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Feeling very B. Spears & JT today. Obvi she's Britney.

#nowlikethisthree czwartkowym razem wita takim oto anturażem... a bo... jak się założy okulary... chustkę z zygzakiem... to wygląda... jakby dopiero co... przyjechało się kadilakiem... he he... dużo uśmiechu na dziś kochani... #sis #pixel_kids #ig_kids #cameramama #momswithcameras #our_everyday_moments #momentsofmine #simplychildren #umh_kids #childhoodunplugged #ig_motherhood #childhoodeveryday #kidsforreal #zara #fashionkids #ootdkids #kidsfashion #adventuresofchildren #jj_its_kids #magicofchildhood #worldoflittles #darlingmovement #tv_living #vscokids

When your oldest child won't even get in the picture with you all because you're "embarrassing" 🙄😏
Pfftt little dude, you wish you were this cool 😎✌🏻 #TheDogIsTheCoolest #ImJustTaggingAlong

This one just needs to be next to the previous photo. 💕
Its so crazy how fast they grow in a year. Its been a year of my big girl being the biggest big sister. And Im so proud of her, she is such a big help. Its so nice to know that if I need someone to hold one of the babies she can. I really feel like becoming a big sister to the twins made her happier.
When my big girl turned one she turned in a crazy crazy toddler, she was the most difficult child. Every day I wondered how I was gonna survive this till she was 18. Not the nicest thought to think about your baby, but it was that bad. For years.
But as soon as she found out she was gonna be a big sister to the twins she slowly changed, and maybe it was also because she was just getting older not sure, but I like to believe its because she loves to have the responsibility of being the oldest. (I mean she was always the oldest but her and her brother are only 2yrs apart, but with the twins she is really the big big sister, she is such a little mama with them, its so cute to see how much joy it brings her to try to mother them, its really sweet. I often feel like I dont have enough time in the day to give everyone all I want to give them. But I need to keep reminding myself that having the twins here really has made her happier.❤️
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How I got lucky enough to have him I will never understand. I have never seen with blind eyes and loved with a pure heart until now. I wholeheartedly mean it when I say I would have never chosen a different story for us. Case is perfect for me, and he's the perfect fit to our family. He has always been meant for us.

My cutie pies, these two are giving us a run for our money lately. We are basically spending our holiday trying to save their lives 😅 but I keep telling myself it's a fase ... they are only this little for a while, right?
Veronica's darling outfit is from our friends @apolina_kids , shoes @charleskeithofficial #littleCHARLESKEITH

Watching and learning from all angles .

It's been a while since I've done a Juniper update, or posted a naked photo of one of my kids, so here it is. Ha. We're still plugging away at our attempts to get her to eat by mouth, but have had minimal progress-I on the other hand have the opposite problem so at least we balance each other out. We've dropped her to 66% tube feed, 33% oral and have attempted to move it to 50/50 but she isn't keeping her weight up or gaining unfortunately so we've been stagnate for about 8 months now. Next week we're going to take a more aggressive approach to do a wean with some professional help and her current therapist of nearly 3 years who has been an amazing help through all of this. .
.This week we're attempting potty-training. It's not all business around here though, we've been having a great summer so far with pool trips, soccer and lots of time outside. We still have had zero issues with her heart or rejection so we keep the rest in perspective and are grateful for how well she's doing. She'll have her 3 year heart cath in a few months and start PRESCHOOL! We weren't sure we'd ever see that day! Thank you donor family for another summer with our girl. #becauseofanorgandonor #donatelife #documentyourdays #hearttransplant #junipersheart #organdonation #chd #rockyourscar

We teamed up with blogger @aubreykinch for a GIVEAWAY! Aubrey has a lot on her hands with three little ones: Drake (11), Emery (2) and Hollyn (6 months). Scroll through our slideshow to see pictures of how the #AustlenEntourage fits her family.
To enter the GIVEAWAY head over to Aubrey’s Instagram account and follow the instructions on her recent #AustlenEntourage post! 📸: @kourtmarie_photography
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Excited for our upcoming week at the shore! So excited to capture our family and hopefully a couple other families at the shore too! I can't believe my husband and I are coming up on seven years of being a couple. July 4th is a special holiday for our family for many reasons. 🇺🇸🌊☀️

Happy Friday Eve y'all!! •
I knew who my best friend was at a very young age and I think that's another thing Bella and I share. This little girl knows her friends, asks about them and shows them she loves them when they are together! •
She is very friendly and very outgoing but has 4 really good friends and two which I believe are her very best friends! •
She doesn't see them often but is always talking about them! Hanna and GiGi. (In the picture)

Friends make the world a nicer place! Who's your bestie?? #bestfriendgoals #bffgoals

My baby became a blondie overnight! I was a bleach-blonde baby, and if the resemblance wasn't clear enough before, it's totally uncanny now. It's a little jarring to see a mini version of me walking around in the world, but I also kinda love it. 😍

These two 😍

Our home, hearts and arms all got fuller yesterday as we welcomed our third baby to our growing family. We love you Fin. 💙 #grotenhuispartyof5 #armsfull #oneluckymama #babynumber3

Our #familytribe shirts came yesterday 🎉🔥 We were all so excited! In case you didn't see we are doing a GIVEAWAY to help raise support for our adoption and for the launch 🚀 of our shop.
So go to the last post to enter the giveaway and go to the link in the bio to shop, anything you buy helps bring home our baby!!! 🇳🇬

He woke up like this 💙 And I also woke up to a great realisation 🤔
Clothing that has polyester and other plastic type material in them release microfibers when they are in the wash.🤤 These microfibers are getting into our oceans and also enter our food chain, let alone killing marine life 🐳🐋🐬🐟🐠🐡🦈🐙🐚🦀🦐🦑 😣. Choosing 100% organic cotton could be the way of stopping the pollution these microfibers are causing 🚫
That is why I am so mega excited and honoured to start working with the amazing @artandeden to spread the word about sustainable fashion and kidswear. 👕👚👖 Their message clear and loud "Better for the planet.🌍 Better for the people who make them. 👧Better for the people who wear them👶." 👈💜👈 They use sustainable materials. Low impact dyes and recycled packaging. Also their designs are trendy and cute for boys and girls. ✌♻️😍 And if that isn't enough they launched their "Clothes for cure" initiative which I will be telling you about later or you can visit their website to find out more 🤗
Apart from my pledge to #saynotostuff I am guilty of getting bits and bobs for the boys 🙈 despite the hand-me-downs from my nephew. So my new pledge will be to stop buying altogether anything with polyester in it.😌 Second hand or not. Think of the fact that you still have to wash it some point.😕 Sooo, who is with me? #saynotopolyester ❗❗❗❗

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