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We organized this linen closet using our favorite Target baskets to hold bath supplies and toilet paper, and one on the floor to act as a hamper. ✨ Products and custom labels are linked on our shop page [thehomeedit.com/shop]! Just click the image under "shop the feed" - or scroll down to shop all our favorite products by category. // You can also shop via screenshot using the new @liketoknow.it app // http://liketk.it/2s6nJ ✨#thehomeedit #closet #organization

Thanks @achievetheimpossible
Too often we tend to over complicate things. Simplify, and you will find the beauty in simplicity.

The perfect pantry for the perfect family! How great are those gold hooks for her aprons?! 😍 And...our friends @thelaundress made an appearance, too! Like or screenshot to shop the products in this photo http://liketk.it/2s6mT #liketkit @liketoknow.it

Grabbing some pantry inspo from some of our fav organizers. Our rule of 👍🏻 when doing pantries is to get rid of boxes. So this little clever idea allows you to do just that with your pasta, without compromising the instructions. Brilliant💡@neatmethod @katiebk girls. 😍 #homes #kitchen #label

Good morning !!! So.... I get lots of hair questions, and I have been trying to figure out the best way to do a GOOD informative tutorial, where I can actually talk you through it. So I think I will do a live Instagram, tomorrow morning around 8:30. So tune in, and get ready with me! Also, I have never done one before, so can someone tell me if there is a trick to saving your live video at the end of it? .
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One of our favorite ways to organize toys is to use cubbies, coordinating bins and picture labels!

Because books, kids spaces, and rainbows are near and dear to our organized lovin' hearts. #home #books #organization #atlanta #🌈

SIMPLIFY. And here's why-- clutter is like the enemy-- it kind of creeps up on you, piles up until you can't seem to catch a break because you're drowning in your own chaos-- and then your home is no longer the place that brings you peace, but rather the place that causes anxiety (more junk, more to clean). So here's to my journey of simplifying my life. I talked about it on my instastory. And I started with my freezer only because I couldn't find the acai for my kids breakfast and you can see why. It took 5 minutes to declutter and was kind of fun. If the stuff I have doesn't spark joy or make my life simpler, it's getting tossed or donated. I'm stoked. Who's in? #simplify #minimalism #tidyup

"I guess you can say being obsessed with my pantry is a huge understatement. I find myself going in there just to look haha. I also don’t mind having my pantry door opened more often. But, Can you blame me?" - @mywifestyles. Loving this blog post about organizing your pantry! Check it out and shop these items via the link in our bio. #bedbathandbeyond
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I live far away from the ocean, so I painted my walls blue :)

I'd love to do something fun with the fam this weekend, but thanks to the heat wave, it's definitely going to have to be an indoor activity. Thinking City Museum or finally checking out the new Kirkwood Library. What are you guys up to? 📷: @simplychivintage

Art supply organization 🌈#mrsketchmarkers

One way we stay organized is by making it a priority and taking a few days off a year (when we have childcare!) to tackle those outstanding family to-dos. It may feel excessive to use a PTO day for this, but in order to stay organized we have to prioritize it. Plus the feeling you get by having these things finally done is kind of like a mini-vacation, right? 😄

Let’s face it. Technology sucks us in. Like magpies, we flock to new and shiny things. How can we resist! Well, there’s nothing like a wilderness trip to push the restart button & keep the focus on what really matters. Check out our 5 Ways to Reclaim Your Attention in the Attention Economy:
https://www.redbudsuds.com/blogs/news/5-ways-to-reclaim-your-attention #thoughtfullycleanfieldnotes #redbudsuds #simplify

Czech has different words for 'I like' depending on if you like it in general (personality, activity), if you like its taste, or if you like it with your other senses (how it looks, sounds, smells, feels). Citrus blossoms are definitely something I like with my senses. I went to Crete with my family when I was 6. It was the first place I was aware of flying to and it was an incredible exotic adventure. We had a blossoming orange tree growing outside our villa and I remember coming outside that first morning into wafting veils of sweet sharp scent nothing like anything else I'd ever experienced. Libi se mi citrusové květy.

We have our friend's baby lemon tree over-summering on our terrace. Every blossom is so precious and yes, they smell so good!

I hope you have a wonderful Friday full of sensual things you like 🌿🍋🍈 Love, Hattie x

As we prepare to shrink closets and share a space, I found these awesome hangers to try! Basically I've gone from two bars of clothes down to less than one bar. Incredible! Why haven't I been using these all along?! #simplify #livetiny #lessstuff #coolproduct

It was impossible to hide my excitement when I found out my small, childhood town in MN, now has its first bookstore! AND it's part coffee shop!! Almost makes me want to move back... #introvertoutloud #introvert #owlbooksandbrew #bookstore #osakis #mn #smallbusiness #simplify #smallthings #happy

#minsgame 21 out on the 21st! Used up some things (contacts, cologne we used as bathroom spray, OTC Rx, etc) and purged/recycled many more items that were taking up space (a broken grill brush, packaging materials, old receipts, etc). Thank you all for your service to this home! #purgeparty #purge #reduce #recycle #tidy #simplify #simplicity #minimalism #finding_minimalism2017

Great idea for merging a vanity and a body mirror, if you're a little short on space. Utilize drawer dividers to minimize the time it takes to get ready in the morning!

I haven't posted in a long time. I've been trying to wean myself from my social media addiction and I've been mildly disgusted with how much time I've gotten back. I'm working on simplifying life and so far the results are refreshing. Rest and refueling are important and I'm not going to achieve that by mindlessly scrolling through other people's lives. #honestmotherhood #sirthatcher #simplify #presentoverperfect

Flowers make me so happy 🌸🌻 Today I'm taking my weekly CSA flowers to my friends at the nursing home. Feel free to do the same, drop fresh flowers by a nursing home in your community. Can you imagine life without flowers? Spread the ❤️

Nutty avocado nice cream topped with mulberries, cashews, pistachios and coconut flakes for breakfast 🌴
-1 frozen banana
-1/3 cup @chobani Greek yogurt
-1/4 avocado
-1 tsp nut butter -1/2 tsp green spirulina
Blend all ingredients until smooth. Top with nuts & coconut. 😋
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Day 21: So many cheap, girlish notecards from the Target bargain section years ago, some self-addressed envelopes, a hole punch that makes pointlessly tiny holes, some annoying ribbon, and a plastic storage container I've emptied thanks to this game! #minsgame #minimalism #minimalist #downsize #movingprep #organize #simplify

I used to always talk about the future! Telling myself everything will be better if only ...(fill in the blank). I have now learned the importance of living in the now by showing gratitude, being thankful, laughing, crying whatever feels right in the moment. That doesn't mean forgetting all dreams and aspirations. Just being mindful of the blessings you have in each moment. #mindfulminimalistmama #liveinthemoment #minimalism #minimalist #simplify #collectiveevolution #collectiveconsciousness #spiritualawakening #❤️ #blessed #thankful #grateful #lawofattraction #dreams #goals #thepowerofnow

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