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Because I love the versatility 💚💚💚

So excited to be working out from the big screen instead of my iPad. I bought myself a firetvstick for my birthday 🎁. What took me so long~ it was wonderful to really be able to see what I am doing🧐I Love all the Amazing workouts I have access to on Beachbody On Demand. Do you own a firetvstick or another TV support?

Time to refresh this color and straighten it! 💚💚💚

Reasons you should be scheduling a Chakra Consultation.
1. You can find out why you have been feeling "off" lately. Whenever we feel this way, it's an indication there is an imbalance.
2. It's an opportunity to share those things you may not feel comfortable sharing with those closest to you if you fear what they will think. In sharing, you gain clarity on the root cause of an issue.

3. My insight is different. I will make you realize some things you've never noticed, and this helps to change your thinking. This in turn aids in discovering new approaches to situations you've never considered.
4. You learn about the Chakra System and how it directly affects your every day life.

5. I leave you with a workable plan to move towards self healing.
Link in bio to schedule your appointment and save $25.

#BUYTHEBOOK at www.thegoddessgrind.com Paperback and E-book available.
Excerpt from The #GoddessGrind: We Grind According to Law. Second Elevation. "Universal Law #1 The Law of Divine Oneness The Law of Divine Oneness simply states that everything is connected to everything else. Everything we say, think, believe, and do affects others and the universe around us. Always Connected. Never Attached. To fully understand this universal law, it must be broken down. Though your primary focus in yourself being that is the only thing we can control, you still must be aware and mindful that what you do will generate reactions and results. For example, if a woman has children, and she decides not to take care of herself, she won’t be able to take care of her children. Not only will this affect the children, but also other family members, teachers, and anyone that encounters the children. Not only will this occur at the present time, but also in the future. Of course, no one knows the exact reactions or results that will happen. You should only innerstand that what you do, negative or positive, will impact those around you."

A snippet of a post I shared in my #goinggreygracefully FB group. It made a huge difference and helped me immensely to find a group I could belong to through my transition. I officially hit the 6 month mark last wee growing out my grey.... I have had 1 bad experience but that is overshadowed by the compliments I get daily. Im asked this question at least 2 or 3 times a day.... I smile and just share that Im letting my grey grow in. There is no one size fits all experience we are all different and how any woman chooses to embrace her beauty is her choice. Cant wait for the next 6 months!
#goinggreyonpurpose #goinggrey #greyhairdontcare #greyhairtransition #whitehair #blackandwhite #silverhair #silversister #grannyhair #bearebel #norules #doyou

I think it’s time for a cut..... just a trim or chop it???? Help me decide! #
12 months of grow out #dyefree #silvermombod #silversister #chopitoff #keepitlong ##naturalhair #naturalycurlyhair #grayhairdontcare

Happy hairday to me!
That's one year (it was yesterday). It has been a long and hard day, so that I will tell you what I have learned during this year one of these days, but not today. Today just a short video. Good night!

#greyhair #greyhairdontcare #silversister #silverhair #silverhairdontcare

I feel like I owe about 49.99% of my sanity in this journey to deep conditioning like this great Davines that my dear friend and stylist, Cori turned me on to. What are your favorites, friends? (and ps: after this shot, I promptly dropped said product’s slippery box, spewing its contents all over the shower floor.🙄. Does selfie taking ever get easier?) #notanad #embracethejourney #greyhairjourney #openlygrey #silversister #silversisters #silverhair #greyhair #grayhair #ditchthedye #naturallygrey #greyhairdontcare #goinggrey #goinggray #greylicious #goinggreygracefully #grombre #greypride #graypride #greyonpurpose #silveron

❌GOOD MORNING SILVERSISTERS ❌ hello! Voilà ... juste pour vous montrer l’avancement de mes racines depuis ma dernière coloration en novembre dernier ... Je trouve que c’est vraiment l’ironie du jeu !!! Car avant d’arrêter les colorations mes cheveux poussaient à une allure folle et depuis que j’ai arrêté, j’ai l’impression qu’ils poussent au ralentis.... bref !!! RDV en 2019 pour voir le résultat final 😆 😆 😆 affaire à suivre ! Et vous c’est comment ??? Rapide , extrêmement long ... 🙄🙄🤔🤔 racontez moi ! ♥️ sinon pour info , moi c est essentiellement les côtes et le devant devant.. et sinon le dessus c’est léger pour l’instant... quand je me lisse les cheveux , souvent on me dit que ça ne se voit même pas 😋😋 du coup c’est rigolo d’avoir plusieurs style sur une même tête haha 😜 !! ———————————————————————— #silverhair #silversisters #grombre #greyhair #instalike #selfie #picoftheday #instafollow #greyhairdontcare #blande #cheveuxgris #cheveuxblancs #girlpower #youngandgray #sophiefontanel #whitehair #naturalgreyhair #cheveuxaunaturel #ditchthedye #greyhairmovement #grayhair #goinggrey #uneapparitionsophiefontanel #saltandpepperhair #coffee #cafe #silversister #beautenaturelle

I've been a #silversister in hiding since I was 12 years old 😳 I have been actively colouring my hair every 5-6 weeks since I was 16, that's over 16 years! Inspired by some badass silver ladies like @stacylondonreal @annikavonholdt @grombre @silverishing & all the #silversisters out there, I am growing a Rogue streak. 8 weeks so far.... #grombre #silverismyrealcolour

I am an old soul.

Launching soon... 👏👏👏

We sure don't. Especially if it's not adding to our own happiness.

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