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Make organizing part of your decor! @chelseagthomas did this perfectly by using clear paint cans in this fun craft space! #neatSLC

Nothing is more satisfying than a pantry makeover. We added open baskets to the pullout shelves, turntables for the spreads, and canisters on a tiered step to keep everything visible! ✨ Find these pieces, and our other favorite items, on THE shop page [thehomeedit.com/shop] - just click on the image under “shop the feed” // or shop via screenshot using the @liketoknow.it app // http://liketk.it/2tt9X ✨ #thehomeedit #pantry #organization

"be." : a reminder.
a simple promise to myself. to be fully alive- every day of my life. i don't want to live life half-way here, and mentally there. i want to be vividly HERE- wherever "here" is. i want to be present and authentic and engaged and invested in whatever moment i am in.
a reminder to truly notice and feel and connect and see what is happening around me-- and not through a post or an app or a camera lens.

i am learning that life is really simple, actually. but i have been over-complicating it with busy to-do lists & screens & lofty expectations. but i am learning. and trying. and taking a step back from the unnecessary chaos. and remembering that it is really quite easy to be whole. to be alert & engaged & curious & and to just "be."

Did you know that it’s National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day? This is a day we totally can get behind! Great opportunity to start off fresh with well thought out organization. Give it a go! 🍎🍊🍋🥦🍇🥥 #organizedsimplicity #kitchen #organization #inspiration #home

#tbt to last Thursday night in Boston when we stepped it up a notch to support the Concussion Legacy Foundation @concussionfoundation ❤️ It was a tough choice to ditch those sneaks you see sitting there, but I survived😅Oh, and can you guys believe I'm wearing color?! Don't get to used to it..the dress was rented 😜

Treehouses can look super modern - like this chic backyard retreat in Texas. Would your dream #treehouse rock a contemporary or more traditional design? 🌲🏠✨
#treehousemasters #petenelson #nelsontreehouse #contemporarydesign #modernarchitecture #sleekdesign #simplify #linesfordays #designbuild #chicdesign #modernwoodworking #prefabhouse

Gifting drawer. We used the Elfa cart from @thecontainerstore to store gifts and wrap. Perfect time to get organized for the season is NOW. 🎁 #home #gift #tistheseason

The communal vegetable garden in Tziv'on.
I'll be staying here for the next month or so teaching some carving and turning workshops.
This place and the people here had a big influence and inspiration on me since meeting them 6 years ago and it plays a major part in my path towards a simpler life. I'm really happy I can finely spend some more time with the community and projects here.


I have been hard at work konmari’ing my home as well as trading up furniture for furniture that is more functional and let’s face it prettier. Loving my new dining table and bookcase with glass doors.

Sooo much wasteful, excess packaging. Why? @Wholefoods I love you but let's be real.

Sometimes days, weeks or months go by and there comes a day when we think to ourselves: what's in my handbag anyway? 
Do YOU know what's in your handbag?
Here's today's challenge: dump all that's in your handbag on your bed and go through all the things that you've been carrying around. Then, tell us at least *one* thing you had forgotten you had with you. 
Come on, I know there's at least ONE thing!! :) Have a great weekend!

Trouble with us is me. I'm organised. Neat. Tidy. Neat and tidy organised. Organised hoarder.
So, I didn't see it. The amount of stuff. It didn't overwhelm me, or so I thought, because it was all neatly and tidily stacked away.
Read more in my blog. Click on the link above. Would love your comments and feedback! Thank you. 😊 #iamneatblog #minimalism

Nothing is worth the price of your peace. 💯 #paperchasers


Trying to do a bit more of this stuff these days and it's been changing my life for the better ✨🌿💛

With the cold weather creeping I was feeling the need for a warm, hearty dinner! So I whipped up some partially homemade clean bolognese sauce and served it over organic gluten-free spirals for the boys and zoodles for me so I could sneak in some extra veggies! 🥒
It was super delicious, filling and a guilt-free indulgence! It would've paired perfectly with a glass of red wine if it weren't for this nasty headache.🍷
Give it a try, my super simple recipe is in the comments!
#fridaydinner #itswhatsfordinner #dinnerrecipes #cleaneats #cleaneating #glutenfree #glutenfreeliving #hashimotos

It's progress report time so I find myself filing away our kid's important paperwork. Several years ago I built each of our children several file boxes to contain their special keepsakes. I started with preschool and have files completed through high school. Having several keepsake systems in place help us calm the clutter!

Package Free Shop is beautiful IRL 😍 If you’re ever in Williamsburg, make sure you stop in!

Happy Birthday 🎉🎁🎈 To Me! I’ve had such an amazing (almost) 4 years in Asia and #thekong. Thanks to everyone that has welcomed me and @blcnyc into your lives and all of you that have supported me and the team @brinc.io @brincmena in building our vision of the future. It’s only just the beginning... WELCOME TO MY WORLD 🌍 #LivingInBeta

I deviated a little for the sunset tonight. But only a little - 5 minutes down the coast. Venice Pier, day 11: November 17th.
#magical #simplify #simplebeauty #getoutside #ocean #saltlife #florida #travel #travellinggirl #🇨🇦girl #keepitsalty #sunset #gulfsunset #everydayadifferentstory #venicefl #venicepier #veniceflorida #floridasunsets #floridasunset

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