I often think about the nature of time and how it passes and the only way we can relive the moments experienced is through memory or digitalization. I wonder when we have technology capable of documenting every moment we experience including our thoughts, through neural lace, will we be even more reckless with the time passing #ideasrex #futurism

This little fella was spotted earlier this week down the road from us in Smithfield Square. The things you'll see when visiting Dublin!

#sundayfunday #Dublin #smithfield #skelton #sightsyouseegeocaching #sightsyousee #anoige #hostel #youthhostel #hostellife

Old world, and the ideology about immaterial changed throughout history so many times. I wonder, at the dawn of genetic engineering how will we plan this aspect, or will it develop freely as a consequence of the outside events #ideasrex

We seem to be going from simple to complex all the time, on this trajectory we invent all sorts of methods to deal and comprehend the complexity, including our educational system, that fragments, dissects, and mimic science, but at the end of the day, I think that we have to change all that soon, fragmentation is having a negative effect on our society in terms of our collective psychology and well being. #ideasrex

Charlie: Just as we float through the Architectural wonders that communicated with people through form and orNaments, we emerged into 20th centUry that left the representation behind and Started discovering the architecture of the mind.
Earling: time traveling is what inspired me greatly, it makes it much easier to spot the patterns and beginnings of new types of thinking. ✨🐾🐦 can you spot a name from Roman Mythology here associated to the beginnings, new opportunities, bridges? 🐦✨🙌Cue- capital letters

One cache I found at the University of Guelph involved this cannon, called "Old Jeremiah", which is frequently painted by the students. #geocache #geocaching #geocachingontario #geocachingcanada #sightsyouseegeocaching

After an Australia event Saturday morning, I visited the nearby University of Guelph. This statue is at one corner of the campus. It is a Gryphon, the University's mascot, sitting on a book. #geocaching #geocachingontario #geocachingcanada #sightsyouseegeocaching

We often shy away from history but most lessons can be learnt through it. I wonder about this door that lead to the water or maybe infinity as it might be perceived at some point in history. Today when we think of infinity Space comes to mind, but it might be the case once we discover more about it, the next concept of infinity might be within

Was out today caching along the Cambridge to Paris Rail Trail to fill in another day on my calendar grid. #geocache #geocaching #geocachingontario #geocachingcanada #sightsyouseegeocaching

A small original part of the 3rd largest in the world Arena, that holds the memory of gladiators participating in the "ludi" games, facing their fears while evoking Gods Pluto (death) and Mars (war)

It is such a long time that human population finds the dance of life and death as entertainment. I wonder will we exit this stage soon. We still have these games but they are less blood thirsty on the outside.

Isn't it interesting how mythological material gets translated and adapted to from one culture to another. According to ancient Roman we are in the month of Janus who represented duality with two faces looking at the opposite sides and thus came a new beginning.
It is usually two opposite elements that create a new element. Our whole technological innovation is based on this, but now we have to keep up with it socially and in terms of creativity as well.

A place of refuge and possibly an inspiration for Dante to write a Divine Comedy while exploring the outer reaches of human morality, greed and cunningness, while the circles get formed.

Three of the places I visited yesterday and today to earn the souvenirs. One was a fairly level walk through an urban woodlot, with animal tracks visible. Two of the others required descending from the trail down the riverbank for about 10 to 15 feet. I approached these two cautiously. I wrote in my logs "like a toddler on stairs, sitting down and sliding in a controlled fashion"! #geocaching #geocache #geocachingontario #geocachingcanada #sightsyouseegeocaching

Views of the Grand River during my geocaching outing. A beautiful day, with the sun sparkling off the river. #geocache #geocaching #sightsyouseegeocaching #geocachingontario #geocachingcanada #grandriver

Human footprints in the snow yesterday near the trail and geocaches. Some might be mine...
#geocache #geocaching #geocachingontario #geocachingcanada #sightsyouseegeocaching #footprintsinthesnow

The confluence of the Grand and the Speed Rivers in Preston, between two of the three geocaches I found on the afternoon of New Year's Eve, and site of an Earthcache I found a while ago. #geocache #geocaching #sightsyouseegeocaching #geocachingontario #geocachingcanada #geocachingsouvenir Seen while on my way to #lastcacheof2017

Saw this nearly perfectly shaped tree on the way back from geocaching today. No cache there, though. #whynogeocache #geocaching #sightsyouseegeocaching #preston #geocachingontario #geocachingcanada

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