Summer Solstice meditation☀️🙌🏻 👁intention :: sourcing/stoking inner fire, solar plexus, extending/expanding your light 💭inspiration :: the Sun ! 💬method :: physically stand in the Sun feel it radiating through the top/crown of your head, consciously pull the warmth down through the center of your body/being, pause in your core letting the heat radiate in your power center .... once you’ve gathered the energy let it expand through your whole body and take on any expression that comes through! My current favorite power pose is peaceful warrior ☮️🤺 photos by @badasswomenphotos @reginafelice

Our most complicated designs yet. #SimplePause

One more sleep to go! #SimplePause

Our long awaited designs are almost here. #SimplePause

Better than what we have done before. #SimplePause

Never before seen designs on a shirt. #SimplePause

Our most intricate designs yet. #SimplePause

✌😁😜 #single #simplepause 😋

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