theme #sinfulregrets IK ITS LATE IM SORRY
Rm: @oowadaas

my way 🤪
; #sinfulregrets
ac, idk , cc, citric.mavis

Dt wonderlxndt
cc: momoxyii

Happy smol child ~
#sinfulregrets (a character you kin/similar) •

Ac: wolfhardaudios
#animeloop #avatarkorrasan #legendofkorra #avatarkorra #animepage

-character you kin cause its like a holloween costume
-hi i love her so baby girl muah 💛💛
cc: @/vspresests

#SINfulregrets : character you kin/relate to
remake of one of my older edits jsksksks
ac: me
planets credit: @/keithsknife

[ Bloodlust]
But anyway here is my Sin Monthly (edit your kin) and where do i even begin?? I relate to Rachel so much that its WILD (i relate to a lot of characters, but this was a good excuse to edit Rachel). Its not because she wants to die, its because we have similar personalties. She can care and she can also be cruel. She was mostly devoid of love and had no passion for anything besides wanting a God in her life. She can be selfish but she can also be selfless. Shes an angel and honestly deserves the world 💖
ー Song: XXX - Bad!
ー ac: me (on @/spoopy.hinaudios )

sin monthly; character you kin/is similar to you because it’s like a Halloween costume
#sinfulregrets -
scary when you first met them but is actually a dork
ac: @madelaine.aep
cc for the cover: @vetxile
dt: @xchristinalu

theme: edit a character you kin/is similar to you because its like a halloween costume #SINfulRegrets

i was gonna post the hiyori edit, but then i remembered today is when the monthly was due so 😔 # editingtingz
- sin monthly: edit a character you kin/similar too because it’s like wearing a costume #sinfulregrets 💙
- meGA SCRAP I DONT LIKE THIS TBH i’m honestly getting worse as an editor 😰😰
- i picked akko because i’m pretty clumsy, tiny, get excited over small things, awkward & nice for the most part !! #spooktric18 💚
- dt: @rvsbi @sindaddyy bc akko 💙
- ac: @void.audiios

october’s theme: edit a character you kin/is similar to you because it’s like a halloween costume
sooooo i don’t kin but here are some characters i hardcore relate to bc i rlly couldn’t pick just one lmao òwó i excluded minato bc everytime i have this theme for a monthly i use him so here are more sides of my personality
tbh the most relatable characters for me here are seiko & violet😔🤙 i probably should’ve made this spookier damn

theme: character that is similar to you
[ #sinfulregrets ]

anime; steins;gate
song; 3 strikes - terror jr
(ae edit)

hi the cover is jake eating my ass for being so dumb
i love kiri! so much! good boy!
dt my love!!
twixtor; ghoul.fairy
#sinfulregrets; a character you kin/is similar to you!

one shot.
#sinfulregrets edit a character(s) you kin/is similar to you because it’s like a Halloween costume

lotta love
#SINfulRegrets sis is mentally unstable but still cheerful 🤠🤙

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