My lovely friend @annie_kell didn't know she had curls until recently! Totally rocking them all day as she hoods a recent graduate in her program. I asked her which product she'd used and she said "#SimplyDefined. I did squishy squishy, plopped and then diffused." I'm so proud of her #curljourney, there was a day where she had no idea what any of that meant!!

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Ah @costco you shouldn't have! How did you know it's Simply Curls, Co's First Birthday? #businessbirthday #costcosamples #SimplyCurlsCo

What a year! Thank you all for your love, support, and curls! #etsyshop #etsysale #shopsmallbusiness #curlylife #Simplycurls

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Torie's 3C curls are fantastic using Simply Defined Hair Gel! Just look at her halo disappear and so much moisture, her curls are shining!!! #simplycurlsgirls #halohair #definedhair #perfectcurls #healthyhaircare #ecohair

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This little girls sweet mama messaged to tell me what Simply Detangler has done for her and her daughters life. The top left corner is two hairdressers trying to detangle Maecy's lovely locks while she is crying. :-( The rest of the photos she is happily styling her own hair! This is why I do what I do. Both mom and I are in tears!

Just a few quotes from mom: "she had head, neck, ears, back hives from "high end salon" products with hours of professional detangling." "5 1/2 years of agony." "Her diagnosed "cluster migraines" are gone. I told her Dr. it was not accurate." "We have used Simply Curls Detangler for 3 weeks now. Her Dr. had to accept being wrong. The bumps on her head, redness and agony are gone. I wish I could post pictures of her HEADSTANDS! She cartwheels for joy about this product, but headstands to prove her Dr. wrong and because she is pain free 24/7 as a result of Simply Curls products! Thank you is not enough to express our profoundest appreciation!" #simplydetangler #simplycurlsgirls #simplyawesome

Flax is the main ingredient in Simply Hair Gel. It's a little hair magic maker!! #simplycurlsco #flaxseed #ecohair

Another happy curly girl! #simplycurlsgirls

I'm so thrilled about the fantastic month you have all given to me! Thank you so much! #simplyawesome #shopsmall #smallbusinesslove

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It happened, 200 Etsy sales!! Thank you all for your support and love for my tiny business! #smallbusiness #etsy #simplyawesome

While driving 8 hours on Friday, I was invited to do an obstacle course to get my wiggles out when I arrived. By who? My wedding photographer who else?? When she started shooting photos I shouldn't have been too surprised. After all she did go on a run with Craig and I for our engagement photos. When I mentioned she was shooting pictures of my hair she said. "I know! You need them!" Love this woman and feel fortunate for having her in my life! #scobel #hairphotoshoot #actionshot

Inspired by one of my customers to try cutting my own hair again. I think it turned out great! Conditioned with #simplyhairoil, plopped, then applied #simplydefined. Curl by curl I took about an inch off. So different then teenage me who just whacked it in chunks and current me who spends way too much on boutique cuts. Frugal me is so happy!! #diyhaircut #simplycurls #type2curls

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