‘ Mummy You’re MAGIC!!’ She used to say
‘ Love IS Magic ’ I would reply….. (Part 2 on relationships of the heart.) Mother is a sacred part of our up bringing and throughout life she shape many of our beliefs.
We learn so much from her, often conditional. We may spend much of our adult life undoing what she has attempted to teach us.
It’s quite funny watching myself as an adult doing things that my mum would do; saying things my mum would say without really even knowing it; words spill from my mouth.
All those things you said you would never say or do, well you’re saying and doing them. I can’t speak for men but I can certainly speak for women.
You may have had the best mother in the world.
You may have had the most testing mother. She served you with a big bowl of contrast for your learning-be grateful.
So when we know what we don’t want we know what we do want and the toughest relationships are the one’s that we can deeply learn and grow from.
So are you the mother you always thought that you would be?
Or do you spend much of your time in a place of guilt, sabotage and judgement of yourself?
May I be the first to remind you today to give yourself a rest. Honour this incredibly rewarding (no one has the answers) life choice and move on. Giving yourself and your children the love and free will you all deserve.
The Aspects of a Woman trilogy is a perfect reminder of the parts of use that need nurturing. Those of you who have taken these three bottles may care to comment below.
To add to it The Gypsy of Avalon elixir allows you to honour the freedom within all 3 aspects.

The Trilogy:


If you need a gentle heart healer with cuddles, compassion and unconditional love the Rose will suit your needs. She is soft, a grandmother cuddle and the perfect elixir for first timers. She soothes your needs with warmth and sensitivity.
https://www.silent-moon.co.uk/shop/elixirs/miniature-rose/ ( continued in comments )
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‘He knew that when he took her hand they would walk together forever and she knew that when she took his hand they would never look back’

They both looked back

This week i want to acknowledge relationships of the heart and all their aspects.

Today looking at our partner(s) and our relationships with them.
Whether your relationship is:
Recently over.

All that is personal to you. Relationships are one of the biggest issues talked about.

Here are a few SMI offerings to get you started.

Meditations for the 11 moon centres:
If you feel your partner doesn’t know or get you in so many ways. Maybe this is a sure sign that you don’t really know yourself. The 11 moon centre meditations are a perfect way for you to learn to honour you.
Their sensual
And once you start to know you then your partner will too.
Click link below if your are curious:

Fox Glove of Avalon. Is great for when the relationship is ending or has recently ended and you are finding it hard to gain clarity.
Relational clarity and precision
Release of deep heart overwhelm
Helps when the heart is confused and may feel entangled
Honouring what the heart feels and ALLOWING it
Breathe out. Permission to surrender into the aching heart.
Encourages you to listen to the teachings of your own heart

Click link to know more:

Is the atmosphere fraught. Are their tensions?
The Limited Edition combination Ionian olive elixir and Space cleanser are perfect. I will let you read more below as these two offerings are deep workers and only you will know if they are suitable. A word of advice. If wanting to clear an atmosphere then the space cleanser is perfect but remember more often than not the work needs to come from within. Therefore the elixir is perfect foundation.

See comments for more
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Pink ‘ to make the boys wink’
Well today i am going to have to give some love to the healing powers of my very wonderful Liquid Mistress ( see link for mister and elixir below )

Pink holds intense awakening energy
Un conditional love
Feminine intuitive creativity ( that’s where Liquid M / Camellia ) comes into play.

Pink is all about self acceptance and saying ‘yes’ to YOU and all your creative wonders.

On the contrasting side Pink can also be the lovers ‘needy’ energy and the need to smother and be over baring.

It can also indicate being a people pleaser and the need to put yourself at the end of the line.

When the intention is to work internally and externally. Choose Elixir and Mister to conquer all:


You can’t help but love this blooming beauty..... Another beauty that knows the importance of the flower is the bee. ‘ From their bellies comes a drink of different colours in which their is healing for people ‘🐝+🌺= 🍯
Thank you for following my rainbow 🌈i x

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Last rays of Summer feed this one’s soul... Sundays were meant for surrender... @boltonabbeyestate
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Yellow... I am soooo loving yellow right now.
The colour of:
KNOWLEDGE - which is a knowing about having learned from the outside.

The contrasting sides of yellow are fear and anxiety

So if you feel either of these i have the perfect remedies:

Click below to soothe your curiosity:


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This New Moon and the last days of Summer. Spending time creating magic for you.
Thank you for believing in me and the moonlite.

Tonight i am rebooting red rose with the last of my summer roses. Tomorrow she will be back in the imaginarium all shiny and new. ( scroll for more )

Moonlite Blessings

I x

@kali.mcstay @joelyoungnpa thank you for the piccies
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Happy New Moon Day

To sign up for my news letter and for the latest SMI information visit www.silent-moon.co.uk and add your details at the bottom of the homepage.

Here you can also pick up your FREE six magical moon rituals to begin your
Moon journey today. A perfect day for new beginnings, new incentives and new creations.

Moonlite Love

I x

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There are places in our hearts where we feel at home and when we go there we feel profound connections that are often unexplainable.

One of my places is the english lake district which is why i choose to hold the Wild One Weekend there.

The magic of the the land touches me. Especially during the autumn months. Everything feels so alive. The land ‘gives’ freely and you can feel a great sense of abundance. Whether you are walking the fells or playing in the woods ( or skipping across a waterfall )

I am looking forward to sharing my heart ( once again ) with you there next month.
( click link below for details): https://www.silent-moon.co.uk/shop/additional-offerings/wild-one-weekend-october-6th-7th-2018/

And if you are looking for an elixir to help you create a greater connection with nature then look no further. Your Faerie Wishes have been granted ( click link below for details): https://www.silent-moon.co.uk/shop/elixirs/blue-bell/

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Thank you. Thank you all for sharing the MoonLite love. It is always wonderful to see your bottles arriving safely. Wherever you may live.

Moonlite blessings

I x

@sh_annanagins and Elizabeth 😍
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‘Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination.’
Mark Twain


For someone who has felt the depths of many a mood i can honestly say that there is something quite warming about that quote. However there is a fine line between what ‘we’ as humans call sanity and insanity and words don’t teach, only experience and feeling can teach us the difference.

It’s true, when you feel happiness from the core of your being you become invincible. From this place you can take on the world and everyone in it. Every issue is fixable within a flash and nothing touches you.

But we can’t always stay there, we need contrasting moments so that we can appreciate the brighter ones.

You can tell when someone is deeply happy because it comes from their heart. They feel from their heart and show love from their heart and they are great to be around. Unless of course you are a woman with PMT then they are the most annoying person ever.

When working with BIG heart clearing it’s not only beneficial to work internally but it’s also necessary to work externally with the environment around you. That is why my popular 5 for the Heart combination elixir comes in a mister spray form too. ‘ When you look at the combination of all these powerful heart elixirs you know this is going to be an intense journey, so be prepared. Each elixir is also available individually incase you prefer to bring attention to one specific area.’ https://www.silent-moon.co.uk/shop/elixirs/5-for-the-heart/

The mister spray has many pure essential oils added to help support the cleansing process of your external environment:

This duo will not only support the healing of your internal heart space but it will offer a loving external environment for all who enter.

MoonLite Love.... I x
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U: Unique

Every one of us is unique and every one of us brings our very own gifts to this world.
One of the main questions that clients ask me is: ‘How can i find my gift’ or ‘ i don’t know what i am good at.’...... Not every body’s gift is as obvious as they may wish it to be such as playing an instrument or creating some artistic masterpiece.

Here is a little challenge for you today. You may care to share below if you feel the need. Take a piece of paper and the right coloured pen. ( If you don’t know about the right coloured pen, then it’s time you did ) See Link Below. Yes i am SERIOUS:


Ok i digress.... Then quickly, without getting into your head. Write 10 things you LOVE about YOU. This must be about YOU. Not a member of your family or your pet but YOU.
To help you along i’ll begin:

What i LOVE about me:

My unique creative ability to transform things.

My magic

My eyes

My healthy body

My courageous-ness
My ability to love

My sexiness

My mothering skills

My Black humour

My Creative writing skills

Oh and for good luck let’s add one more.... My generosity
This is not a test of ego it’s a test of self LOVE and self appreciation.

So In all of your wonderful mess get writing and sharing
Your uniqueness with the world.
And if all this is just to hard for you then you may want to consider a 1:1 with me to unlock your beautiful heart and receive a bespoke elixir created with only YOU in mind.

Click link below:



I x

PS. To receive my latest newsletter please sign up at the bottom of my homepage www.silent-moon.co.uk

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A: Amazing... What super hero would you be or what super power would you have?

If you already own the power then please let us know below.

We all have a great ability within us to create amazing things. All to often we forget to tap into that power and step into our very own UNIQUE wonderful -ness.

Remember by sharing you move just that bit closer to your super hero, to your super power. So why you hiding?
Let the world know.

At the moment i am working with a number of courageous people who are happily tapping into to their super hero power (s). The lights are on and they can finally see. Laughter and smiles and delirious giggles all round🤣

Click link below:

And of course you are all welcome to come and take part at our WILD ONE WEEKEND where i have no doubt you will get closer to your power:


See Super Hero Lara Croft (festival style) below 🤣 DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME😳

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This is a post of GRATITUDE and thank you for your patience as i get through some BIG orders.

Those of you who know me and order from me regularly know that i am a stickler for the visual beauty of my offerings as well as the healing results and just because i have big orders this does NOT mean the standard will be dropping.

So your speedy moonlite express may just be moonlite express for a while🤣

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‘She judged the instant and let go; she flung herself loose into the stars.’ Anon
This week i’m focusing on LAUGHTER

L: Lose It

How do you choose to get loose and lose it into the stars?
Shake your body?

Or is it something calmer?
(please share in the comments below)

Once we choose to drop our ‘stuff’ and conditioning and we stop putting on a face and caring what others may think. Then we are closer to our truth and those previously ‘stuck’ layers begin to drop away.

We can start to feel our passion and share our passion whether that is in the bedroom or in our daily working life.

I created liquid mistress elixir and mister for exactly those reasons.
Camellia is the remedy for when life feels stuck, needs a good shake up in all directions and you just need to let loose into the stars and create.... Here are the links for beautiful Camellia flower also know as Liquid Mistress:


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i is for Ionian Olive...... TWO LIMITED EDITIONS LAUNCHED TODAY: (Elixir & Space Cleanser)

I am so excited to share this lady with you. WOW, what a journey she took me on throughout my time in Greece.
Please watch the video on the page and read more.
You can click on the links below to make your LIMITED TIME purchase. Feel free to share.

Ancient Olive awaits...... MoonBeams&SunLite

I x
This LIMITED EDITION elixir was created on the stunning island of Lefkada in Greece and has many aspects to it. I will begin by telling you that this bottle was made over two days and through a night of moon energy and a day of sun energy. The planets mars, venus, jupiter and saturn were visible and I intuitively knew that this time and process was important for balance. The sun mallow waters bring a sense of lightness to the elixir, a good thing when we are dealing with detailed issues…… Click below to read more:

Space Cleanser:

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Spontaneity is such a great part of our lives. I’ve always loved spontaneity in movement since i was a young child. I proved that at 9 mths when i shocked my family by walking my first steps.

Dancing, skipping, yoga, playing, rolling and polling 🤣 have always been a love of mine.
Don’t get me wrong, yesterday i put out a post about meditation and i love the stillness just as much but i’m an active part of this planet, that loves to find the physical life force in others, that great movement.

Yoga has been a part of my journey for 25+ years now. Every morning me and the yoga mat re kindle our love for one another.
What’s your physical?

If you care to move with me then visit:

Moon Blessings

I x

PS... don’t stop moving

#myday #silentmoonhealing #yoga #transformation #spontenous #moveyourbody

No matter where i am going, no matter what i am doing, no matter who i am doing it with, it is my dominant intent to look for things that make me feel good and i will find them.... #abrahamhicks #sunset #greece #betterfeeling #transformation #wildone #lefkada

This past week or so i have spoke a lot about RAW/ROAR, RELEASE, ACCEPT, OPEN, ACKNOWLEDGE, RESPECT.

An underlying ‘issue’ i see with many is fear.
I’m afraid because.....
I’m afraid to start living my dream because.....
I’m afraid incase no one likes me or agrees with me.
( we spoke about this before. Not everyones going to like you.)
I’m afraid to start a new business
Because..... So what do you do?

Sit and dream?
Get in your head and tell yourself why you ‘can’t’ then make excuse after excuse.

I ended up doing a ‘job’ which was something quite off the wall that many naysayers and cynics would class as bat shit crazy. If i listened to all those comments and rumbles in the jungle Silent Moon would never have left the ground. My answer to this was having 110% belief and faith in ‘me’ and my offerings.
I knew from my own past experience how energy medicine had helped me. It’s always such a great bonus for a sensitives life, because we tend to feel so much. I’m also aware that it’s not for everyone.

After my time spent in Peru, working there with a shaman. It was only a matter of time before the flowers called me home
and they did just that..... I was in Peru in 2012 and it took me till 2015 to really listen and then nothing stopped me.

The quality of people that come my way mirror so much of my own journey.
It’s an honour to support you all.

What are your fears?
Within all the RAW-ness what is stopping you stepping over the threshold and into your true life.

Often i say to the WOW ( wild one) group
BFP BFP. It’a a term Abraham Hicks uses, BETTER FEELING PLACE.

So when you are stuck with a sense of not achieving or you are having a crappy day, what ONE thing could you do to help raise your vibration?
It may be cook, read, swim, walk, drink tea and eat cake.

Whatever it may be, step up to it now, it will be so worth it because then this practice becomes a habit.

If fears are all consuming and getting you down it’s important to find the root of the cause or the root of the feeling to get the perfect flower elixir for you.
Often people ask me questions like:
‘ what is the best bottle for depression?’
(Continued below) #transformation #wildone #onetoone

A: Acknowledgement ( of self )

When i began my journey with Silent Moon Imaginarium i honoured the stories i love, the main one being Alice in wonderland. Why? because i relate to the narrative and i resonate with the characters.

Do you have a favourite story that inspires you? Your story? Your way of being? You may have a few. It may be a specific character.

When you see YOU for who you really are you begin to collect the wild bits, the wonderful -mess’s the idiosyncrasies and tie them up with a bow and give them out to others like posies. Little posies of your very own magic and beauty, that those close to you see. Sometimes they take it for granted but much of the time they love these bits and pieces about you because that is what makes your whole.

But the sad thing is if YOU don’t acknowledge these pieces of you that make you unique to the world then how can anyone else? If you don’t have daily gratitude and appreciation for all you achieve how can anyone else?

Do you acknowledge your own glory filled moments or just judge yourself for not being quite good enough.

Come let’s move on from here and start to see you for who you are because you’re needed on this planet, right now at THIS moment.
All we have is this moment.

We can spend our lives procrastinating about things we want to do:
Eating chocolate or cake.
Getting a tattoo.
Putting off going to a place we have never been.
Moving house.
Drinking that second glass of wine.
Working with someone you feel drawn to and to be honest you wouldn’t be here unless you were
A) drawn to me
😎 just being nosey
C) in a space of contemplation/ procrastination
And i certainly believe that if someone doesn’t float your boat in one way or another then why hang around?
So here is the link for 1:1 sessions with me where i can spend an hour telling you how wonderful you are and help you find it for yourself. Whether, right now, you believe it or not 😁


I x


#wildone #selfworth #acknowledge #transformation #silentmoonhealing

R: Release

The phrases
‘My heads in the shed’
‘I can’t stop thinking’
‘My mind just won’t stop’
‘I can’t let go’
‘My head is so busy’
‘I’ve got a headache’
And the story continues... And we fuel the story by continuing to speak the story of woe.

Try this. You may need some time but give yourself permission to go and sit somewhere quiet.
Breathe deeply. In through the nose. Allow the belly to expand. Out through the nose. Let the belly contract. If you need to sigh, then please, do so.... Watch... What is happening with your mind.
Continue the breath and in time you will begin to notice spaces between your thoughts. No matter how big or small these spaces are they are spaces of quiet and stillness. With daily practice these spaces will become larger. This practice will become easier and you will be able to take it anywhere you go. I mean it.
But it takes practice. Like everything.
This is my favourite way to help still the mind. I use it with my clients who suffer from addiction and mental health issues and i use it for ME
And because i was a person with all the above and can still fall into those spaces i know how it feels to have a busy mind and i know that breathing works. It’s our very own built in drug. However sometimes just breathing isn’t enough and i created hatters head helper to support the individual with this mind set. It’s an amazing mister that clears the head. We all know the energy of the mad hatters busy mind, well this is for exactly that. I’m sure if i had been at that tea party i would have sprayed this to bring much calm, which is exactly what it does.
Whether that is your very own head or someone else’s.🤣 Hatters Head Helper link and video:

#madhatter #wildone #transformation #aliceinwonderland #auraspray

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