Drunk on golden hour beams. #light #aprillove2018 #simplemagicmoments

Buying flowers just because & burning this lemon vanilla candle my beautiful Virgo love @caseygrey82 gave me. ✨💜😌
#obsessed #aprillove2018 #simplemagicmoments

I e n j o y. . .crystals, plants and this adorably wild critter that lives with us. I also enjoy days filled with delicious Chinese food and amazing friends which is what today entailed. I’m a blessed human being. 💜 #savouringjanuary2018 #gentlejanuary2018 #simplemagicmoments

I f e e l . . .my grandmother’s presence everywhere. Boundless beauty, unlimited by laws of time and space ❤️ #savouringjanuary2018 #gentlejanuary2018 #simplemagicmoments

I w a n t. To travel the whole world over and eventually expatriate. To care for my parents and provide them with all they could ever need or desire. To fast forward to music festival season. To experience joy as often as possible in as many ways as possible. #savouringjanuary2018 #gentlejanuary2018 #simplemagicmoments

I m i s s. You. My wonderful, hilarious, larger-than-life best friend. Today makes one year since you passed on, and it doesn’t hurt one bit less or make one bit more sense to me why you had to leave so soon. #savouringjanuary2018 #gentlejanuary2018 #simplemagicmoments

C o l d. It hasn’t been the last few days (and I’m thankful), but I have to admit, it was pretty with all that snow. #gentlejanuary2018 #savouringjanuary2018 #simplemagicmoments

W a r m t h. Letting my mind wander a bit into the future when we will be standing in front of the sea again this summer, letting it nourish us as only it knows how to do. #gentlejanuary2018 #savouringjanuary2018 #simplemagicmoments

I w i l l . . .remain thankful that I don’t have to travel outside in the cold & snow to do my job. Sometimes it brings me down, but to sit at home with my cat and my coffee in my pajamas with the heater on and get paid is truly something blissful. #gentlejanuary2018 #simplemagicmoments

O u t s i d e. When anxiety starts to get the best of you and you need s p a c e, so you take off work for the afternoon, bundle up for the 16° feels like 1° weather, go for a walk and get to witness this colorful snowy dream scene. Okay, winter, you won me over on this one. #gentlejanuary2018 #savouringjanuary2018 #simplemagicmoments

M y h o m e. Is wherever these two sleepy bubs are. #gentlejanuary2018 #savouringjanuary2018 #simplemagicmoments

M y w i s h f o r 2 0 1 8. Wellness. Progress. Understanding. Abundance. Expansion. Happiness. Adventure. Love. You. Me. Us. Them. All. #decemberreflections2017 #simplemagicmoments

B i g g e s t c h a n g e i n 2 0 1 7. Branching out and stepping (mostly) away from my comfort zone has been the most rewarding alteration in my lifestyle this year. I’ve said yes to more, made strong connections, and increased my happiness tenfold. Here’s to more of the same in 2018. #decemberreflections2017 #simplemagicmoments

B e s t d a y o f 2 0 1 7. Certainly a hard one to choose - our family beach vacation was great, going to the Deep Roots festival was so much fun, but ultimately, any day spent chasing these two wild boys around was absolutely the pinnacle. Auntie life is the best life. #decemberreflections2017 #fms_family #simplemagicmoments #nephews

I a m...grateful for every single contribution to my photo challenge in November. Thanks so much to everyone for participating and being creative. #navigatingthroughnovember // .
Also sharing for Day 1 of #decemberreflections2017. E a r l y. Coffee & silly conversations in bed with your lover is certainly one of life’s greatest pleasures. #fms_ilovedoingthis #simplemagicmoments

16 #navigatingthroughnovember #simplemagicmoments - If you pay close attention to each day, you will discover that magic moment.

F o l i a g e. I took off work early to go on a walk & look for reishi; I found no mushrooms, but the colors, the scents, and hearing no other sound than the gentle pattering of rain on the leaf-laden ground was medicinal in its own right. #navigatingthroughnovember #simplemagicmoments

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