I looked over at Antonio Sat in my house leaning against me. I loved it. He had been here for a couple hours and he was about to leave when we heard it.the front and only door open.
“Who are you?” The one and only Antoinette Swofford walked in looking at Antonio
“Uh, my name is Antonio.”
“How fucking old are you? You look fucking thirty! Get your hands off my daughter!”
“Mon, pleas-”
“Imogen, fuck off. How do you know this man?”
“Ma’am, it’s really nothing.”
“How. Do. You. Know. My. Daughter?”
“I teach her.”
“You’re her teacher?” she shouted looking at him in disgust “Get out of my fucking house!”
Before i could say anything Antonio was running out the door as an angry Toni turned to look at me in disbelief.
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Wesley: fooling around with loved ones!
Camryn: I wasn't ready yet *she frowns*
Alex: aw you look great, we are twins aren't we.
Alex: true true ❤❤❤❤

The youngest sisters Camryn and Alex( before she dyed her hair) they have totally different styles but adore eachother . Camryn took the attic and Alex took the big room . they adore their siblings and niece and nephew and like going to the cafe across the street.


what gender do you think the baby is?
👔 or 🎀?
decided to add those creepy gnomes cause why tf not
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My boyfriend 😊

Bella and her boyfriend 😊 (( Lmaoo I forgot what I named him oops, also he's a base sim made by @lxhto that I tweaked a bit. Idk why they're both smiling like that, so please, no one ask. 😬😂))

enjoy this while i take some pics of delta and her friendsss
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the girls🖤💛 who’s your favourite sim of mine?
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Throw back to when I was blonde 💇🏼‍♀️👩🏼👩🏽 #simsblonde #sims #simshair #simstagram #simsfashion #sims3 #sims3rp #sims3cc #sims3story

good morning!🌲☀️

Ep. 127
Next day I went woke up very early to everyone else which was surprise as I had a late night. I was bored and decided to start a bit of training and get Zalto exercised, so I got changed and walked to the stables. Zalto had his head out and got excited when he saw me. I gave him a carrot and went to go and get his tack. In the arena I mounted him and got him lightly warmed up with transitions and a few exercises I had 5ought of myself that would also help me get warmed up. In the distance I stooped a person walking over to me quite quickly. I stopped Zalto and as the figure got closer I realised it was Caspian. I sighed in annoyance as he came into the arena. “What are you doing here?” I asked in a sharp tone. “I want to help you and you’re not getting rid of me that easily.” I huffed and got back to my way of work. “Wrong, go back and go round that side again. You’re leaning to far inside, it makes you unstable and off balance.” I listened to him because I wanted to get it correct and show that I was as good as everyone else. When I cantered through the middle he stopped me and made me do it another three times because each time I kept moving my leg and kicked Zalto by accident. I feel like he was being very specific about my position in the saddle and how I rode but I guess that was the beauty of being in the team, it had to be as close to perfection as possible. “Right come here and I need to point something out.” He walked over to me as he approached Zalto and me, standing in the middle. Zalto tensed up and I could feel my heart sore into the air as he reared up thrashing out his legs at Caspian who moved quickly to a safe distance.
“I Im so sorry he has never done that before to anyone,” I apologised astonished by my horses weird behaviour. Caspian waved it off and said he wouldn’t go near him in case something more dangerous could happen, so he just pointed out my issue from afar and kept on going with helping me.
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I'm a half-blood mermaid for sure, but I don't inherit my mom's mermaid tail. #sims3cc #poseplayer #olgakudrow #halfblood #cutebikini

It was almost 10pm and I was very tired from all the new excitement and nerves I had. But just before bed time I phoned my sister and told her about my day so far. She seemed really keen on me being there and was happy to hear that I was doing great. “I’m so glad you made a friend so fast, and maybe a boyfriend!” She laughed but I was in the mood to laugh at that. “One, I’m lesbian and two he has a girlfriend and she apparently is mean and a bitch.”
“Who is she?” Cara asked curiously.
“Evelyn-“ I didn’t even get to finish as Cara gasped on the other side of the receiver.
“You stay away from her and I mean it stay...away...from...her!” She warned me.
“Why?” What was with everyone judging the poor girl.
“Because if you mess with her she can easily destroy you and she can get her father involved which would be the worst thing that can happen to you.”
“No I said stay away.” I huffed and ended the call, I was having it my way, maybe I would be different and she would actually like me, plus you can judge a book by its cover.
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