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💙✨You can recognize the pain in another person if you are compassionate !! Only love for others makes us more compassionate. 🌸
The Sikhs must always keep Waheguru in mind and be merciful remembering that we are all one and that there is no difference of race or religion. We must value and respect the positive ideals: truth, compassion, humanity, love, seva, etc. We must accept Hukan's will and maintain a Chardi kala aptitude😊✊🏻🚩
Waheguru ji ka khalsa
Waheguru ji ki fateh🙏🏻
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Looking forward to going on the journey with Colonel Gardner, an American who was part of Maharajah Ranjeet Singhs Feranghis. #sikhhistory #kashihouse @amandeepm

Went To Watch The Black Prince Last Night
The last King of Khalsa Raj Maharaja Daleep singh ji son Of the Greatest King of king Maharaja Ranjeet singh ji .....

Jaroor vekho ji ik var.... #Sikhhistory #maharaja #DALEEPSINGHJI

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It rained for an hour and the temp dropped to laughable 95 degrees. Btw, Guru Gobind was here in 1705! #raikot #sikhhistory #firstworldproblems

Evolution of Gurmukhi script 📝 #sikhhistory#punjabi#gurmukhi


Should Khalsa attack a retreating enemy?

Guru teaches Khalsa the ettiquette of war (and life). Source: Parchian Pathshahi 10

The Khalsa had another encounter with the rajahs, in which the rajahs fled like cowards. Many of them were slain by the Khalsa. The news reached the Guru that the Khalsa had killed the rajahs, and that the others that remained, would also be slain, since the Khalsa was pursuing them and was in no mood to spare them.
The Guru gave his dagger to some musaddi, his head cloth to another, his long scarf to still another, his ring to still another, and an arrow to another one, by way of authentication, with the instructions that the Khalsa should stop the pursuit as soon as they see memorabilia.
"O True Emperor, today we were in a position to liquidate them, such that they could never have faced us again. But we have returned on your orders," complained the Khalsa as they returned. "O Khalsa, this is our sport. We do not want to finish it all in one day. We shall continue to play this game by and by," said the Guru.
Lessons: So what do we learn?

Guru teaches us to be compassionate. Daya is the foremost principle of the Khalsa.

Guru teaches us not to attack those who have lost, who are in fear, who are trying to save their own lives, who are no longer a danger to the Khalsa.

Guru teaches us to not worry about the outcome (they may regroup and return to fight another day). Life is a 'game'. A drama. We must learn this and learn to play in it. The creator has not put the change of yug (age) in our hands. The battle of dharm and adharam will continue tomorrow. Better we accept that and prepare for tomorrow, and play with grace.

These same rules can be applied to your day to day life and people you deal with in any capacity. Your actions are ultimately judged, not your self calculated success. Be graceful and compassionate whilst battling others in all capacities. 🙏🏼

Went To Watch The Black Prince Last Night
The last King of Khalsa Raj Maharaja Daleep singh ji son Of the Greatest King of king Maharaja Ranjeet singh ji .....

Jaroor vekho ji ik var.... #Sikhhistory #maharaja #DALEEPSINGHJI

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I never judge a #book by it's cover but I will always judge a person by their #bookshelf (or lack thereof). The words we speak are a reflection of the thoughts in our mind and the thoughts in our mind are a reflection of the words we read or listen to.
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GuruMat - Do not feel pleasure or pain over worldly things. GurMat tool needed - SANTOKH.

A beautiful and simple sakha from Parchian Pathshahi 10 explains:

Once the Guru was, engaged in a prolonged war with the empire. In this, war all the four sahibzadas (Guru's sons), Jujhar Singh, Ajit Singh, Ranjit Singh and Fateh Singh fell martyrs. A large number of Sikhs also died. The treasury, the horses and the entire wealth were plundered by the enemy. All this happened at Anandpur. When the Sikhs had to evacuate, they started bewailing. "Brothers, why do you bewail? The Guru has lost nothing," said the Guru. "O True Emperor, all the four sahibzada have become martyrs; treasures, horses and wealth have gone; Sikhs have died. That is why we mourn." "Sahibzadas will keep coming for the sake of faith. The treasures, horses and properly were all the creation of God. Under His Will these were acquired. Under His Will these disappeared." The Guru asked the Sikhs to draw lines in the dust with their hands. The Sikhs drew lines in the dust with their hands, and rubbed them off at the Guru's command."Do you feel sad or happy over drawing these lines or rubbing them off'!" asked the Guru. "O True Emperor, we have felt nothing of the kind." "Just as you did not experience any happiness or sorrow over the drawing or obliteration of the line" in the same way the Guru did not feel happy or sad over the acquisition or loss of material possessions. Grasp this thing in your hearts firmly. The Guru is above happiness or sorrow." "O True Emperor, the losses run into hundreds of thousands." Cried the Sikhs. "But you have gained an insight which is worth tens of millions," replied the Guru.

1955, Fire station serving sembawang naval base, Singapore. The only picture of my father whilst he was there, tallest Singh back row, on the right. He would have been 22 years old. #sikharchive #singapore #firefighters #sikhhistory #singh #navalbase

An eye opening film about the true story that so few of us actually know. I can't stop crying when seen the dying urge to gain freedom and Mighty Kingdom of Punjab, All went in vain after blowing every single blood drop by Maharaja duleep singh ji and arur Singh #theblackprince @theblackprincefilm @jaseflem123 @satindersartaaj @delhinowmagazine @sridarbarsahib #kaviraz ji #jasjeetsingh ji #maharajaranjitsingh ji #sikhhistory #punjabi #britishindia #cinema

#Reposting @victorsmithboxing with @instarepost_app -- Man Mountain out again 9th September at the famous York Hall ready to make it 3-0!! @_theheavyhitter #cruiserweight #sikhboxer #sikhexpo @wowprotein #sikhhistory #sikhism #sikhboxing #manmountain #heavyhitter

8 reasons why Guru Gobind Singh Ji kept a Falcon and why its traits represents a Sikh:

A Falcon can never be enslaved nor kept in captivity. It will either break the cage or die. Similarly, a Sikh cannot accept slavery and repression. He shall always struggle for his freedom & honor.

A Falcon never feasts on a fallen prey. He shall hunt for his own. Similarly, a Sikh stands on his own rights, belief and truth and never indulge in taking rights of others.

A Falcon has the highest flight and usually seeks the highest point to sit while keeping its vision low. Similarly, a Sikh seeks "Man Neeva Mat Uchi" which means discard his or her ego, arrogance and haughtiness and always keep high morals values and high spiritual principles.

A Falcon is completely independent. It can rely on itself. Similarly, Khalsa is a divine force on its own with grace from gurus. It does not need/seek support.
A Falcon never forms its own nest. It wanders around the world freely. Similarly, a Sikh lives his/her life free from attachments accepting the grace of guru and the divinity of life.

A Falcon will never be seen slothful or sluggish. It stays alert 24/7 with sharp focus. Similarly, a Sikh's focus in life is never sluggish or lazy. A Sikh upon waking has a precision mindset which cannot be altered or shaken.

A Falcon travels against wind; whereas every bird in the sky travels with the wind. Similarly, a Sikh will face adversity and oppression but will not subdue under any circumstance.
A Falcon is utterly fearless. It lives without an absolute fear. Similarly a Sikh lives in a constant fearless and eternal state of mind.

A Falcon is considered royalty. It's held at the highest throne of hierarchy amongst its kind. Similarly, a Sikh is a son of Guru Gobind Singh with traits of royalty embedded in the blood by the forefathers of Sikhism. Therefore it should be worn proudly.
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July 23rd, 1914
Kamagata Maru was compelled to leave Canadian waters without being granted entry.
KOMA GATA MARU: Punjabis traveling to foreign land in search of better jobs were being discriminated against at the begining of 20th century. The Canadian government had issued prohibition against their entry and the British ships had refused to accept any Punjabi travelers. The Canadian law stated, for the purpose of preventing immigration from india and other countries, that only those passengers could land in Canada who travelled on a through ticket without any break in journey from their land of birth. However, no company provided such a service between the Indian and Canadian ports. As a result, many Punjabis were stranded for months in Hong Kong, unable to get tickets for their final destination, Canada.
Baba Gurdit Singh of Sarhali village, a well established businesses in Calcutta, Malaya, etc., heard of the stranded Punjabis in Hong Kong and decided to challenge this prevalent situation. He rented "Koma Gata Maru", a Japanese ship and named it "Guru Nanak Jahaj". Sri Guru Granth Sahib accompanied the passengers along with Kesri Nishan Sahib.
On April 4, 1914, this ship sailed out of Hongkong and reached the Vancouver port on May 23, 1919, with 167 passengers. However, these passengers were not allowed to land at Vancouver and were forcibly returned to Calcutta in the same ship, after a long and painful struggle. Upon return, the ship was fired upon by the British at BajBaj Ghat in Calcutta. The returning passengers were either arrested or killed. Only a few managed to escape. Baba Gurdit Singh jee escaped the death and lived in disguise for almost 8-9 years. What started as a simple individual business venture turned into a major political event. The returning passengers were no longer considered as better job opportunity seekers but were prosecuted as freedom fighters. #sikhs #sikhsaroundtheworld #sikhhistory #kamagatamaru #candiansikhs #candianhistory #history #instahistory #todayinsikhhistory #today #todayinhistory

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