We have been playing in the garden a lot these summer nights. It gets dark around 9:30pm 🌅, so we usually end our night with a calm activity such as watering the garden [and then leaving the pile of wet and dirty clothes at the back door overnight 😬]. A great activity as an alternative to watering the garden with the hose or a watering can is to use a spray bottle. A spray bottle is an awesome play “tool” to have around the house as in can be used in so many activities for children, and you may be surprised to see how much young kids love a good play session with a spray bottle, a small investment for literally hours of fun 🙋🏽‍♀️👏🏽.
OT Tip: This activity supports attention✔️ and concentration skills✔️ finger strength✔️ and finger isolation✔️ to help develop an appropriate pencil grip✔️. It helps overall upper body strength✔️, eye-hand coordination✔️, and is a great visual sensory activity✔️. Lastly, in our case it was a nice break from picking up a pile of soggy clothes in the morning...and that my friends is the biggest benefit of all ✔️👯‍♀️💃🏽.

We had our last day of school today. As I look back over the year and all our accomplishments, I can't help but realize how incredibly blessed we are by all the people who have helped us along the way.
Homeschooling is hard. Having the pressure of teaching them and wondering if I'm missing something? Should we be doing more? Are we behind? The stakes are high.
But our learning has developed into something quite beautiful and has poured into every area of our life.
And it is in big thanks to all the Aunties, Uncles, Grandparents, GREAT Grandparents, and friends who have played a huge role. From bringing my girls nature finds, explaining things, teaching, joining in on school, reading to them, and just showing an interest. You have ALL added to our life this past year in such a wonderful way. I appreciate you all so much. Thank you.
#homeschooling #homeschoollife #simplylearning #homeschoolcollective

Summer is around the corner in Vancouver, and in between catching up with friends and family, it is nice to enjoy the weather by spending it outside with the kids [AND because ☀️ and 🍹= 💁🏽‍♀️].
Here is a simple activity with sidewalk chalk.
This “chalk obstacle course” is a nice alternative to hopscotch, [because there is only so many times I can use the chalk, hopscotch combo]. OT Tip: You can draw the obstacle course or encourage the child to engage in the drawing or planning part which supports fine motor skills✔️ and motor planning skills✔️ (planning and organization of thoughts). This activity is also great for gross motor skills✔️(balance, hopping). You can draw a few obstacle courses at a time to practise different skills✔️, [the options are limitless] and best of all this activity requires minimal supplies✔️, is great for development✔️ and can be a great summer work out for the adults 🤸🏽‍♀️🙌🏽👍🏽✔️

Introducing my girls to the magic of The Secret Garden 🌿
Totally bringing me back to my childhood ♥

No judgement on my messy house, please. I'm trying to ignore it.
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When your brother and his wife and traveling through Europe and you use it as your school inspiration. I feel like this is a good excuse to order pizza for dinner?🤔😂🍕
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“Take 5”. As adults we often take a 5 minute break if we are doing something that involves concentration, a level of difficulty or when it brings up emotions such as frustration or being overwhelmed (piles of laundry, work deadlines and paperwork...Anyone? 🤦🏾‍♀️)
Children can often be faced with the same emotions but not know how to verbalise or initiate the need to “take 5”.
Animal walks are a quick and simple activity to help our little ones take a break!
OT Tip: Animal walks can improve balance✔️, body awareness✔️, coordination✔️ as well support imaginative play✔️ (I often encourage children to imagine what THEY think the animal walk would look like), as well as language development✔️ and sensory regulation ✔️. And as mentioned above👆🏽 it can help our children take a break and offer a way to calm emotions when they are feeling a bit overwhelmed or frustrated. Having a little bowl of animals can provide a “point of reference” and make it become quite the game. So give your body a good stretch 👯‍♀️ and practise your best lion “ROAR” as it is inevitable that you will persuaded to join in, and why not? We all NEED to “take 5” ✨.

Here is a simple “busy” activity for the little “busy bodies” in our lives. Blocks are a great “tool”🔨 🔧 to support development for children. Here is an easy block makeover to reinvigorate play with what you already have 🙌🏽! You can try themed ideas with blocks if you have a bit more time, such as an “ocean theme”, or a “jungle theme.” I’m demonstrating the easiest theme available to MOST parents called the “upcycle theme” 🙋🏽‍♀️, by using recyclables! This activity went on forever! And if you have older children they can be involved by using the recyclables within their block structures and further expand their play!
OT Tip: This type of play is great for imaginary play✔️, eye-hand coordination✔️ bilateral coordination✔️ (using two sides of your body), problem solving skills✔️, fine motor skills✔️and language skills✔️ (“in”, “out”, “on top”.) This also helps motor planning✔️ and core strength✔️ as they sit and concentrate on the floor. Not to mentioned the confidence that your little ones feel when they build something so cool and then eventually ALWAYS knock it over 😂✔️

As an impromptu creek swim happened the boys turned into Sam Gribley and went searching for mussels. Then they chased grasshoppers and studied their beauty and discussed their life cycle. I’m left once again in awe at the ease in which children learn when they’re in an environment that inspires them. One that allows them to experience, touch, laugh and move.

This girl has really taken off with her reading lately.
Today she was extremely excited because the book she bought with her own money and ordered off Amazon finally arrived.
Unicorn Princess - Flash Dash.
Definitely not something I would have chosen for her....Charlotte Mason would cringe and call it "twaddle". But I think it's all about balance. If other parts of the day are filled with Robert Louis Stevenson, Little House on the Prairie and Mr. Popper's Penguins..then I don't mind if she immerses herself in the land of unicorns, secret powers and magic keys.
I mean, she's excitedly reading on her own. So I'll take it 👐

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Came back and finished our Letter G study. Focus: Good Night Gorilla
We had a blast with @simplylearning free unit! I shared us doing the scavenger hunt portion in my story today. 😊 So much fun outside! #goodnightgorilla

So for next year, I'm definitely making a note to finish off the bulk of our schooling in the beginning of May.
It's been so beautiful out and with all the new animals we have, it's been so hard to finish up! Plus I have some really fun summer school ideas that I'm so excited to start.
But we are almost done!
When does everyone else finish their school year?
#homeschooling #learningathome #learningwell #wildandfree #simplylearning

It’s KID ART day on the #kindredmomchallenge! We’d love to see the brilliant creativity of your kids! And we totally understand if you can’t pick just one piece of art to feature...pick as many as you like! Just post your photos and toss the challenge hashtag on them so we can see the darling/hilarious/genius are your kids create 😍⠀
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Today was for new parks with new friends, kite flying, and stitching projects for some birthday parties we have coming up!
#homeschooling #handicrafts #learningwell #homeschoollife #simplylearning

Simply Learning to trust His Grace, is a 30 day devotional. The pieces inside will inspire you to listen for Gods still small voice leading you throughout the simplest parts of your day. My latest shipment of books arrived yesterday. They will make great Mothers Day gifts. You can order directly from me, I can invoice and ship them out to you. #mothersday #mothersdaygift #devotional #christianauthor #christiandevotional #simplylearning #trusthisgrace

L is for ladybird and it’s perfect for our garden theme! first time trying pencil eraser stamping and fork painting 🐞
materials used: free printable from @themeasuredmom, construction papers, glue, pencil, fork, paint, googly eyes, crayon
#elleriescraftprojects #ellerielearnsgarden #ellerielearnsabc #ellerielearnsbugs #stamping #elleriePLAYnLEARN #elleriesdiary #31monthsold #printable #themeasuredmom #simplylearning #learningletterL #learningalphabet #alphabetactivities #letterLactivities #learningthroughplay #learnandplay #funlearningathome #lettercraft #hkkids #hongkongkids #acolorstory

A trip to the library is always a good choice. I had been pre-picking what books I wanted to use in my lessons and for H, I just wasn't feeling it. Then after going to the library we left with so many great books to go off of. Fact: I love horseback riding (all of 2 times I've ever gone) Adam however does not. It freaks him out that he doesn't feel in control of the animal. I was to push him out of his comfort zone this summer!

The pages of this book, Simply Learning to Trust His Grace, are inspiring stories of how God will speak to you through the simplest parts of your day. You can grab your copy today. If you’d like to purchase directly from me, send me a DM. The book is also available on amazon. If you’re local here in Oklahoma, there are 2 shops who currently have my book in stock. Humble Hearts Designs in Okmulgee, and Wagoner Flowers & Gifts, both shops have amazing gift ideas there as well, Check them out! Keep an eye out for a giveaway soon! #author #simplylearning #trustinghisgrace #liveitout #writeitdown #christianauthor #lifelessons

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