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Feeling under the weather? Come in any day of the week and pick from our four different soups! #cornchowder #soupforthesoul #sickseason

Essentials for days in bed with the flu + pup of course! #sickseason #t2 #heartthoughts

Things I eat when I'm sick😔😷😷Turkey meatballs vegetable soup, salmon spinach salad and fresh orange, pineapple,mango juice with lime,ginger and cayenne pepper .
#sickseason #healthyfood #foodinspiration

ไข้แดก เมื่อไร่จะหาย 😷✌💊 #sickseason

Babe #2 when Babe #1 is unavailable.

Another week, another round of the stomach bug. 😝😷🐞 #itfeelslikespring #butitsstillwinter #sickseason #bear #booooooo

It's been a great past few days! #sickseason #christmasskiing 🎥 @matthieu.davis

When you make a house call to your Dr. and he makes himself at home🙈 #sickseason #everyonessick

Cute like always.
#sickseason #emoji #cute #memories


Trying to ease this cold with a menthol & spearmint bath & mint tea...the dinosaur rubber ducks are helping, too.

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Aidan woke up with a sore throat and cough. We have to keep him home today with his younger brother because I don't want him to get his classmates at preschool sick, and he could use some rest. I'm also so grateful to have some tools at home to keep him comfortable and get him back on his feet quickly without spreading the sickness to his baby brother. .
Today we are diffusing On Guard with a little bit of Lemon essential oil to cleanse and detox the air. On Guard is dōTERRA's blend of oils for the immune system and is a great tool to have on hand when anyone in the house is sick and I use it in all of my cleaning products. I also gave Aidan a tablespoon of honey with lemon for his sore throats and rubbed my sick blend of oils on everybody's feet and spine before I left for work. We will apply the sick blend throughout the day and give the honey mixture by mouth 3x today. .
I wanted to share this with other moms and working parents because it is so empowering to have these oils at my fingertips when someone is sick and yet life has to move on. If I were to call the pediatrician, they would tell me Aidan is too young for cough syrup and to make sure he is drinking fluids. We have been down that road before and Aidan just sits there in pain and struggles to breathe. As a working mom, my heart kind of sinks in these moments because I can't be there for him for every little cough and sniffle and yet all he wanted to do is cuddle! Luckily we have our wonderful nanny @evaldovinos87 for all the extra hugs and kisses throughout the day while mommy works ❤️ & I can leave the house confident in the fact that I have left him with some healing solutions that will keep him comfortable throughout the day. Stay well friends! .
If you're interested in learning more about my sick protocols, I'm going to be holding a Facebook live class tomorrow evening at 7:30pm. Would love to have you join and ask any questions you may have.
#sickseason #doterramom #workingmom #sickkiddos #sickday #naturalwellness #oilswiththefranks #essentialoils #obsessedwithessentials

Feeling under the weather? Come in any day of the week and pick from our four different soups! #cornchowder #soupforthesoul #sickseason

Continuing on my #oilandsagedailyroutine series I want to talk about keeping my immune system supported, especially this time of year! 🤧💙Breathe Vapor stick, every morning I wake up and always seem to be stuffy. So a quick swipe over my chest helps to open up the airways. I also do this before bed. You will always find my breathe touch in my purse. ❤️OnGuard Beadlets, these have 1/4th of a drop of OnGuard in them so I get my daily dose of immune supporting oils by popping one or two a day. Also when I am around people who are coughing, I take extra precaution and pop a beadlet 😷
💛OnGuard, Frankincense and Arborvitae roller. One swipe on the bottoms of my feet at night to keep my immune system supported.
❤️Whenever I wake up with a tickle in my throat I run straight for the On Guard Soft Gel Plus tablets and take 2-3 a day for 3 days. I love that on top of getting the On Guard blend I am getting Black Pepper, Melissa and Oregano in these pills. Anyone else obsessed with On Guard and Breathe like me 🙋🏼

With the sickies and back to school germs bombarding our immune systems... I pretty much have no appetite 😔 yet need energy to keep up with my crazy middle schoolers. 💃🏼Trim shake and Terra greens are a game changer. I've been a long time morning smoothie drinker but this one will be my go to from now on. I get all the nutrients I need without the added junk. Plus, I don't feel hungry till my almost 1pm lunch!! And I can't say that of anything I've tried. Teachers ya feel me?? #teachersofinstagram #doterraessentialoils #naturalliving #beachbody #oilsforthewin #wellnessadvocate #teachersfollowteachers #sickseason #breakfast #essentialoils #theresanoilforthat #healthyteacher #healthylifestyle

Tuesday Tip! The new On Guard Sanitizing Mist kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.....enough said! Not going to lie, slight germaphobe 🙋🏼 here! This stuff is a life saver for me, to know I can protect my family from environmental threats in a natural way! •Perfect to toss in your purse, gym bag, child's back back, diaper bag. Sanitizing hands and surfaces with a convenient mist is perfect for traveling, school, work, and on the go families. •dōTERRA #winning with this new product available October 2nd, $6.50 wholesale. Message me if you need this to keep all those germs away and family healthy this holiday season!

This cold kickin my butt!! N my throat dry n irritated!!! 😩😩 save me!! #sick😷 #sickseason #saveme

How's your household going? Mine is experiencing flu season, my poor little man is deathly ill, I've never seen him so bad so extra precautions have been taken #sickseason #worstflu #sickmasks #probablywontprotectme #sendhelp

With the cold coming, boost your immunity with these tips. You should not be getting sick often and if you are, it's time to change it up. These tips can help.
If you would like to work with me one on one with your health or fitness, send me an email to veefitness82@gmail.com

Tag someone this could help.
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