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beyond grateful for everything

I might make some enemies, but something needs to be done 💯
The fitness industry is an ILLUSION and I'm DONE aiding in it's superficial, egotistical front. Health and fitness used to be something that could be shared by everyone with out competition or envy. But now, it's all changed. It's all changed because of social media and arrogance. I'm 23 years old and I don't have a big voice in this community, but if there's someone that needs to start the wheel of change, I'll dive under the bus myself. 👌🏽
To all those Instagram models with millions of followers, this is about you. YOU can change the way fitness is viewed. YOU can promote health over aesthetics, but YOU choose to pretend that life is all about looking good. You are creating a world where it's better to look good than to be healthy or to even be a kind person. Competitiveness is usually a good thing, EXCEPT now. You are promoting young men to have "aesthetics over everything". You have no idea what type of body-objectifying culture you're creating. 😠
NEWS FLASH: the majority of male models are on steroids and don't live a healthy life. People, stop buying into the bullshit of these people claiming natural and if you buy their "4 week program" you too can put on 20 pounds of muscle. LIES. Women, the girl with the huge ass on Instagram? Yeah, she photoshops her pictures and probably takes low level of hormones to stay lean. Buy their "21 Day Detox" and you can be slim too. LIES. 👋🏼
Now let me get to these wannabe "trainers". You are the worst. You have a high school education and a fit body, which makes you qualified to train? Wrong. I'm done sitting around and giving the fitness industry a shitty name. I have a college degree, nationally accredited certification and YEARS of experience. I don't push people to train with me for money, that's shallow and is just plain wrong. JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A 6-PACK, IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD BE OFFERING YOUR "SKILLS". You're a joke and you're ruining the potential lives of gullible individuals who know nothing 👎🏼
I'd much rather post a picture with education, but it won't get any notice. It's time to put the ego to the side and start educating 📚

Sundays Shape ✨ @vanillablush my favourites 💗 #chronicallymotivated #pureelitepro

Big Biceps Workout.
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Dimensions ✖️
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For the weekend motivation: Impossible only means that you haven't found the solution yet!👊 so don't give up so easy my friends and stay focused until you get your goals!💪😈


Besties 👭 had such a fab night with everyone on Saturday 🙈 how beaut does @nel411 look 😍 #party #birthday #belfast #gin #love #cute #besties

right there w/the C.T.'s cop the magazine for the official.


😌 Harnessing good energy to take this week on. ⛰

P.S: Just watched Moana and it is such a beauuutiful movie 😍🌊

Last friday pump in the traps and triceps! Now already 2 weeks of training and all gains coming back 😊💪#hot #weather #tanktop #blue #black #ifbb #instagrambodybuilding #bodybuilding #pump #protein #simplyclean #simplyshredded #tattoo #tanned #beast #gains #fitnessaddicted

Getting lean and mean💪🏻🏆🏋️‍♀️ but I'm Canadian... so not too mean.
196lbs here, another 2lbs lighter than my low from last week. EXACTLY on track with my goal to lose 2lbs a week. It has been an up and down roller coaster this week but we are headed the right direction!
Today is my 2nd and last day of a refeed where my diet is mainly carbs and fats rather than protein. This has seemed to really kick start my fat loss again which is great! Still keeping cals around 2,300. Back to normal protein tomorrow (200g).

Toasted Coffee + Kitchen
Tried this new place and enjoyed the Pico de Salmon. It's now one of my personal favorites! #fiftyandfit


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