well at least my baby boy always enjoys sleeping.... he needs to go back monday for one more test, but its looking like he has #cushings disease. common in dogs as old as he is, and hes so healthy otherwise, he can pass for a dog half his age. treatment is a little expensive, but hes worth it. i can always buy a boat later.... #bulldog #chicoistheman #pookierules #sicklysammy #ihateboats

today was the first day back in the gym after having the flu for 6 days. I don't know that I've ever felt that sick in my life before. Could barely walk downstairs without being short of breath. I haven't missed that many days from the gym in the last four years, so mentally that was so upsetting. Still not fully recovered, but I'm just happy I got a semi decent workout today without passing out 😂#sicklysammy

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