(No watermark) Happy birthday to the genuine LOML- thank you for never failing to make me happy, I love and miss you with all me heart baby boy- let’s reunite soon💜
Simily is the OG ship
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hi! i’m your host jasmine and welcome to this week’s episode of My Strange Addiction. today we’re joined with Nathan Triska. he is obsessed with and addicted to fixing his hair. especially while filming musicallys. here is a compilation of him fixing his hair! :)
(part of a collab on my other account @reallyavery i just changed the watermark and made a shitty loop)
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i really like this so if it flops i will cry
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Once, in a lifetime
I haven’t edited Sathan in a while so I decided I’d bless you with them
Ac: Gia Nghi on YouTube. I’ll send you a link if you want. (Headphones)
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Cc: me and idk how I did it
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Original to Edit
App/s: PicSee, PIPCamera, and ColorPop
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He’s so cute I can’t @simonbritton #simonbritton #simonbrittonedits (Lori liked! 💗)

Posting this cutie until my video edit is finished , love you @simonbritton 💕 #simonbritton #simonbrittonedits

-you’ll be in love till it kills you both-
Yeah I realize I haven’t been making edits recently but I’ve been so busy with homework and stuff and I’m so sorry
Guys I still need pictures and videos of you guys meeting Nathan so if you have some please send them to me. I’ve been working on this edit forever
Ac: @sad.audiosx
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My first ever edit!! Ily💖🙏🏻🤞🏻😍 @simonbritton hopefully I can get a follow #simonbritton #simonbrittonedits #edits

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