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Happy 38th Independence To My Beautiful St Lucia.
#IAmStLucia #MyFairHelen #NoPlaceLikeHome #SimplyBeautiful

Too special of a reunion not to post @miminolan53 ❤️ #simplybeautiful


Definitely feeling this today! I started with Lularoe in order to give my family much-needed financial freedom, but I've gained SO much more! I feel good about myself again and look forward to every day ❤#begintobuild #makingmehappy

Got the Monday morning blues?😴 A little pampering with Vaniday could brighten up your day!☀️ 📷 @frank_bod

Happy Oscars! ...this time 2 yrs ago I was celebrating award season...oh to be there again...can't wait to see the red carpet to see what everyone is wearing and what color it'll be this year.

Ok, ok, ok... so I've been kinda MIA on here lately. Fine, maybe very MIA 😂 But I've been super focused on working out the boring, behind-the-scenes aftermath of the fire. Sprinkle that in with some other joyful responsibilities, and working on the rest of the house has politely taken a backseat... For now at least. But #projectnursery is almost complete, and the #sweetenyourspace series is still in the works 🎉 So here's to a Happy Sunday, everyone, as I try to knock out a couple more DIYs for the nursery ☺️#diyaddict #sundayfunday