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Your support and encouragement in the last week meant so so so SO much to me that I wanted to open up a bit more and share a part of why I lost motivation. When I first launched Signed With Heart three years ago, I was scared, like really scared. It was just so scary to put myself out there… to be honest, it still is. I’ve been living in fear and it was starting to take a toll on me that I started to lose motivation over time. I’ve been wanting to film a vlog sharing about this for months now because I still haven’t been able to move past that fear and I think talking to you guys about it would really help. —
Hearing from you guys on how Signed With Heart has helped you in some way really helped me keep going the last 3 years so, really, thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

Really, thank you all so much for your support and encouragement for the past 3 years, I so appreciate it!! <3 Looking forward to creating better and fun(ner) content for you guys!!

Perdoar nem sempre é fácil. Nosso senso de justiça quer falar mais alto. Que o Senhor nos ajude, nos dê um coração parecido com o dEle.
Ele nos perdoa diariamente, e olha que pisamos na bola viu... Talvez vc esteja sentindo dificuldade de dar esse 1º passo em direção a perdoar alguém. Ou talvez vc tenha errado e não consegue sentir-se perdoado.
Assista esta música completa em nosso canal youtube.com/rebecanemer (link na bio) e deixe que a mensagem dela penetre em tua alma. TODAS as vezes que eu a interpreto, CHORO! "Encontrei em teu olhar... tanto amor pra recomeçar" 😭😭😭🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Que letra. Sem contar a belíssima voz do meu amado @pcbaruk 💙 (Obrigada Vida)! Compartilhe esta mensagem. Marque os amigos. Se gostar, deixe teu like! Se inscreva no canal. Toda quarta um
novo vídeo.
#libras #sign #signlanguage #rebecanemer #perdao

Hyderabad’s first speech and hearing impaired run restaurant Talking Hands is a place where you get to learn a new language and the art of communicating differently. If that sounds intimidating, it isn’t. The friendly staff hand-hold you to communicate with them in sign language and guide you with its alphabet. A meal here is a unique experience that goes beyond just satiating your hunger. Perhaps that’s why the eatery is doing quite well with no publicity stunts whatsoever.
Read more: http://bit.ly/TalkingHand
#hyderabad #restaurant #eatery #signlanguage #talkinghands #meal #food #hunger

THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! We apologize to anyone that @trinitythetuck may offend during our family show, A DRAG QUEEN CHRISTMAS thru Dec 29. Get tickets and witness the insanity yourself at DragFans.com #mppresent #signlanguage #interpreter #signing #naughtytour #trinitytaylor

This was my day! ✨👽
My first own Dancetheater "The Dress" did have Premiere 28.10.17
at the Degeth Festival (Deutsches Gebärdensprachtheaterfestival). The Dress and the Alphatanztheater team were my best Birthday present at this day and then we won two prices.
One for the best Theatergroup, and yes they were such a great lovely team, onstage and backstage. We did share so much with this piece and everyone was in with the heart.
The second price was the DeGeTh price going to me, for the special Idea and Regie/direction.
I was just happy all this days and the time flies so fast. I cant believe its already some weeks ago. Before this play I didnt know how the audience would like my piece "The Dress". But so much liked it and some told me they were crying while watching, it touches them, was amazing, emotional and so on.
This saturday we play it again. Come and see!
I Love them all, they make my Rainbow colorfull and perfect
everyone of them. 💖💜❤️🌈🎭💃
#dancetheater #deafartist #coda #deafdancers #deafactress #thedress #alphatanztheater #signlanguage #degeth #degeth17 #munich #minga #gebärdensprachtheaterfestival #kassandra

Love these ASL pins 😍 #signlanguage

#Repost @specialbooksbyspecialkids (@get_repost)
Ernest is diagnosed with Treacher Collins syndrome and is constantly getting stared at. He has decided to focus on the positive and keep moving forward. Watch Ernest's full interview on our YouTube channel. Link in bio. Subscribe to support the SBSK movement. Follow Ernest at @eicyz #signlanguage #askmewhyisign #whyisign


Go check out my asl video.. And For hearing ppl who do know asl im amm terribly sorry about the voice over captions were going to take tooo long to do so when i did my voice over i was signing to fast to stay caught up so i just said everything i said in asl in a diffrent shorter way so sorry i promise it will be better. And ill also do the captions next time for the whole video . i didnt realize how long it would take so thats why i did it the way i did. N i still have a daughter to care for but it will be better. #aslvlogger #signlanguage #youtubeblack #vlogger #asl #deafcultureawareness #youtubechannels click the link above to watch the video.

Showing me the sign for 'friend'. She said; "I can sign this to my brother because he's my best friend" 😍 #childreninneed #childreninneed2017 #showyourspots #pudsey #pudseybear #signlanguage #signing #awareness #charity

Genau Heute vor – 1 Ga (Gigannum) + 980 Ma (Megajahren) + 19,96 millionen Jahrtausenden + 350 Jahrhunderten + 12 Jahrzehnten + 4858 Jahren + 103 Tagen war die Eröffnung #zeichenunterzeichen #zeichenunter richt #sexauergallery #jaygard #signlanguage #zeichensprache #schilder #touristisches #hinweisschilder #warnschilder

3 Medium Courgettes
1 teaspoon Salt
1 egg
1 tablespoon dill
½ Medium Onion
2 Cloves of Garlic
½ Cup Buckwheat flour
1 lemon


Preheat your oven to 200C. Lightly grease a baking sheet.
Using a food processor, grate all the courgettes. Line a large bowl with a clean tea towel and fill with the grated courgettes.
Sprinkle the salt over the courettes then lightly toss them with your hands or some tongs to combine. Set aside for 10 minutes. Prepare the other ingredients.
After ten minutes, put courgettes onto a tea towel. Grab the corners, and trap the courgettes inside. Make a ball ans twist it round. Squeeze hard to get all the water out. Do this for a few minutes until the majority of the water is squeezed out.

Combine all your ingredients in a large bowl. The courgettes, egg, onion, garlic, lemon zest and flour. Salt and pepper. Dill too. Mix to combine. Mix together very very well!

Scoop up enough for one fritter in your hands, and form a ball. The ball will be quite sticky. Spread them out on your baking tray.
Bake for 20-25 minutes, flipping them once halfway through. They are ready when both sides are nicely browned and they are cooked through.

#nutrition #nutritional #healthy #healthyfoods #paleo #glutenfree #dairyfree #diseasefree #courgettefritters #fritters #food #eathealthilytoavoidfuturehealthproblems #riverford #organic #vegetarian #vegetables #bsl #signlanguage #deaf #deafworld #asl #mentalhealth #eatwellforbettermentalhealth #calories #macros #deafcommunity

New ASL & Deaf Studies books @myvcc Broadway library: Reading Between the Signs; Bilingual Deaf & Hearing Families; Research Methods in Sign Language Studies. #deaf #ASL #signing #signlanguage

You asked me for my favourite Rumba-Song: HERE IT IS!! 😍😍💃🏼 I absolutely love dancing to this song!
"Havana" by Camila Cabello in ASL/PSE ((Sign Language✓)). 🌴

Big shout out to @wrapglove for hooking the Shark Mouth Squad up with more gear back at @semashow.
If you wanna make your hand a big squeegee, these are the way to go! Tons of sizes available including the new funsize,
AKA: Extra-Small/Women's gloves.
Check out their page for purchase.
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Håll utkik om några veckor, då kommer ni kunna se Hawra utmana sig själv i översättning från svenska till teckenspråk!
#signlanguage #teckenspråk #kommersnart #teckenspråkhur

Caption: her tits were like THIS BIG #Signwithme #deaf #Deafsg #signlanguage

The sign language clan 😘 #Deafsg #deaf #Signwithme #signlanguage

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