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New toy! Fidget spinner😆

Good morning ❤️❤️

Caught #caturday napping with my babies. (Yes, #elvisthesiamese and I spoon) #elvisandmimi #mimiversus #mimithegolden #siamese

Fluffy me😋

well hello there, you fabulous creatures! a hearty, tuna-filled welcome to all of my new friends who're joining me on this journey of tuna, farts, and love. many folks have asked what happened to my ears, so on this sunny #specialcaturday, i'll tell you my story. i was rescued off the streets by @midhudsonanimalaid in upstate new york a few years ago, but i was a big ol' meanie because my ears hurt ALL the time. they held a fundraiser so i could have surgery to remove my ear canals (which were chronically infected, and the source of my pain-induced crankiness). after the surgery i still had ear flaps, but i was deaf. my humans adopted me in 2015, and a year later i started scratching what was left of my ear flaps, and then THEY started to get infected. so we held another fundraiser, and thanks to the generosity of dozens and dozens of my IG friends, i had more surgery to have my ears removed completely. now i'm totally aerodynamic and pain free! i may look different, but i'm happy as a clam, and i'm here to shout the virtues of #specialneedscats across rooftops around the world. i'm also old (early teens), and i have no teeth, and i can't see very well, but i'm safe and warm and loved and i have a ginger girlfriend named daisy who's the bees' knees and i love tuna and run-on sentences and did i mention tuna because i really love tuna. MWAH!!!


Good morning #Siitian

Sleepy head 🤗

THE OFFICIAL TRAILER FOR THE SHORT FILM - @aeris_themovie #stopfip @perrys_place_la @briafundsupporters_endfip

My meowmies and Kori at @dinohoffman booth at #sowaboston today. Diane made a dress for meowmy with my picture on it. Isn't it pawsome! Zoom in on the pocket of the black dress to see me.


Purchasing Amethyst & Green Aventurine energy bottles benefits animals 100% financially. Follow the link in the comments to find out more about the story behind the crystals and the cats💜💚 #amethyst #greenaventurine #cryataltower #crystalhealing #gemchips #gemstones #bottledgemstone #calico #siamese #catbenefit

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