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Idk about y’all, but i LOVE when my products have more than one use!

That’s right, my shampoo is my daily face wash- morning and night. I actually rotate between two- the Renew and the Black 2-1! And my face has never been this clear OR soft!

Deciding to use non-toxic, naturally based, chemical free products is the best decision i have ever made for my hair, scalp, and face.
Plus- it smells AMAZING 😍🦄🤩

Didn't I tell you to prepare yourself for a little joy? A little encouragement? And a lot of Jesus-infused life? Don't say I didn't warn you.
I love listening to my hype music like this song by Calvin Harris when I'm reading my Bible or journaling. What's your latest jam?

You are NEVER too young to begin changing your FUTURE, your SKIN and your LIFE!
This is Lindsey Manning Griffin. At age 19 she said "YES" to Rodan+Fields. Today, at age 25, she has earned ONE MILLION dollars! She finished college, earned a free Lexus, got married and has a precious little baby girl. Pretty incredible what one little "yes" can do! Oh, and both her Mom, Lori Manning and sister, Jamie Manning Petersen are Million Dollar earners too!
This is truly a LIFE changing transformation! People say... "I'm too young to worry about aging skin" or "I'm too young to start my own business." #1 - the best wrinkle is the one you never get!
#2 - you are never too young to build a successful business. R+F provides you with ALL of the tools you need to become successful.

Let me know when YOU'RE ready for this kind of success!! Unsure if this is right for you? It NEVER hurts to talk!
We only regret the chances we didn't take!
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I will gladly take a selfie with your dog. Please DM me if interested.
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Sometimes you just don’t have that fire to get stuff done.
❤️ It’s been rough lately with the slow retail season, recovering from vacation, etc.
😬I know that many of you feel the same way.
🔥One thing that has consistently gotten me through it - both last year and now - is taking massive action. Everyday, getting as much stuff done as I possibly can.
🔥Everyday, making sure that not only am I doing the daily things I need to do to sustain my business (like designing shirts), but also doing at least 1 thing to move my business forward (like starting a social media account for my Merch brand).
🥔 Its still tough some nights, but having faith in the process is real. Consistency, day in and out, will produce unbelievable results on a long enough timeline. I genuinely believe that.
💪Stay strong, and make tomorrow the BEST Thursday of your life so far.

Speaking of #TimeManagement, How much time would you say you spend working on your side hustle or passion project per week? “
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This one goes out to those who are comfortable with being uncomfortable. Ep 28 is now live on SoundCloud and iTunes .
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And the reason and goal for all of our extra work and effort! #residualincome #sidehustle #makingthedifference #lifegoals

It’s that time of the year again. Thieves tea is oh so tasty and oh so soothing. I brew Green Tea and add 1 drop of lemon and 1 drop of Thieves. If you aren’t on @whole30 you can add honey, but I’m on day 3, so I’m going with the compliant version. It soothes the soul and the throat. 😂 .
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How amazing would it be to be relaxing in this beach right now! Look at that crystal clear water 😍
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Back on the milkshake game.

lately exploring the cutest places in San Diego and loving it // especially when coffee is involved 😏☕️😍 #coffeeslut

#truth I strive to serve & help others. To me this isn’t a popularity contest. It’s an opportunity to share my journey and help others along the way.

Let's keep this simple for a bit.

1. What are the facts?
2. Can you live with that?

I member when I was in the Military all I ever wanted was to be free.. 🙇🏽‍♂️🙇🏽‍♂️Now that I’m free I’m doing exactly what I Envisioned.. 🙏🏽🙏🏽Starting Businesses and being free.. This Spring I’m Launching a Luxury Sunglasses Company..😱😱Im documenting the whole process to teach you the same free.. Click the Link in the Bio to Follow along.. 😎😎

A super easy tip to start implementing TODAY if you want your business to survive on Facebook is to...
Keep the conversation going by responding to comments. .
Yes! It’s that simple. As I mentioned in my live video on Monday 👉🏾 replay link in bio 👈🏾, Facebook wants to see engagement. .
Have you noticed that when someone new responds to a post whether it’s here on IG or on FB, that post all of a sudden becomes alive again. And you see it first thing in your news feed. .
That’s the power of responding and promoting comments on your Facebook post. .
So next time you do a video or create a post on your Facebook business page, be sure to initiate or ask your followers to leave comments. And when they do, keep the conversation going by responding.
Then, let Facebook do its algorithm magic to work in your favor. 😏
📷 by @birchandgoldberry

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