Pay special attention to these #sideburns . These get me all the hoes. Bitches come flocking to these sideburns.
BTW I'm going out for the day, so keep your girl safe. She might not be able to resist these sideburns.
#sideburnheaven #sideburnsonfleek #sideburnsfordays #thosesideburnstho #sideburnsonpoint

No more sideburns #sideburnsfordays

I'm loving his sideburns!! Wonder when he will let us cut his hair 😍🤣#sideburnsfordays

Gigantor man bun 😏#sideburnsfordays #babyhair #whatever 🤗

This is my friend Burns Burns. I’m not making this up. #sideburnsfordays @winterrum

A friend just sent me this picture from an old church directory. Wow...

Who knew I'd welcome side burns with open arms, lol! #6monthregrowth #sideburnsfordays #thisstuffworks

Wishing this filter could follow me 24/7 #sideburnsfordays

Old pic of me when I was younger and about 30 pounds heavier. I was thinking about when I was younger in High School and first got into the whole Skinhead thing(following punk of course) and what appeal it held for me then and why I would still be into it now as an adult all of these years later. I remember back then the older skins I knew were like these tough, exotic creatures who I thought were the most indimidating and coolest looking guys I had ever seen. But it wasn't anything as superficial as just their clothes, tattoos, or haircut, it was more in their attitude, the way they carried themselves, and their overall lifestyle that attracted me to it. Most(but not all) of the punks I knew seemed weak and were lazy shitbags who embraced nihilism and didn't give a shit about anything and just blindly rebelled against everything. The skins were different. They were strong. They took pride in themselves and their appearance, they had jobs and worked hard,, they looked out for each other more like a family, and they didn't give a shit about what anybody thought about them and weren't afraid to put someone in their place if they had to. Most importantly, they weren't ashamed of being working class and even saw it as something to be proud of which really resonated with me. Of course the music and image played a major role in my wanting to be part of the subculture but in the beginning it was all about the people. All of these years later my reasons for still wanting to be a part of it and not wanting to let it go(Peter Pan) are a little deeper but surprisingly still the same as in the beginning I think. It isn't just fun and escapism from the daily grind of life, but now it's about taking pride in standing up and embracing the responsibilities of being an adult. It's about taking care of my family and the things that really matter in life, working hard, standing up for what I believe, taking shit from no one, not being afraid to be different, and still enjoying the music, look, and everything else that I loved about the subculture in my youth. It's come full circle, but it's still the same. Skinhead 'till I die.. #skinheadforlife #sideburnsfordays #neversouledout

What a day! Day 1 in Memphis has been exciting! Crazy airports, delicious dinner, and beautiful hotel! Tomorrow we meet Elvis! #sideburnsfordays

Throwing it back 32 years. One of my favorite baby pics with my dad! Look at that stud muffin😉 #tbt #sideburnsfordays

I was at a party during the Super Bowl and this one girl told me I looked high, drew this picture, and said “I’m so… sorry,” all dramatically. And I was like “Haha, I love it. I look fat.” And really relaxed I might add. It really captures my spirit. #SideburnsForDays

While I’m here, I should say that I’m writing a new set. The past few months I’ve gotten away from worrying about money and performing and whatnot. I decided to work on some other stuff (like the little documentary I made for instance). Just expect some work from me, in the realm of me making people laugh.

When I am going through my mother’s endless piles of photos as I start to prepare her “Celebration of Life” service and I come across this never before seen treasure from my baptism. Wow, their beauty just takes my breathe away and reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from #warsanshire. “I have my mother’s mouth and my father’s eyes; on my face, they are still together.” #family #familyphotos #partyofthree #damngoodlooking #gorgeousparents #onlychild #baptismday #deliaandmario #briefandpassionateloveaffair #sideburnsfordays #howhighisthehair #thisloverunsdeep #vintagephotos #babymakesthree #mariodeliamayra #takemybreathaway #myfatherseyes #mymothersmouth #celebrationoflifeandlove #neverbeforeseentreasure

Carnival 💙
#aerialsilks #sideburnsfordays #flyhigh #newsequencework
Music: Kayla Diamond- Carnival Hearts

Didn’t get to be there tonight, but glad I got to watch @jonathansteelman and the #RedRiots get a big win over Old Town—now on to the playoffs!! #sideburnsfordays #lovemyboy #gettinbuckets @sweetfrog_bangor #playerofthegame

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