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Bang bang or get on your knees? 😊

I remember Ariana's relationship with Big Sean and I always thought they will be togther forever lol but I really love her relationship with mac❤

they did such a beautiful thing up there, i’m still crying 👏🏼✨ • #arianagrande #mileycyrus

Meeee 😫

Why that ? 😂 ❤️ Your 3rd Emoji is your reaction!
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Good night babes💗🌟


D12- idol at the airport fashion ✈️🌸
Hey, I’m back😊 I realized that even if I don’t have 800 photos and 40 videos of Ari doesn’t mean that I don’t love and support her. I feel bad for losing al of the pictures and videos but at least I still have the page. And to be honest is not that bad bc AG4 is coming soon and the new era so It would be like a new start for me 😁 thank you for reading all of this 💕🌸😘
💕 @arianagrande 💕
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The dangerous woman tour is officially over. The dangerous woman tour wasn't just a tour it was the connection we had and ariana had with us. Dangerous woman tour brought us together during the hardest time. At the dangerous woman tour we met our friends and it was like meeting a member of your family. It was all about equality, love,peace and empowered. The dangerous woman tour was such an incredible tour with beautiful visuals and interludes, amazing dancers and choreographys, very talented musicians, pretty outfits, shocking vocals, the support in the crowd and the arianators who werent able to come.on the tour, the setlist, the merch and more. It was a place full of love and peace which everyone was accepted for who they are. It was the opportunity of people meeting and seeing the woman who has changed our lifes. Ariana and her team worked so hard for this special tour and we really appreciate this. The passion and energy they put was just beyond magical. This tour will never be forgotten. We all made memories together. It brought us closer. I remember the first show like it was yesterday. We were all so excited and happy to see everything about the tour! It was so fun coming home from school every single day and being on social media and just being happy seeing everything you love, ariana and your second family, arianators. We made so mamy friends from this fandom. We all put our hearts at the one love Manchester and it made us so much stronger and we've been through this hard time. The dangerous woman tour is be who you are and doing what you love. Im so proud of ariana she is the most strond and brave woman in the whoke world. I had the pleasure to see her perform live and it was the best night of my life. It was so magical and beautiful. We're all gonna miss this tour! ❤🌻

With the smell of her perfume I can love her too , like you .... oh , she’s perfect

We’re gonna be alright

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