I HEART JARED. fave character on #siliconvalley hands down. what a sexy sexy man. 😍😍😍

can you spot the Zach?

A little digital painting colour study of Richard from @siliconhbo love that show 🤣😂

Happy #femalefilmmakerfriday! Here’s the badass, funny, smart and thoughtful director of amazing movies, tv shows and my episode of Silicon Valley! I was so nervous going into this shoot and knowing my friend would be there to direct me made me feel so. much. better. We premiere this Sunday night at 10pm. I hope you can check it out! #SiliconValleyHBO #Fiona

Thomas Middleditch gets his go on Silicon Valley: Inside the Hacker Hostel, the VR experience we developed for HBO.

A melhor série de comédia nerd 🤓. Olha a treta #siliconvalleyhbo vs #thebigbangtheory #nerd

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