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Dar kenare dooste azizam, sima ahwaz (modir va moassese sherkate "simara") Mamnoonam az davatetoon dar in fashion startup 🙏🏽

دوستاي خوبم همتون به ايونت خلاقانه سانا سنتر با كانسپت گيم لند با ايده پردازي شركت سيمارا دعوتين . يادتون نره ١٨ام شهريور از ساعت ١٨ تا ٢٢ ميبينمتون.
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Reached safely #Buddhaair #simara :) :)

Bebé! !!❤😻

Simara Rodrigues recebendo essa merecida homenagem pelo comprometimento com o Secretariado. Nosso obrigado! #coins2017 #Simara #secretariaréumaarte

Football is not only a game it's my Passion.
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Guess where I'm?? 😋😋


Frills and stripes and everything nice 🍦 come on in and check our super cute tops @simara_bymc #SIMARAbym&;c

Red is all the rage right now ❤️🙌🏽🔥 come in and check out our new arrivals #fashion #style #dotti #happy #smile #cute #fitgirl #styleme #simara #SIMARA #sydney #castlehill

To all my friends and followers. Welcome our new business @simara_bymc.
@mtkhoury79 and I are excited to announce we have started an Instagram. 🙌🏽 follow us to see our newest arrivals, the latest fashions, or to just support us on our new beginning.
Lots of love m&c xx

Muita bencao Que venha dezembro
Para finalizar com chave de ouro
Gratidao a cada um de vcs
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@vagner_prost @queopes28 #SIMARA # LARISSA #DANILTON @thaminniechryste

Be acrazy enough to know you can do anything you want in life 😜✌🏽. This last week was massive, last Tuesday marie and I with our supportive hubbys decided fuck it let’s just do it, and so just did it, any fear in our mind we kept pushing away, any doubt by others we didn’t listen too. Any hater that tried to bring us down we turned off, We worked more then 100 hours just marie and I last week and the boys even more. It was stressful scary and exhausting. But you know what, iv loved every minute of it. I’m so proud of what we all accomplished in just three days. And now the atmosphere we are continually creating in our store, we plan to set a tone and bring our very best to our life/work every day, to spread joy happiness and positive vibes to anyone that walks through those doors, and when we close everyday know in our hearts we did our best and gave each and every person including ourselves our very best self 🙌🏽❤️ at the end of that day that’s what every person should be doing.
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Reached safely #Buddhaair #simara :) :)

#simara 💕 ~PureLove
#tvd #epiclove

Simara or stefarine???#simara #stefarine #thevampirediariesedit

Introducing our newest baby. SIMARA bym&c
Marie and I decided to follow our dream of having our very own store. We have talked about it for years, and all of a sudden, it all happened so quick and has been a crazy busy week, singed the lease Tuesday, and some how we got this place up and running in 3 days. Massive thank you to our partners Mick and Jo for all your crazy late nights renovating and thanks for our our family and friends for all chipping in so much couldn’t have done it without you 🙌🏽 seriously we are so blessed with such beautiful kind supportive people around us.

Didn’t get a chance to tell many of you before hand, as you have probably noticed I have been pretty absent for social media this week. 😲

We would love all your support 💕 feel free to post away 💕💕💕 and come visit xxx love m&c
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Love you all

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