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• Hey Mah, reckon I can put my whole hand in my mouth? Yeh i'ma try dat so watch me ✌🏻😂#GirlHangsbelike #CanIeatMyWholeHand #MmmHandTastesGood #SassYouShowOff

Because tutu dresses.. all day, every day. To say that she is obsessed would be an understatement. She also is always singing, chasing planes in the sky, wanting to have her feet in the sand, and saying 'here comes truvle' when Theo is coming toward us. Please don't ever say these words correctly, I prefer your version ✨ oh the things I want to bottle up.

It's a new dawn, it's a new day... For me and I'm feelin good🎵☀️🌾🌼🕊#raisingFISHERmen #flowerstagram #serenity #feelinggood #abc7eyewitness

My mom took this photo exactly a year ago. Since then, I've learned the name of my worst enemy; it's called Time.

Очень вместительная, скажу я вам, кровать)
Тут уже пятеро) хоть один пингвин и прячется ещё внутри, но площадь в пространстве уже занимает приличную)
Часто раньше говорили, когда Ксю родилась - вот спит с вами, а че будете делать когда уже полгодика будет/год/а второй ребёнок, а кошка придёт/собака/мышка? Ой как же будет неудобно...)
А меня всегда мучал совсем другой вопрос - а че мы будем делать, когда этим крохам уже не нужно будет обниматься с нами во сне?! Такие станут козы самостоятельные, и не будут всю ночь так вкусно пахнуть прямо тебе в нос, и греть об папу ножки... и у них не будет этой необходимости просыпаться, искать нас рукой и прижиматься ещё ближе, так чтоб все вместе прям слиплись))
Не, бывает, когда люди ну вот так захотели, так решили просто - спать раздельно. Ну нет такой повернутой необходимости совместного слипшегося сна - решение у каждого своё, и как всегда у каждого правильное)) Но че вот все пытаются пугать друг-друга, и ещё объяснять это странным словом "неудобно& #34;?
Ребёнок - неудобно ?🙄 Сладкая эта жопа, пускающая слюнки и сопящая рядом со мной - неудобно? Да че вапще в этой жизни может быть круче вот этого самого момента? И этих эмоций внутри, которые прям тук- тук- тук разрывают❤ обычное "удобно выспаться"? Вся старость же ещё на это впереди)) .
У нас может семья повёрнутая, слава богу что вся поголовно) даже кошка и та под одеялом любит прижаться)
Так и живём) всем сладких и слипшихся🍦.
Photo: - @galinagallo
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This little face ❤️️ I have been so overwhelming touched by how many lovely people are willing to share their haemangioma stories (please see haemangioma post). Awareness is so important. I didn't know anything about them before Beatrice started developing hers. I think I wouldn't have been so anxious if I had. I've had such a positive response to people taking part that I've had to start organising it all into an excel spreadsheet (but you know secretly I love it...good old organisation 😉). If you are interested in sharing your experiences of having a child with a haemangioma please do get in touch and let's celebrate how beautifully unique our precious babies are. Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone 😘❤️️ #foxfairytwins #haemangioma #haemangiomaawarness #strawberrymark #birthmark #uniqueandbeautiful .
Ps Beatrice's haemangioma story can be found on our blog 🍓😘❤️️

This is where we rock. This is where I pray. This is where I practice gratitude. Right here...in Halle's pink rocker. I couldn't look at this chair for many months after Halle died. Now I'm so happy I have this small reminder of her in London's room.
I was gonna toss this one cause I'm in pjs and it's out of focus but then Shelby @third_avenue_image tagged me to share #onefromthecuttingroomfloor so it came back to life 💞😘 @haymason @ktmaymccord care to share? •

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Just a little Daddy love. He is really into Daddy lately, it's cute and all, but I am much happier when he is a mama's boy

Today we picked up our memory card, and then ran a few errands and stopped at the garden center and it took a lot of self control to not pick up some new plants because we move soon and can't take them with us! It makes me so excited to get our own place when we move and fill our house with all the plants. 🌿🌱🌻

He's like the Michael Jordan of 4 year old soccer...always with the tongue! 87|365

|| m u s t || Today be the exception...

Working hard on her recital routine. She is so excited about it. Although she's convinced she's dancing in the Nutcracker. Actually it's a part of Romeo and Juliet. Details details......😆😆

Always waving at the neighbors and the cars! 👋🏻✨Im pretty sure by now you all know I LOVE @meadoria_handmade bonnets! They are the cutest bonnets and the mama behind the shop is the sweetest! There is still time to enter the giveaway to win your own bonnet a few posts back!.
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Hug me, pls. Hello Wednesday

If you're looking for the recipe for a good night's sleep, here is your answer. A puppy, warm BaBa and nighttime diapers. 🙌🏻 After not sleeping for what seemed like 4 months (maybe it was just 1 month) we are back on track. I'll blame those heinous molars! Let's just pray that the 18 month sleep regression came early for us. 🖤 #stilllovehim #amonthofextrasnuggles #liameastonw #lifestyleportraits #bedtimeroutine #bnw_kids_

Fruit snacks. A toddler's best friend.

The babies are asleep, Adaya is doing a puzzle with @heggehome & the guys are out smoking a cigar.
I'm watching "Tales by Light" a show about photographers that capture absolutely breathtaking photos around the world. 🌊

Makes me so happy we get to be near such a beautiful place, with lovely people, exploring & hanging out.
Cannon Beach is my favorite. .
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Ummm so many choices!! 😂

RBF or sun in her eyes? You be the judge. 😂😑

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