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Заброшенный город, объект всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО. Фатехпур-Сикри, штат Уттар-Прадеш, Индия
Abandoned city, UNESCO World Heritage site. Fatehpur-Sikri, Uttar-Pradesh, India

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Emperor Akbar built the tomb of Sufi Saint Salim Chisti in 1580-81, after the saint died in 1572. The saint Salim Chisti was a successor of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti of Ajmer, and lived in a cavern on the ridge at Sikri. The mausoleum, constructed by Akbar as a mark of his respect for the Sufi saint, who foretold the birth of Akbar's son, who was named Prince Salim after the Sufi Saint and later succeeded Akbar to the throne of the Mughal Empire, as Jahangir.
#SheikhSalimChistiTomb #JamaMasjid #fatehpur #sikri #agra #lifemeanstravel

This is the tomb of the general of the Mughal army Islam Khan I. Also the grandson of the Sufi Saint Salim Chisti, his body was laid to rest inside the Jama Masjid courtyard by Emperor Jahangir in the year 1613 AD. The Tomb of Islam Khan is originally served as the Jamaat Khana or common religious house for the most distinguished disciples of Sheikh Salim. This courtyard houses 24 graves of the Sheikh's followers. 
#TombofIslamKhan #JamaatKhana #JamaMasjid #fatehpur #sikri #agra #lifemeanstravel

Buland Darwaza is an astounding example of the Mughal architecture. It is made of red and buff sandstone, decorated by white and black marble. One needs to climb a flight of 42 steps in order to reach the gateway, which stands tall at a height of 40 m. The total height of the structure is about 54 m (176 feet) from the ground level. It is a15 storied high gateway acting as the southern entrance of the city of Fatehpur Sikri. It took nearly 12 years to build this magnificent gateway.
#BulandDarwaza #fatehpur #sikri #agra #lifemeanstravel

The Jami Masjid was built by Akbar in 1571-72 AD. This is also called Friday mosque. It is the congregational mosque and was perhaps one of the first buildings to be constructed in the complex. It was built under the supervision of Sufi Saint, Sheikh Salim Chishti and his descendants.
#JamaMasjid #fatehpur #sikri #agra #lifemeanstravel

Panch Mahal was built by Emperor Akbar primarily used as a recreational and pleasure palace by the queens and the other ladies of the court. This is also known as badgir or the wind tower. This pillared pavilion is made of red sand stone comprising of five pavilions, each of which is connected to the next floor by a flight of stairs. The ground floor of the building is made up of 84 pillars that supports the entire structure. As one climbs up the Panch Mahal, the size of the pavilions becomes smaller and the number of pillars supporting the upper floor decreases in number. The first floor has 56 pillars, 20 pillars on second floor, 12 on the third floor and 4 on the fourth level.
#PanchMahal #fatehpur #sikri #agra #lifemeanstravel

The Lotus Throne Pillar is known for its massiveness and magnificence. This single red stone pillar is constructed with a set of 36 arched-shaped and pensile brackets holding up the circular raised area from which emanated four passages.
#LotusThrone #fatehpur #sikri #agra #lifemeanstravel

Khwabgah Complex is also called the Dream Palace. It is the most beautiful building of royal complex and it was the personal palace of the Emperor. This double storied building is built with red sandstone. The ground floor is very simple, while the first floor is excellently ornamented.
#Khwabgah #DaulatKhana #fatehpur #sikri #agra #lifemeanstravel

After #Akbar conquered Malwa he faced strong resistances from the Rajput kings. Akbar dealt with the problem diplomatically, allowing them to keep their kingdoms and getting into marriage alliances with the princess of the Rajput clan. He married #JodhaBai, sister of #ManSingh, the powerful ruler of #Jaipur. She was his favorite queen and allowed to worship Hindu deity in her palace.
#JodhaBaiPalace #fatehpur #sikri #agra #lifemeanstravel

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