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After finding success in her native Norway, Scandinavian alt-pop star Sigrid is releasing her as-yet-untitled EP on Island Records next month. It pulls influences from her parents’ obsessions with Neil Young and Joni Mitchell as well as her own interest in grime. Head to RollingStone.com to hear “Don’t Kill My Vibe” and learn more about Sigird and nine other new artists you should know right now. Photograph by Francesca Allen

What a day. What a lady. #sigrid #dontkillmyvibe

#RollingStone make sure their 2,5 million followers know about #Sigrid 🇳🇴🇺🇸

DONT KILL MY VIBE ⚡️⚡️⚡️ @thisissigrid #SXSW #sigrid #bangers

Amazing song by#Sigrid
Acoustic mixed with single version

For sure favorite artist so far in SXSW. #applemusicsxsw #sigrid #adelemeetslorde


#sigrid #dontkillmyvibe #island "And I wanted you to know, that I don't belong here."

I'm so proud of Sigrid and how popular don't kill my vibe is getting😭😭💕
#sigrid #dontkillmyvibe

We had an awesome live show at SXSW, the Austin conference and festival. Check out some of the artists on our stage and let us know if you plan on seeing any of your favourites or new discoveries at this summer’s music festivals.

I love this song by @thisissigrid and I think she's killing it right now. I read somewhere that she wrote it about rude producers, which I definitely have experienced myself a few times. A good song to vibe on a Monday 😊 💪
Come watch the full video on my youtube channel: www.youtube.com/aglasschild ✨
#sigrid #dontkillmyvibe #nordicmusic #igsingers #youtubesingers #theglasschild

Slapper av hos @firehitradio mens @thisissigrid er inne og jobber. Det er ☀️ i England. Hurra!#sigrid

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