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It was just a rose made from a napkin but still meant the world to me... #paperrose #napkinflower #mrventry #lovelife #simplemoments #simplegifts #treasures

when you scoop up your sister’s new toy (that she hasn’t even seen yet) and go strutting with your friend

Just trying to get through the week with all the smiles and silliness possible // I have been working on a project for a while that I am SO excited about and I’m finally going to be showing you this FRIDAY! I have put so much love into it and I’m hoping you all love it too! Stay tuned, friends! Have a happy week 💕

Baby girl and I made it to #30weeks! 💖 Only ten more weeks and we’ll be holding her in our arms. I can’t believe how different this pregnancy has been than when I was pregnant with Johnathan. • With Johnathan, my morning sickness was really all day and all night sickness and I rarely felt him kick. • With Alyssa, I had brief morning sickness and this girl NEVER stops moving. I love it! • We are so anxious to meet our baby girl!

We are taking a 5 year anniversary trip this weekend all the way to...Nashville!!! I’m so excited! No kids! Except I’m not ready to LEAVE them leave them so Nashville it is! So excited to tour our own city. 👏🏻

My favorite time of day. That moment when I tell Xander we need to get his shoes on to get his brother and sissy from the school bus. That moment the school bus rolls up in front of our house and he jumps up and down and says “YAY!” All while clapping. & that moment where we sit and talk all about their day and read books. It’s just my favorite. All of it is my favorite. 🌻✨
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There is nothing like those first few weeks with your brand new baby.


I’ll take all the snuggles and kisses today / Aliyana gets sick every time she gets her shots? Do you guys have any go-to natural fever remedies? This is why I dread it every time but thank goodness this is the last one until she’s 5. #AliyanaRae #homereno

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I am no chef but I have a few food basics under my belt. And I enjoy sharing with those who are interested.
How To Make Collard Greens is on my stories right now and it is posted under Instagram TV.
P.S. You're going to be seeing a tad more of me sharing a variety of things that I'm not an expert at but I'm pretty decent with. Why you ask? Well, is it just me or does it seem overwhelming to be a person with little to no knowledge on a topic or craft and try to learn from people who are pros at doing things like cooking, doing hair, decorating, or perfectly plan out finances for a living.
I'd like to think of myself as the person that is the bridge for the novice to the expert. We all have to start somewhere in learning how to do a variety of "life" things. And sometimes seeing people who are AMAZING at doing things can be a little overwhelming. So just see me as the person who can help with the basics so that one day learning from the pros won't be so intimidating.

Happy 8 months to my sweet little miracle. Gracie weighs a little over 14 pounds, laughing at anything and everything, rolling over both ways, inching her butt up trying to crawl and is sooo close to coming off her oxygen completely! We are so incredibly proud of our warrior and everything she has accomplished these past 8 months! 💜
Happy 21 months to our first baby💜 talking in small sentences, growing a hilarious sense of humour, becoming more independent everyday (WELP!!), and most of all is the best big sister to Gracie. Showing love 24/7. Our baby has the kindest most gentle soul and I love her! •

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I know you guys are waiting on an update on our trip this week...but our flight got in late and I just wanted to be with my kids and catch up on stuff around the house today! I barely looked at my phone and lap top! I will work on getting something done this week! Just know that everything went well and I will share more details when I can!

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