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Im shy na!! Duyan niya daw ako!! @piawurtzbach #summer #swing #igdaily #shy

When Jamie met Olly 😂
#Shy #teenagecancergigs

Whoa it's almost sold out! Link in bio. #Repost @punkypins
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Look at this little shy guy 😍 Rate his cuteness
1-100! 👇
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Via. @puppytrip 📷

Proof that once in a blue moon I do leave the house! :P #lizkatz #barsinister #catears #shy

Meet the lovely Sneak. He's the black & white Collie. Sneak was found tied up in a stable. You wouldn't think it by the video but he is extremely nervous and shy. However, around dogs he is a different dog! This boy has been returned twice because of him being so afraid so we need a family who have another active dog which will help build his confidence. It's going to take him a long time to settle into a home environment but we promise you he'll be worth it 😊 #dspca #collie #adopt #adoptme #adoptdontbuy #adoptdontshop #nervous #shy #dublin #dublindog #specialboy

The book is now LAUNCHED and LIVE and will be available for free until Thursday!!!! Link in bio (@erikmyers4)
I tried writing this book about 3 years ago before Dominique and I moved to Maui...but didn't make it past writing the intro🙈
I decided to give it another shot after we saw Tony Robbins live in Vegas and what pushed me into action is when he said "success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure."
I knew we were on track to succeed with our fitness business...but in the back of my mind💭 there was always a voice begging me to write the book💭
Well, touché Tony, you were right. These last 3 months writing this book has been one of the most fulfilling and happiest times of my life and I'm so excited to be able to share this book with YOU :)
I've got to give a big THANK YOU to my launch team. With their help by spreading the word and reviewing the book on Amazon, within the first few hours of the launch-- the book (while writing this) is #1 in its category and #372 in ALL OF AMAZON!!! I couldn't have done it without you guys.
Also a big THANK YOU to my loving and supportive wife Dominique, my mom and Ryan Kelsey and Carrie for their unconditional love, my coaches Scottie and Chandler for their guidance, every friend who believed in me before I believed in myself, and a happy birthday to my guy Dominique Mims :)
This book is in loving memory of my dad❤
Download your copy before the free promo ends on Thursday!!! Link in bio (@erikmyers4)

I'm really into some hardcore stuff like playing Pokemon naked ~ C #meme #memes #kinky #Pokemon #dank #dankmemes #shy #cute


I was feeling shy - mr Cats #catsgram #shy #shyguy

They look like models but she was actually so nervous in front of the camera at first! #ejkphotographybyelise #canonphotography #canon #njphotographer #modeling #shy #beautiful #siblings #siblinglove

Its warm outside 😍😍 This was niji last year on the beach!~
This year she will be there with Ame 😏 😍

Sry for the bad coloring ^^° xD
#niji #summer #beach #swimsuit #bikini #kawaii #blush #shy #ameji #nijame #kyliegirlyoc #kyliegirly

IMPORTANT: I keep on writing motivational notes. And I post them because I hope they may reach someone who needs it. Maybe you'll stumble across this random post from some random person (me) on accident, and you decide to read it. Maybe it'll add to your confidence. I surely hope so. I hope my messages will be heard. As long as there's a possibility (which is always there) I will keep on writing. Just a stranger trying to help ✌

The struggle of artists who are ashamed or insecure about their art.

Everyone who creates is an artist. Artists are dreamers, creative people, lovers, thinkers, feelers, perceivers and so much more. Who dare to put their souls on paper/skin/poems /whatever medium. Beautiful minded people who dare to express themselves. Artists pay attention in other ways, and see things in other ways, than people who aren't active in art.
Therefore I think artists are very important to our world, and often underappreciated or underrated.
Art is important. ☆
I am shy about my art too. I think we're all a little insecure. But it's important to share it. Critisism is good as long as it doesn't stop you from growing and improving. So don't let it stop you. Sometimes art doesn't turn out the way you wanted. But that's okay because we all have our little flaws, we just don't show it. If you only post your best stuff, it'll create a wrong image. So our mistakes are okay. Our failures are important and crucial for further improvement. You can't be perfect all the time, and as a perfectionistic drawer I know this feeling perfectly well. Just don't be too hard on yourself.
I'm not saying you need to post your 'failed& #39; sketches, but you can at least accept and appreciate them. They are valuable.

Don't compare yourself too much to other artists, too. They're different, have different methods and/or artstyles and different minds, they also have other experience and practice. That makes it incomparible. Doesn't mean you can't learn from others or be inspired by others. Those are great. Again, don't be too hard on yourself. Everyone grows at his/her own pace.

We are the dreamers ✌
#artstruggle #insecure #selfconscious #shareyourart #artists #artist #shy

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