Dejavu face , maybe another baby lion in the making? Gwen n Brighton guess who is who 😍 #gwenaverylau #brightonemerylau #siblings

Some more of this beautiful family. I love how much editing can change a photo! 🤩

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Things lil siblings do that annoy the shit out of the older one またお兄ちゃんいらつかせるちっちゃい猫
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Let’s go crazy 😜

Happy Friday, my friends! For my new followers, I wanted to take a second to introduce myself… I’m Kira, owner & photographer 📷 at Kira Whitney Photography. I’m based in Kansas City, Missouri (but yes, I live in Kansas, just a couple blocks away from the state line). I grew up in the mountains of Colorado and visit the area as often as I can 🗻🏔(Hurry up Thanksgiving week!). My husband’s family lives in Northwest Arkansas so I’m there even more often since it’s a short 3 hour drive away.
I have 3 siblings (and a sister-in-law) who mean the absolute world to me and I miss them like crazy. We are spread out across half the country (KC, Chicago, Denver, and Savannah) right now, but I dream about a season of life someday when we might be closer in distance to each other. Believe me, they are the kind of people you just want to be friends with. And yes, this is the most recent photo we have together 😭
I’m so thankful to have been blessed with such an amazing family and I cherish the few and far between moments we get to be together. ❤️
Now here’s to a gorgeous FALL weekend in KC where I finally get to shoot a wedding on a day that has a forecasted high of 75 and sunny!!! What’s on YOUR bucket list this weekend?

Die hard since ‘95 #cle #letsgotribe #siblings #baseball

Watching the rain 🌧 ☔️ #siblings #rainstorm

Together since 09/13/1990 ❤️

Happy birthday to my not so little brother ❤️ to my best friend, travel partner, up to no good partner , my YOLO life partner, the late night talks, the late night movies, late night food runs, to the nights you sleep next to me and take care of me , for always being real with me when I’m wrong ... and for a million different reasons remember that I love you 😘 #happybirthday #nyc #travel #siblings

When your kids are at an event #siblings #weddings #family #love

Brother and sister..
Not always eye to eye but always heart to heart..
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