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#simbaragdollcat | I've been tagged by @potatothecampingcat for the #statisticschallenge. Learn more about me below! I've tagged a few furfriends to do the same!

NAME: simba
GENDER: male
NICKNAME: simmy, chimba, chubchub
WEIGHT: 18lbs
AGE: 6 years old
CHARACTER: I am a big cat who is sometimes mistaken as a raccoon. I am easy to get along with and love everyone! I love sleeping, and I sleep on every bed in the house. I am a pescatarian, who loves shrimp and edamame beans. When exploring new places, I am a scaredy cat but I follow #daisyragdollcat's lead 😺💙🐾

Weee! 1K today! Thank you fellow furrriends for your support! 💙💖 We appreciate you so we are doing a GIVEAWAY! 🐾🐾 A bag of treats and planner cat stickers made by local artist @oncemorewithlove! **Upload your furry face and tag @daisy.and.simba and use the hashtag #daisysimba1kgiveaway Winner will be selected randomly next week!**

Eeeks! We saw a fire 🔥🔥🚒🚒 make sure your smoke detectors and electrical wiring are up to date! #safetyfirst | #daisyragdollcat and #simbaragdollcat


I'm back! Daisy has been hogging all the attention 😾🙀😹
Hanging out in in this cubicle makes me feel safe, where's your safe place? #simbaragdollcat

Just hanging out this sunny Monday! What are you up to? 🌞😺🌿 | #simbaragdollcat

Why did you wake me up?... Lazy Sundays. | #simbaragdollcat

Claiming this as my new bed. Happy TOT! 👅💙 | #simbaragdollcat

Happy caturday! This was me pre haircut! | #simbaragdollcat

Lazy Sunday. catloafing and sleeping all day. Look at my Purrfect summer shave. | #simbaragdollcat

Have a playful caturday! Here's my summer haircut 🦁-->🐹 | #simbaragdollcat

My new bed 😺😴🛌 guess what it is? | #simbaragdollcat

Just hanging out | #simbaragdollcat

Happy caturday! Trying to get some shade in this tunnel ☀️😺😎 | #simbaragdollcat

Relaxing together with singing Christmas mousie 🐭🎶 | #daisyragdollcat #simbaragdollcat

Suspicious of the new addition to the family 😹🐶🌭
📸 Photo credit to @permanentlovexoxo | #simbaragdollcat

Yay it's Friday! Have a great weekend friends! 📸Photobombed by Simba #daisyragdollcat #simbaragdollcat

I don't understand why daisy loves #tongueouttuesdays #confusedcat | #simbaragdollcat and #daisyragdollcat

A day in the life of Simba... Today I'm going to sleep and relax 😴😺💙 | #simbaragdollcat

ZzZzZz... do not disturb 😴 | #simbaragdollcat

Lazing around all day, everyday 😺💙 | #simbaragdollcat

Check out my long arm! 😸💙 #lazysunday | #simbaragdollcat
#猫 #고양이 #ネコ

Sitting like a human 💙😺 |#simbaragdollcat

#猫 #고양이 #ネコ

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