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Drīzumā super video uz @siderealriga super dziesmu kopā ar #RFS komandu! Nepalaid garām! #rfs #sidereal #lnkteam #bestmusicvideo #latvianfootball

We're ready to take over @lynchsirishpub backyard on June 25th. Tickets are on sale now, don't forget to add your party pants to the equation.
#sidereal #lynchsirishpub #hometownthrowdown #jaxbeach
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Practicing our piano ballads #sidereal #newmusic #selftitled #preorder #nowavailable

Had an unbelievable time speaking and being apart of @canadianmusicweek. Now one more week until we can share the new @siderealmusic with the world!! #happyfriday #sidereal #newmusic #canadianmusicweek
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A message from @colin_sidereal. Making the most of #hurricanematthew #remix #sidereal

@reggaeriseup_florida we will see you this Sunday at 2:45pm on the Vibe Stage!! See you soon St. Pete #sidereal #reggaeriseup #slightlystoopid #dirtyheads

We'll be hanging in St. Pete all weekend! Stoked to see so many great bands at @reggaeriseup_florida #sidereal #reggaeriseup #stpete
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Senses are electrified #sidereal #newmusic
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I am on a mission to help sensitive souls connect with their inner truth and inner wisdom. 🙌🏼🌸🦋✨To connect with purpose and #dharma. We need you now more than ever! Every week I offer two *free* dharma coaching sessions to action takers who are ready for deep life change. Is this you?! 🌑🌸🦋✨Send me a message to see if I have any openings: swatijrjyotish@gmail.com

🙏🏼🌑🌸🦋✨April #NEWMoon Wisdom + #CREATIVERITUAL 🦋✨The April new Moon is Wednesday, the 26th at 06:17 am Mountain Time while Moon is in Aries and Ashwini nakshatra. This is a beginning, a fresh start, a release- ushering in a cycle of rejuvenation and healing.
Ashwini nakshatra is one of three gandantas in the zodiac- gaps that cause transformation and powerful change. Ketu, the planet of disconnection and liberation, rules all three of these gandantas, which indicates there will be some loss involved. The new Moon brings potential, possibility, an opening. With this new Moon and the cycle ahead, it's an important time to attend to the tilling of your inner soil, uproot, release and let go of all that is not serving you. If you don't wish to carry it forward, if it truly isn't benefiting you, it must be composted and allowed to die. 🙏🏼🌑🌸🦋✨Read More + use my Creative Ritual to create more nourishment in the cycle to come 👉🏼 http://www.swatijrjyotish.com/2016-calendars--articles/new-moon-wisdom-creative-ritual

@kevin_sidereal is ready to rock the stage on Saturday. Have you gotten your tickets? #sidereal

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Guess who got cut early from work???
37 hours isn't too shabby.
#surviving #teamchaching #TeamHawkers #sidenote #sidereal #thatnewnew #supportlocal

Practicing our piano ballads #sidereal #newmusic #selftitled #preorder #nowavailable

#venus exalted in #sidereal #pisces...feel the #love ❣️💖💕❤️🌟✨

Why the #DarkGoddess, Nirrti, is so enlivened right now and how to tell if she's impacting your life. Video #2! 🙌🏼🌗🦋❤️✨ http://www.swatijrjyotish.com/2016-calendars--articles/how-the-dark-goddess-destroys-your-dharmic-path

"The aspiration of the second commitment- to care for all beings everywhere- is huge. But whether we're making this commitment for the very first time or we're renewing it for the umpteenth time, we start exactly where we are now....The commitment to take care of one another, the warrior commitment, is not about being perfect. It's about continuing to put virtuous input into our unconscious, continuing to sow the seeds that predispose our heart to expand without limit, that predispose us to awaken...So that's our path: even in the most difficult situations, we do our best to smile at fear, to smile at righteous indignation, our cowardliness, our avoidance of vulnerability." ✨-The Second Commitment from Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change, #PemaChodron 🙏🏼🌗🦋✨My commitment to you: is staying true to my dharmic path- my warrior path. My path of truth and honesty, of fearlessly shining light on the dark places and encouraging your fearless awakening, our fearless awakening. So we may grow together. 🙏🏼🌗🦋✨My work is for the heart warriors- those fearless individuals who want to stop playing small, who want to step into their inner wisdom in a fully integrated and embodied way. Those of you who know this is your year to plant powerful seeds of dharmic intention, your highest purpose, it's time to gather now!! 🙏🏼🌗🦋✨Every week I offer two *free* coaching sessions to those who are ready to take action and step onto their dharmic path. Is that you? 🙏🏼🌗🦋✨Message me to sign up for one of my free sessions: swatijrjyotish@gmail.com

Had an unbelievable time speaking and being apart of @canadianmusicweek. Now one more week until we can share the new @siderealmusic with the world!! #happyfriday #sidereal #newmusic #canadianmusicweek
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ONE WEEK UNTIL NEW MUSIC IS HERE! Can you tell we're excited? #preorder #nowavailable #sidereal #newmusic #selftitled
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Don't worry about spilling your drink on stage #kroozie #krooziedeluxe #sidereal #onstage #livemusic #micstand #stayhydrated

One week from tomorrow this list expands!! Preorder available now, links in our bio #selftitled #newmusic #sidereal #preorder #spotify #itunes #pandora

We're about a week away from the @siderealmusic album release party at @1904musichall with @letsridemusic! Come support awesome local musicians downtown with us next Saturday, April 29th at 8 p.m. Tickets are available online now for $12! #linkinbio #nwizzard #sidereal #letsride #jacksonville #voidlive

#MoonMind Calendar 🌗✨
Tuesday, April 18th to Wednesday, April 19th. 🌗✨Moon in 8th tithi, Ashtami & 9th tithi, Navami. 🦋✨Have you been feeling agitated, irritated, confused and frustrated the past few days?! Moon has been transiting Sagittarius conjunct retrograde Saturn, while also receiving drishti (gaze) from Rahu and Mars. This has been creating emotional tension. Even with Venus now moving forward and back into exaltation, she's been slowly speeding up- which brings Saturn like tensions to the surface.
Today (Tuesday, day of Mars) at 17:14 MDT, Moon shifts to Capricorn, moving away from the gaze of Rahu, Mars and Saturn. Moon continues to transit UttarAshada a Sun ruled constellation. With Sun exalted presently, expect the heat to continue, but with more clarity, action and momentum now.
Moon continues through UttarAshada, gaining support from the Vishva Devas until she shifts to the sacred constellation Abhijit at 06:15 am MDT on Wednesday. This sacred portal lasts until 14:34 MDT on Wednesday. Moon will then enter Sravana nakshatra, Vishnu's domain. Vishnu supports right action, in alignment with dharma and your life path. He expands and extends everywhere, beyond time and space. Like Akasha, he is everywhere.

Stay close to your integrity, align with deeper intentions, clarify your dharmic desires, activate your path through clear action steps. Pause, listen, align. As we pass the half way point of this waning cycle, it's time to pause and check. What are you moving closer to right now?! What are you moving away from?! 🌗✨ Join the conversation 👉🏼https://m.facebook.com/groups/1237781192956684

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