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I always wondered if I can invent a device that can just hold my book open and Voila! Found an extra pair of hands at the airport.
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Fitting one of our Compact Guides is so simple, the crank doesn't need to be removed and the special spacing shims make fidling around with washers a thing of the past!


Just a few of our favorite things... #SimpleSolutions #CableManagement #linkinbio

Sometimes, you need to modify a weird 9-speed freewheel and don't have access to the very rare lock-ring tool. So you weld a piece of scrap directly to the lock-ring.

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#MxMonday Maintain the performance & longevity of your engine by managing proper Cylinder Head Temperatures, as defined by your aircraft POH. Operations up to 420º are approved, with temporary excursions into the yellow range (420º- 460º) acceptable, though they should be kept to a minimum. Adhering to these established limits will ensure optimal performance of your Cirrus aircraft. #flysafe #cirrusaircraft #simplesolutions

Starting a new ash splint basket with a checkerboard base.
If you're looking for a strong, stable workbench with lots of flat working space, can I suggest you try the floor? Here I am demonstrating one of the clamping options.

Simple solutions for this slow Sunday morning. These practical sponge holders keep your sponges from smelling like mold and add a little homemade flare to your kitchen sink area. --------------------------------------------------
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Если укладку делать некогда - прокатитесь с ветерком 👩🏼👆🏻#simplesolutions


Who has time and hundreds of dollars to dish out for hair treatments??? Not me!
🚨🚨#simplesolutionalert 🚨🚨 Taking 2 HSN Vitamins daily can help your hair and edges get healthier, longer and stronger. Click the link in my Bio for more info.  Swipe ⬅

Finally feeling a little like myself today.

A bug 😷 or just a little over worked 😧....either way some down time was needed.

So some morning yoga and pilates to warm up and foam rolling.....ahhhh 💆‍♀️.
If you have never rolled your missing out on a "spa day". Seriously feels like a deep tissue massage....and way less expensive 💸💸. How many of you would be interested in a short foam rolling video?

Post "me" below or pm me.⬇️⬇️💆‍♀️

Ever been in a situation that you knew you had to act from an honest place but it was just too inconvenient or hard to do?
Ever wondered why so many good people make poor choices which makes you question their character as a result?
Honesty is a great value to honour and many demand honesty from others but have a hard time delivering it themselves!
Because, although it’s a great value to live by, it’s not necessarily the easiest to act upon.
So how do we live a truthful life without stepping over this value when life hands us some tough choices to make?
In today’s coaching video, you’ll learn 4 simple solutions on how to honour yourself and others by living an honest life.
Click on the link in my profile and let's get started now!
Happy Thursday Tan Fans!😊💛

So you all know that I very rarely post these things on my personal page.. But there's less than 24 hours left before this CrAzY good sale is over. It's not to late to snatch these guys up, my two favorites at one low price.
If you have ordered from me before and you're not part of my VIP group let me know and I will add you. Lots of great tips and tricks happening.
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My biggest pet peeve is when people spray their toxic sunscreen right in front of me so the wind blows it towards me. Finally ..... non toxic spray sunscreen is born!!! Yeeessssss!!!!!!! Now available at Julie E Health. Now we can all be lazy at the beach and still be healthy!!! (Link in bio). #simplesolutions Oh I threw in the super kool acro yoga pic because i❤acro yoga as much as I ❤feeling great and being healthy. #healthy #fun #summer #sunscreen #healthysunscreen #ewg #skincare #nontoxic #beach #antiaging #julieefav #now #picoftheday #bikini #suntan #mychelle

When no one has the color you need. #blackpaint #smh #SimpleSolutions @snapav @metrahome

Now available at Julie E Health!!!! (Link in bio). Yum yum yum. And collagen!!! These are the best tasting collagen products I have found and the quality passes my QC methods and energy testing. So I say, let's firm that skin, anti age those joints and enjoy these great flavors and high protein, pales approved while we do it!!! #paleo #highprotein #eatright #collagen #antiaging #skin #firmskin #strongwomen #health #lowcarb #snack #breakfast #simplesolutions #anytimefitness #letsthrive #primalblueprint #primalkitchen

Craving some brownie batter? 😜 Give this healthy solution a try 👌🏻

Wrinkles are a by-product of the ageing process. With age, skin cells divide slower, and the inner layer of the skin, called the dermis, begins to thin. There are many different safe and effective treatment options now available that can be used for the improvement of skin wrinkles!

My most recent purchase....a toaster. Second one in as many months...😡 Our old one died so I went and looked around....so many options. How do you pick one? So I went with one that was middle of the road in the price range.

Eazy peezy right? No....a month later 1 side of it dies. With 5 people in the house 2 slices at a time was no fun.

So back at it I went. This time I bought the cheapest 4 slice one I saw at the store. See how long this one lasts. Right?

Let's have some photo fun....what was the last thing you purchased? 📸

Schools send home codes to help parents order the right workbooks for their children.

Love designing pillows for wedding gifts 🎁 who do you know getting married? Or buying a new home? Or having a baby? Great gifts for everyone on your list #ThirtyOne has #simplesolutions got #giftgiving #partywithhope

Many of you know we had planned to sell the house. So everything came off the walls so we could paint - including my shelves for essential oils. They have been sitting in tubs, challenging to find the right one, opening duplicates etc. I am so pleased to at least have them accessible again. These are our downstairs oils and I found quite a few important oils I did not know we ran out of too. #thisismyjam #crunchylife #onedropofoil #essentialoils #youngliving #mystash #alltheoils #gottacatchemall #simplesolutions #alphabeticalorder

It is now....🙄 3 am call from the the alarm company at work about a low battery. Nice huh? Then I couldn't fall back to sleep until the alarm went off.

Up and got some yoga in and made and extra large super nutrient shake for breakfast. And feeling superb!
I am a pretty sound sleeper, but when I get woke up I have a difficult time falling back to sleep. Almost lime I have to work for it.
So what are some of your tricks for getting back to sleep in the middle of the night?

Stepping outside of your comfort zone isn't easy, but it can definitely be worth it. Let go of your excuses and start working towards your dreams today.

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